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Inbound IDOC for Invoice failing at segment-E1EDK28- Incorrect BankAccNumbe

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Hi SDNers, We have  EDI - Invoice/Invoice Processing. Inbound Idoc failing  at segment E1EDk28. This is because  in segment E1EDK28 , 1. The field ACNUM has the value for Bank Account Number as N111111A. 2. This is incorrect. 3. This field should hav[More]

INVOIC IDOC - E1EDK28 Problem with selection of multiple bank accounts

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Hi SAP-Experts! I have a problem with house banks in outgoing invoice IDOC INVOIC. We have maintained several house banks in one company code with up to 3 different account ID's. I was wondering why there is (in my point of view) the wrong bank accou[More]

House Bank segments E1EDK28 in outbound INVOIC02

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Good day! In our ECC 6.0 system, we have configured 2 house banks: Bank X and Bank Y. When we create an invoice for customer A, an idoc is triggered and stored as an XML file in a folder. We have an output type and partner profile configured for this[More]

Fetch bank details if House Bank is known

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Hi All, If house bank is known, how can i get the bank details like bank name, bank key, bank location and bank account number. I am working with Idoc and I need to make change in one of the idoc segements which is E1EDK28, this is in INVOIC idoc seg[More]

EDI Invoice with multiple banks

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Hi all,        I have outbound EDI invoice 810 where there are several banks listed in the Idoc file. The bank info is listed in segment E1EDK28 in Idoc basic type  INVOIC02. I have 6 of the E1EDK28 segments and the first segment is not the correct b[More]

Account's holder name

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Hi All, I am working with outbound idocs, requirement is to update the bank data in segement e1edk28. Currently system does not show the correct details for the bank in segement e1edk28. I have found one user exit in which I have created the logic in[More]

Best way to customize IDOC INVOIC02 (outbound)

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Hello, I want to customize the IDOC type INVOIC02 (outbound). Customize means: - remove segments - change some values I tried different ways to achive this, but it does not work as needed. What I tried: - IDOC extension: can not be used, because I ca[More]

What is meaning of  Qualifier

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What is meaning of QualifierHello Asha I assume you came across this term while dealing with ALE/IDoc/EDI. If you look at message type INVOIC02 it contains the following segments: SEGMENTTYP     SEGMENTDEF     QUALIFIER     DESCRP Segment type in 30-[More]

Hi, My client want to create contract w.r.t quatation. I maintained the copy controls for the same but target quantity is not getting updated in contract w.r.t qutation 2)while creating contract without reference order quntity is not getting updated. [More]
Seemingly out of the blue my system has stopped mapping request offering answers to (manual) activities (mapping to the SR itself works), neither OotB properties or custom properties. This only happens when submitting them from the portal (ALL offeri [More]
I've created a PDF form using acrobat pro 9, Lifecycle designer, using a quickbooks customer letter template to create the form.   I am trying to populate the "fields" (extract data from quickbooks) in the form, however the option to do so is &q [More]
Hi Experts, I am working on a project using BO XI 3.1 and SAP BI 7.1. We want to use SAP BW Infocubes, BW Queries as data source to WebI reports. We know there are some limitations on the WebI side and all the features won't be availble like relation [More]
Hi there, I need some help concerning saving data with about 20 decimal places (e.g. 0,00452961328622164) in MDM. I declared the datatyp "REAL", there are only 6 decimal places possible. How can I save this Data? Maybe exponential function? Plea [More]
Dear Gurus I want to ask about load balancing in RAC. we have two nodes rac1 rac2 with physical ip as virtual ip as rac1 rac2 physical virtual and two appliction servers app1 app2.Actually in tns file of ap [More]
I cannot get my third monitor to show a preview in PP CC. The monitor works fine in FC7. In PP it's just black. Adobe has not been able to resolve it saying that it may be the video card. I got a response on my last post saying I needed to supply mor [More]
In FCPX I would like to add a "gap" clip above my main timeline edit so I can add markers - see for the idea. This will then be the length of my edit. Unfortunately I have not found a way to drag a gap clip or ins [More]
I looked up in console and found a TON of throttling on 3rd party apps that weren't completely uninstalled. So I took the rest of those out. I noticed a good speed up on my mac. But now I see this throttlin [More]
Dear all,     I have some doubt here. Let say i have a serialized Material and i have already maintain the range of  serial numbers using IQ04. When i do a good receipt for this particular material, do i still have to key in the serial number one by [More]