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I have tried to load some recent photos onto my ipad by syncing with itunes but the syncing gets to step 6 of 7 and does not complete. My iPhone 5 has synced ok. Have tried switching the iPad on and off again and resyncing but no joy. Any ideas?The m [More]
I have looked into support note AEM 5.6 is supported both on Jboos 5.1 and Jboss 7.1. Jboss 5.1 supports end of this year ( 2013) so we are wondering if AEM will stop supporting jboss 5.1 end of this year ?You are asking a question, which affects bot [More]
Hi I am connecting my Canon EOS 50D DLSR to a MacBook using USB. I am able to copy photos off the camera's memory card, however the built in OS X Image Capture software refuses to remote trigger the camera to take a picture. I need to try get it work [More]
Can jdbc use reverse proxy to get through the corporate firewall? This is to provide access to other companies outside the corporate firewall. How? Are there any other secure ways of providing jdbc thru the firewall?Only a type 3 driver that can use [More]
It seems one can fairly easily replace a Layer's Vector Mask with another one's, but I fail to see if I can simply replace the Vector Mask's subPathItems with a new array. A pathItem's subPathItems being read only this seems improbable, but still - A [More]
I created simple java web service (java class with single method it takes two arguments) with SAOP messgae format as document/wrapped using JDeveloper I created one ESB project in ESB for this same application. In ESB project i created one [More]
photo add problem from latest itues to iphone 4g  6.0.1Read the article from which the thread was created and follow the troubleshooting steps provided.Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi,I am building a cube with few drill-through reports using EIS. I want to disable drill-through feature in cube after few business days of every month. Can I do this without making any changes in a metaoutline(without deleting drill-through reports [More]
My old computer windlws 7 had full cooperation from the printer, print scan no trouble. New computer is windows 8.1 and it does not see scan option. Loaded printer drivers from the disc. retried from internet. tried HP print and scan doctor no help a [More]
Been a while since I was on here. Nice to know guys like Rob Camick are still letting the newbies have it. lol! Anyways my question is does anyone know how to extend / add unto JFileChooser's context menu? i.e. some of the missing options such as Ope [More]