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Inbound IDOC for Invoice failing at segment-E1EDK28- Incorrect BankAccNumbe

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Hi SDNers, We have  EDI - Invoice/Invoice Processing. Inbound Idoc failing  at segment E1EDk28. This is because  in segment E1EDK28 , 1. The field ACNUM has the value for Bank Account Number as N111111A. 2. This is incorrect. 3. This field should hav[More]

INVOIC IDOC - E1EDK28 Problem with selection of multiple bank accounts

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Hi SAP-Experts! I have a problem with house banks in outgoing invoice IDOC INVOIC. We have maintained several house banks in one company code with up to 3 different account ID's. I was wondering why there is (in my point of view) the wrong bank accou[More]

House Bank segments E1EDK28 in outbound INVOIC02

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Good day! In our ECC 6.0 system, we have configured 2 house banks: Bank X and Bank Y. When we create an invoice for customer A, an idoc is triggered and stored as an XML file in a folder. We have an output type and partner profile configured for this[More]

Fetch bank details if House Bank is known

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Hi All, If house bank is known, how can i get the bank details like bank name, bank key, bank location and bank account number. I am working with Idoc and I need to make change in one of the idoc segements which is E1EDK28, this is in INVOIC idoc seg[More]

EDI Invoice with multiple banks

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Hi all,        I have outbound EDI invoice 810 where there are several banks listed in the Idoc file. The bank info is listed in segment E1EDK28 in Idoc basic type  INVOIC02. I have 6 of the E1EDK28 segments and the first segment is not the correct b[More]

Account's holder name

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Hi All, I am working with outbound idocs, requirement is to update the bank data in segement e1edk28. Currently system does not show the correct details for the bank in segement e1edk28. I have found one user exit in which I have created the logic in[More]

Best way to customize IDOC INVOIC02 (outbound)

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Hello, I want to customize the IDOC type INVOIC02 (outbound). Customize means: - remove segments - change some values I tried different ways to achive this, but it does not work as needed. What I tried: - IDOC extension: can not be used, because I ca[More]

What is meaning of  Qualifier

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What is meaning of QualifierHello Asha I assume you came across this term while dealing with ALE/IDoc/EDI. If you look at message type INVOIC02 it contains the following segments: SEGMENTTYP     SEGMENTDEF     QUALIFIER     DESCRP Segment type in 30-[More]

Hi, We need to caputre the single excise invoice number in multiple gr.. how to map it?? My req. is my vendor will give the excise invocie after 2 weeks of receipt of goods. so in that case how to solve?? i have went the forum and the blw thread, i c [More]
I suspect my settings for Mail are incorrect and are causing my iPad 2 not to receive new mail from my gmail account. I have experimented with various settings and at this point Mail is non functional; no incoming or outgoing. I'm using WiFi not a da [More]
Hi, i have a very strange Problem with the Finder since i upgraded to 10.6.4. The Finder doesn't react to changes from certain Applications. I noticed the effect in the Folder 'Downloads', f.e. if i try to download a file. Usually two files appear, t [More]
Hi there, When developing servlets I've always used webmacro as a template engine, separating the code (java) from the layout (html). With Portlets it seems that people put their html within the java code. Are there any template engine solutions avai [More]
Does anyone have this and can they please upload it's A link posted here returns a "Corrupted ISO". I really need this because I lost my CD.BumpRead other 2 answers [More]
I'm not certain of the best forum to ask this question, and since CC is expanding, I'll post it here with the hope of receiving feedback. Does Adobe produce software that competes with Microsoft Project? I ask because since I subscribed to Creative C [More]
Satellite Pro A120 PSA COE - 007009EN, 1.46ghz GHz Celeron M 410. Present hard drive - Fujitsu MHV 2060BH PL (according to Belarc Advisor) This old machine still works quite nicely, and I'm thinking about fitting a larger hard drive in order to dual- [More]
Hello, I'm a stop motion animator and I am having the worst time ever trying to capture my frame by frame animated work in final cut pro. Every time I try to capture now, it will capture a little bit of the footage but once the animation starts (whic [More]
I woild like to update my keywords with names in faces without exporting photos. Exists another way?Until someone comes up with a better suggestion, I would do this: . Add the Names you would like to use as Keywords to your Keyword list. (The best wa [More]
Is it possible to hook up dial up to the snow base station and make it wireless? Thanks in advance.Did you use the AirPort Admin Utility to configure the modem? Open the Utility and click on the Internet tab. If your Mac is connecting wirelessly, the [More]