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I have my iMac (Intel) connected to my Sony tv with an hdmi adapter.  It works fine except that sometimes the iMac seems to short circuit and turn off.  I read once that my cable may not be appropriate but then I lost that info.  Can anyone help?For [More]
Hello all, I will try to briefly describe my problem: I create my document in word, insert hyperlinks to some xmls located in the same folder. Then I convert the doc to pdf (either with Save As.., or Acrobat > Create PDF), make sure the xmls are in t [More]
Hi there, I found that I can add photo's (without deleting my existing camera roll) to my Iphone 4 from my girlfriends mac to my iphone by syncing from iphoto and selecting the photo events or folder I want. Then pressing 'apply' adds a new photo lib [More]
Hi All, Can anyone help me in providing the USER EXIT OR BADI at the time of saving the IW31 / IW32  work order creation or Change. I need to populate the PSPEL ( WBS ELEMENT in Additional data tab with the value coming from Field Exit. Here is my an [More]
I need help to transfer my music from itunes library onto Iphone. Or is there a way to save all data before i download mac os x mountain lion?If you want to drag and drop then you have to click manually manage music. Otherwise, sync the music. iPhone [More]
Are my pictures automatically saved on my hard drive that I have loaded into iPhoto on my iMac?I appreciate your help, Niel. I opened iPhoto, chose "File" and scrolled down to "Browse Backups". It opened up my entire iPhoto library. So [More]
What can I do it my mac strarts to run slow ? thanks for helping!Login to another User account and see if it runs faster there.  17" 2.2GHz i7 Quad-Core MacBook Pro  8G RAM  750G + 120G OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Boot HD Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi there, I've run an EEWB enhancement to add some new fields to Service Process - it seemed to work correctly and the fields have been correctly added to BTADMIN_H. I was also able to add them to WebUI screens (as was the requirement) and they funct [More]
Hi, my production order qty is for 5 qty. for header material 03 insp type is assigned, in routing micu2019s are assigned. In routing insp point assigned as 100. System generated the insp lot for in-process inspection. Now wants to record the inspect [More]
After installing MS 2010, I tried opening and even creating a basic project from existing code and when compiling, I am now getting the following error: error PRJ00003: Error spawning 'rc.exe' which seems related to not being able to find [More]