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Hello everyone. I wanna connect my laptop Satellite L635-SP3001L to my TV using any of the video outputs of my laptop (HDMI or VGA). My TV has s-video input and RCA input (yellow, white and red) (no video component input). How should I proceed to con [More]
Hi i want to display the units in US standards in initial view of report and allow <b>users to convert in local units if they want.</b> A. I find that data is comingfor "factory area" field  in cube in various units such as FT(Feet), [More]
Hi folks I have a G3 B&W (Rev. A) and I have a question about upgrading my drive. First in the world of dvds I have found that a dvd-r drive just doesn't cut it anymore. Does anyone out there have experience upgrading to a dvd/cd RW drive in the B& [More]
the main page for itunes opens but if i click on something like a song that is under the most downladed category or a movie under the rental category it says it loads but never goes to it no matter how long i leave it.    Hello crawford1968, your eff [More]
Hi there Since iTunes 8 I find I cant select one track and go to 'File' and 'New Playlist from Selection'. The option is grayed out. I have a lecture/sermon tracks that I want to burn to audio cds, hence often only one fits to a CD. The obvious work [More]
Hi All, My scenario is that we send payments data to bank to process vendor payments. Data is received from Finance(R/3) server to XI server, where our XI server pass data to Bank's XI server. As it a crucial data, we exchange certificates to share d [More]
Windows XP - Home Edition (I know it´s not the better but came with my laptop) I installed the Oracle 10g and I don't know why I have 3 listener as services. Its services showed me different messages when I tried start it: 1. OracleOraDb10g_home1TNSL [More]
please please can sombody help i cant understand apple good mind to change itemsI have NEVER had a password for my iphone and I bought it outright. It asked me for a passcode and now I have been locked out of my phone. I will have to restore it but t [More]
I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.2. Here is the problem I am having. I have a PDF and part of the PDF has hand-written data. I am putting a text box on top of this hand-written data and replacing it with new data. I then re-print this document to PD [More]
Hi. I want disable password Aunthenticate for mounting partitions. I searched in wiki and google. But nothing found. Thanks.And/or What exactly did you search for?  How did you not find these (and other) re [More]