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Configuring with Snow Leopard?

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I want to connect the rounded version of the Airport Extreme to a brand new Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard. The Airport Extreme has never been used. 1.) Will I be able to use the Airport Utility in Snow Leopard to do this? 2.) Do I need to download[More]

Trying to install snow leopard on my Macbook Pro.  After already having problems with Grey screen, blinking file with a question mark, etc.  Computer now says that one of the hard drives is failing.The "hitachi" drive says it's failing in disc utility.

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o.k.  So, I've been tinkering with several "self help" fixes for several days now with no positive results.  I'll explain my initial problems and then end with my most current situation.  In hopes that someone out there will have a good suggesti[More]

I tried upgrading to MountaIN lION HOWEVER i WASNT ABLE TO Install.  I then tried reinstallling Snow leopard but once again it will not let me install stating there are errors on the disc.  I have run disc repair on disc utility but it wont allow me

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I was told to reinstall Snow leopard which I did .  More troubles! It then came up cannot iinstall as there are errors.  Tried going into disc utilities and repair but once again it stated iin red I cannot proceed.  can anyone help me here.  Before t[More]

The Tale of the Beeping Macbook - AKA- My Macbook Pro keeps beeping when trying to boot into Snow Leopard Disc's disk utility

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Quick back story:  about a month ago my macbook was falling and I caught it quickly, I had a game controller in my hand and it lightly hit it whilst I was catching it; the laptop made no contact with the floor, couch etc.  Upon reveling in my epic ma[More]

Snow Leopard Installer does not recognize Hard drive in disk utility.

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I first at the suggestion of apple technicians because of other problems erased and partitioned hard drive. Now when I go to reinstall Snow Leopard it does not recognize the Macintosh Hard Drive, not even in disk utility. Any help will be greatly app[More]

My 2006 iMac running Snow Leopard won't boot even after erasing and re-installing Snow Leopard (via my MacBookPro), either from the HD or DVD drive.  Can't get it to run Hardware Test.  Disk Utility says disk OK - files are there. What can I do?

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My 2006 iMac running Snow Leopard won't boot even after erasing and re-installing Snow Leopard.   I erased and re-installed by putting the iMac in Target Disk mode and usin my MacBookPro as the host.  But after numerous attempts I still can't get it[More]

Snow Leopard crashed : unable to find the hard drive in Disk utility

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Hello, A few days ago, my computer (running on Snow Leopard 10.6.3) suddently crashed (no recent update, no new software or hardware installation). Since then, i'm unable to start the computer. It freezes on the start screen with the apple and the lo[More]

How can I distribute a form with text boxes so that the recipients are able to type into the boxes?This forum is for the Adobe FormsCentral ( which is a service that allows you to create, collect and analyze data using an onlin [More]
First, all the system info: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 Intel HD Graphics 3000 Display Adapter I’m using Premiere Pro CS6 Version 6.0.5 (001  (MC: 264587)) “Mighty Kilt” Version (64 Bit) of Adobe Media Encoder CS6 Version [More]
I`m working in windows 7 professional 64 bit with a Gmail account I`ve set the location for the mail on my E disk rather then my C disk. (E:\Thunderbird) Nevertheless thunderbird keeps downloading to C:\Users\T\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird. Somehow my [More]
Hi Friends, Our customer has a weird issue. When time evaluation is run, One Absence Quota type (Leave in Bank) is not getting generated for Only One Employee. This leave type has been updated with quota in IT 2006 after running PT60 for all other em [More]
Hi All! I have a pretty great Problem with my Creative Zen Touch I bought just one month ago: When I connect it to the Computer to store or read File Data, the connection slows down to a minimum and when I try to drop something or just open a folder, [More]
Last night when I turned my Itunes on it asked me to update.  There was Itunes and Icloud update so I clicked update as usual etc. Halfway through an error message came up as follows:- Runtime Error Program: C\ Program Files|iTunes|iTunes.exe R6034 A [More]
What is the best way to share a iTunes library between 5 users on the same computer? Currently I have a common itunes library in a shared folder that each user is linked to.  The problem is that when one user adds music to the shared file, it does no [More]
How do I merge photos from one album to another.  How do I delete, remove albums.If they are albums that you've synced from your computer then they are removed by re-connecting to your computer's iTunes, de-selecting them on the Photos tab, and re-sy [More]
Set up the principal account (I used the one with my main calendar) using the straightforward Exchange account. For the secondary Exchange acct, set up an IMAP account. Basically go to add an acct, choose the bottom generic acct option and set up an [More]
Please help! In our house we have all move around with PC's and laptops now my husband and kids have to go back to they original one to get all the stuff in ITunes how do I move there I Pod Touch stuff to a 2nd hand (sister's/mum's) computer that alr [More]