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Error Code CMOD 54004

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I waited for 'live' chat for 10 minutes. I know they are busy but so am I. The code above is what I am getting when I try to use my ON DEMAND. I have menus, no playback. Tells me to unplug for 60 seconds. That fixed nothing & scrambled my info for a[More]

Cannot delete file from external hard drive (error code 36) in Finder, but Terminal is ok

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I have a relatively new Macbook Pro Retina 15" and have a Western Digital 1 TB Passport.  I've been using the passport for about a year now without any problems on older Macbooks in my house.  I used to be able to read and write to this drive no prob[More]

Report generation failed----​error code:-1720​5; Access Denied.

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Hi, All     i have a trouble about report seems the error happened at the "write UUT report"--this step is teststand report generation'DLL.     detail:     An error occurred calling 'Save' in 'Report' of 'NI TestStand 2010 SP1 API'[More]

There was a recent upadate on my PC, however it does not work. A error code comes up which says, min version is not compatible with max version. And I caanot open my browser. Please help.

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I do a system restore which allows me to open my browser. Without this I cannot open my browser - the error code comes up every time.Do a clean (re)install * Download a fresh Firefox copy from and save the file[More]

My ipod touch is not list as a device on itunes.  When I tried do update itunes, I get a ox8007054f error code and the update will not complete.

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My ipod touch is not listed as a device when connected to my computer.  As suggested I attempted to download the latest of itunes.  I got an ox8007054f error code and the down load will not complete.  I have also tried to restore my computer to an ea[More]

Capturing oracle error codes into a variable

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Hi Can someone show me how it is possible to save an Oracle defined error code into a variable? What I am trying to do is when a stored procedure fails an Oracle error is raised, such as ORA-xxxx, then pass this code into variable to be saved into a[More]

Error Code:942 While Scheduling a report in BI Publisher

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Hi All, I am trying to schedule one report in BI Publisher. After Clicking Submit Button while scheduling report,i get following error: Exception [TOPLINK-4002] (Oracle TopLink - 11g Release 1 ( (Build 080319)): oracle.toplink.exceptions.D[More]

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [ktsircinfo_num1]

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While taking export of a table received EXP error and while dropping/selecting the same gor ora-600 errors. . . exporting table TEST4 EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment(29, 371385) SQL >Drop table test4 cascade; ORA-00600: internal er[More]

Transport control program tp ended with error code 0212

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Hi all, I have created a two system landscape of development & production server. But while I am releasing any request from develpoment server a error is showing: " Transport control program tp ended with error code 0212 Errors: could not access[More]

While activating a request in DSO getting error code 10

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While activating a request in DSO getting error code 10 Hi All, I am trying to load data into Billing: Condition Data (0SD_O06) using 2LIS_13_VDKON. First while loading data I am getting error Record 8778 :InfoObject SOLD_TO does not contain alpa-con[More]

Some data in ... could not be read or written. (Error code -36).

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Hello. I just got a Lacie 512mb disk, and thought it would be ideal for running my iTunes library off of. Got the disk, ran it through its paces, hooked it up to my Mac mini, and I can't seem to copy hardly any files over. Here's one error (but you c[More]

"the finder cannot complete the operation because some data in [name of iMovie file] could not be read or written (Error Code 26)

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Hi all, I have an iMovie project in iMovie HD 6.0.3. (Mac OS 10.5.8) It plays, but I cannot copy the file (including saving it to a flash drive). I get either a message "the finder cannot complete the operation because some data in [name of iMovie fi[More]

Error 8062 when I try to copy or move files on my macbook: "This operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8062)". Can even not install new software now!!

