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Hi, I need to call a BAPI on-line (not in the background) using a different User ID as the one that's logged in.  I read from the threads the use of SUBMIT ...VIA JOB.  CALL FUNTION 'OPEN JOB'... SUBMIT zsubmitted_program        VIA JOB     l_jobname [More]
Hi all, I am new to SAP B1. I am going to add New column to Good Receipt PO matrix. I faced the one error " Matrix Line Exists " While adding new column to good receipt PO matrix". ========================================================= P [More]
Hi,   In we42.   How to assign own Process code to a inbound idoc function module?   Here function module name is not coming in the list. Ansar.Hi, USe transactn: WE42, define ur process code, double click and assign func module... To know all the tr [More]
Dear SAP Gurus, The Client has the following scenario: In case of some materials such as shafts, bearing etc. if any of such material gets defective, the material is forwarded to the workshop who with some raw materials invent the replica of the same [More]
I've just used Boot Camp to install a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro SP3 onto my 24-inch, 2.4 gHz iMac. Everything seems OK, except there is ZERO audio. I've tried reinstalling drivers from RealTek, to no avail. I've downloaded RealTek's latest drivers [More]
Hi I have table like Emp i want to query the following manner, Please help me how to get the following output Names | abc | def | -------------------|--------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------| Dept Name | Emp_I [More]
dear gurus,              I have created a release strategy. it is working fine.  if i edit it in such a manner, that  the po value increases, it goes for re-releasing. but the issue is, if i edit it in such a manner that the PO Value decreases it doe [More]
I am thinking of purchasing the new Iphone and was wondering how the capacities of the Hard drive was working out for the users. Is 8GB enough or did you find out that you needed more space after having it for awhile. Of course I know that you cant g [More]
Some time ago, I attempted to download 2 episodes of Criminal Minds tv show.  It downloaded for 2 days before I realized it.  I stopped and tried to delete both episodes after several more efforts with the same result.  Every time I ANYTHING now, tho [More]
Can anybody please let me know if OIM 9.1 upgrade scripts are available, if yes can you please point me to the same. ThanksWe pushed the full configuration of our dev environment to our QA environment so we had it for reference. On the database, we e [More]