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Inbound IDOC for Invoice failing at segment-E1EDK28- Incorrect BankAccNumbe

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Hi SDNers, We have  EDI - Invoice/Invoice Processing. Inbound Idoc failing  at segment E1EDk28. This is because  in segment E1EDK28 , 1. The field ACNUM has the value for Bank Account Number as N111111A. 2. This is incorrect. 3. This field should hav[More]

INVOIC IDOC - E1EDK28 Problem with selection of multiple bank accounts

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Hi SAP-Experts! I have a problem with house banks in outgoing invoice IDOC INVOIC. We have maintained several house banks in one company code with up to 3 different account ID's. I was wondering why there is (in my point of view) the wrong bank accou[More]

House Bank segments E1EDK28 in outbound INVOIC02

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Good day! In our ECC 6.0 system, we have configured 2 house banks: Bank X and Bank Y. When we create an invoice for customer A, an idoc is triggered and stored as an XML file in a folder. We have an output type and partner profile configured for this[More]

Fetch bank details if House Bank is known

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Hi All, If house bank is known, how can i get the bank details like bank name, bank key, bank location and bank account number. I am working with Idoc and I need to make change in one of the idoc segements which is E1EDK28, this is in INVOIC idoc seg[More]

EDI Invoice with multiple banks

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Hi all,        I have outbound EDI invoice 810 where there are several banks listed in the Idoc file. The bank info is listed in segment E1EDK28 in Idoc basic type  INVOIC02. I have 6 of the E1EDK28 segments and the first segment is not the correct b[More]

Account's holder name

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Hi All, I am working with outbound idocs, requirement is to update the bank data in segement e1edk28. Currently system does not show the correct details for the bank in segement e1edk28. I have found one user exit in which I have created the logic in[More]

Best way to customize IDOC INVOIC02 (outbound)

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Hello, I want to customize the IDOC type INVOIC02 (outbound). Customize means: - remove segments - change some values I tried different ways to achive this, but it does not work as needed. What I tried: - IDOC extension: can not be used, because I ca[More]

What is meaning of  Qualifier

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What is meaning of QualifierHello Asha I assume you came across this term while dealing with ALE/IDoc/EDI. If you look at message type INVOIC02 it contains the following segments: SEGMENTTYP     SEGMENTDEF     QUALIFIER     DESCRP Segment type in 30-[More]

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Hi I have in my selection screen CONDITION TYPE  (T685-kschl)     as Select-options (mandatory) CONDITION TABLE (T682I-Kotabnr) as Select-options (mandatory) PLTGROUP      (Tvk8-kvtr8)             as Select-options BRANDCODE   ( Tvm1-mvgr1)         a [More]
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