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Since a few days when I try to copy or move files on my macbook, I often get an error message saying "This operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occured (error code -8062)". And then it just quits the copy or move. I searc[More]

2TB Ext. Hard Drive is corrupted?, error code -50 and then error code -35 when i try to empty out my trash

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okay so a few days ago i received and email for one of my colleagues to do some final editing to a music video. the folder contained 2 videos a rough chops and the main which was about 2-3GB which i dragged on to my external hard drive . and at the t[More]

Error Code 0xC004F074 Win 8.1 Clone

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Hello.  I have a Toshiba P867-S7102 with two HDD bays.  Bought an SSD and cloned WIN 8.1 to that drive, leaving the original HDD in the machine.  Changed boot order to SSD first, and all works save the error code mentioned in the title which will not[More]

Satellite C850-1NU does not boot Win 8.1 - Error Code 0xc0000098

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Windows 8.1 will not boot Laptop is *Toshiba Satellite C850 1NU*, as from Saturday it will not boot up! *Error states "The boot configuration Data File doesn't contain valid information for an operating system.* *File:\ BCD* *Error Code 0xc0000098* I[More]

How do I get rid of error code 2001/2006? My phone is in recovery mode. I have tried several different cords, all USB ports, my macbook, and a friends PC. This is the second time my phone has done this, the first time it was an easy fix.

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I have an iPhone 4. It is in great condition, always protected. A couple months ago, it randomly went black and wouldn't turn on. I put it in recovery mode, plugged it in to my MacBook Pro and would get error code 2001 then I'd get error code 2006. I[More]

Error Code 201 and 213 when trying to install any Adobe application / Update my Creative Cloud Desktop App. Have tried troubleshooting with Online Chat Agents, no luck.

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I have been trying for 2 days now to get this resolved. Computer hashard wired internet connection, running Windows 7 Home Premium. No other issues with downloading or uploading from any other sites or programs. No other network issues reported on ot[More]

Error code 50 CC desktop app install

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I tried to update the creative cloud desktop app and it has now disappeared, I tried to re-install the app but it failed with "error code 50". I searched this error code and followed the link in the forum replies[More]

Adobe Photo Downloader has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Error Code: c0000005  Address: 76f73ac3     I clicked on the OK button and the downloader closed.     I then tried to download from the organizer. I

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Photoshop Elements 12 Adobe Photo Downloader has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Error Code: c0000005 Address: 75e32f71 I clicked on the OK button and the downloader closed. I did a search on this error c[More]

I am trying to decide which OS to upgrade to because I am not sure what my computer will handle and I don't want to pay to upgrade to a version that I do not have the hardware to support (i.e. memory or CPU speed). I tried to install Turbo Tax and I [More]
I have searched this subject and found one thread that touches on the topic. It says that I should be able to "connect" five Apple TVs to my single iTunes library. I have on original Apple TV that connects to my iTunes library just fine. I just [More]
Hi All, My team is facing an issue in which they are not able to edit any message mapping.This happens after we migrated from XI 3.0 to PI 7.1. Please let me know in case of any other information is required. Any help in this topic will be highly app [More]
Hi guys, In my workflow I send an workitem with a business object attached to allow the approver see the PM Note. I meant, when the link is clicked it should open the transaction IW22(Edit PM orders). In my development server this was working for all [More]
Hi, First of all I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, my apologies if this is incorrect :) The company I work for develops software and for logging purposes they use concatenations:  "+ (String Concatenation)" Now, we often hav [More]
Hello, I have a problem with an .html file that I've created for one of my folios. I've put the files on our webserver and it works without problems in my Safari browser, also on my iPhone there are no problems. Here's the link [More]
(fixed this to look right, thanks for the posting tip) Hey, I am using the iPhone SDK, and this is my first non-licensing question, which means it's going to be a very basic one. I'm able to start a project, using a ViewController template, edit the [More]
Is it possible to get mail from other servers.For the sake of example, we are going to pretend that we are setting up fictional account "[email protected]" and the password for logging into that account in webmail is "fakepassword" - A [More]
Hi all I'm new to Crystal Report, and I'm developing a web application to share and view Crystal reports. I'm using the eclipse plug-in for that. In some of the reports I want to share, there are parameters that are prompted with a combobox when I us [More]
My iPhone 4 froze up and I tried to sync and restore the iPhone software. This made my iTunes prompt me to restart my Mac. Now it will not start up. It stops after the chime and grey screen comes on. I have tried a PRAM restart with no luck. Can anyo [More]