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One customer of us demands some changes within the Business One. The support in Ireland advised us to post this requirements in this Forum. Invoices with negative rows cannot be copied onto credit notes. Our customer uses this option very often, so i [More]
Hi all, I was wondering what people would suggest if I ask them how I would connect my iMac to an amplifier named: Yamaha DSP AX-750SE. A simple jack to red and white cable possibly? Or sugggestions of a better quality stream of music is much welcome [More]
I recently bought a Toshiba 24L4200U and in the few weeks I've had it, I have had no trouble connecting it to my Dell laptop. This afternoon, I left the two connected and turned the TV off before I left the house, with the display reverting to the la [More]
Hi Guys, I am getting an inbound idoc which is same as ISU_MR_UPLOAD01 and using the MRID number I need to update the device location notes. Could you please let me know if you have any idea on this. Thanks, SarHi Sar, You need to find the device loc [More]
Could anyone advise me on what picture format should I use? I've imported some jpeg pics into my project but when I drag them to my timeline the picture is not the same as the original one. It is actually a very bad copy of it. Any suggestions? Thank [More]
The problem: cfset myString = "i am a big boy" cfset outputString = replace("i am a big boy","i","you","all") Wrong Output: you am a byoug boy Intended Output you am a big boy How do I achive that output.Y [More]
Not having considered things, and getting carried away in the moment, i purchased 5 series of a popular tv show on the Apple Store in HD format. I have an Apple TV, and a 500GB iMac. So the Apple TV sync'd with the iMac, and now i have 160GB (100 odd [More]
The icons on my Iphone 5 went very large and I am not able to reduce them to normal so I can use them. The phone also will not shut off.Hi TofteKnitter, Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities. If the icons on your iPhone seem large or magnifie [More]
a glich in the system sent it to activation mode after mysteriously going into airplane mode last saturday. Now my Apple id that it was set up under I can not for the life of me remember my password or which back up email address it would send reset [More]
Hi I am totally baffled with this issue.  When I use Fade in 0.5 sec and Fade Out 0.5 seconds on a rollover image, it will not work.  I even changed the default on my preferences for rollover images and it still will not work and does not show in my [More]