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Error while  extracting data from CRM to 0BPARTNER

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Hi All, We are  extracting   daily data from SAP CRM to  0BPARTNER using 0BPARTNER_ATTR(Delta mode)  .  While loading the data upto PSA,  it showed the total number of  records as * 50033 from 50033*. But the total and technical  status  are  yellow[More]

Error while extracting data from data source 0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL, in RSA7

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Hi Gurs, I'm getting the below error while extracting data from data source 0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL, in RSA7. (Actullly this is IS Retail datasource used to push POSDM data into BI cubes) The error is: Update mode "Full Upload" is not supported by t[More]

Error while extracting from BI source

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Hi, We are facing a wierd problem: Scenario: Loading data from one DSO to another DSO with the help of transformation The DTP fails at second data package each time. First data package goes successfully but it fails at the second data package) We hav[More]

Short dump error when extracting delta records from R/3

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I am working on BW 3.5 and I am facing some short dump error when extracting delta records from the r/3 to BW. Below is the error message Kindly do the needful ASAP. Job started Step 001 started (program SBIE0001, variant &0000000024277, user ID BWRE[More]

Error while downloading. message on E71 GPS USA Ma...

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"Error while downloading" message on E71 with updated GPS USA Maps I'm sure I'm not the only one having this problem but I recently updated my maps on my Straight Talk Nokia E71. The phone says I have map download V 3.03 10wk bo4 Mw Open GL LM M[More]

Error while extracting the data in R/3 production system,

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Hi Team, We got the following error while extracting the data in R/3 production system, Error 7 When Sending an IDoc R3 3 No Storage space available for extending the inter 44 R3 299 No storage space available for extending the inter R3 299 Error in[More]

dear Collegues,     I have an issue, my client want me to configure Free goods exclusive ie 10+2 offer, but when i am creating a sales order or billing, the Net value will be for 10 items, Excise will be calculated on 12 pieces  as its a manufacturin [More]
Hello all, Got a question here. Let's say there are 10 different external parties and I intend to create a Business Service for each of them in ID.  However, they all call the same Outbound Interface to interact with XI.  Do I have to also create 10 [More]
I cannot send email from my ipad. Getting address is rejected from server message.Check the outgoing mail server setting. Make sure that your username and password are in there. Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Your email account>Account>Out [More]
well, too many things have been happening that i finally decided to return my yoga for a replacement before my 30 days was up. kept hoping the glitches would be just random occurances, but it's looking more like the unit is a lemon, or at least I hop [More]
DVDs converted from Super 8 in 2009 previously worked fine on Mac, but since recent upgrade to 10.8.4 (?from 10.6.8) video will not play, although audio does. Info from disk includes: UDF (Universal Disk File?); DVD Player Document, Unix Executable F [More]
Hi Gurus, In our BW(NW 2004) system we are using Cognos as reporting tool, due to process chain failure at DSO level we unchecked 'sid generation on activation' and chain running successfully after that. unchecking will be a performance issue due to [More]
I created my iTunes account and signed into the wi-fi music store on my 16gb ipod touch. How do i switch accounts?i had one origional itunes store account, but now i have a new account. now how do i sign out of my old account (which i son my ipod) an [More]
At the point of, or after an exception, the debugger tells me there is a problem, such as: -[__NSCFArray length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xfc78f70 *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[ [More]
Hi, Was wondering what's the cause of this error: <b>Invalid call sequence to interfaces when recording changes.</b> We keep on getting this error message when we try to activate and schedule our process chain. Please help. Thanks!We run into [More]
does anyone know if they've solved the problem with itunes crashing computers that run on windows vista 64bit?Quote 64bit version of windows vista. No i have tried 2 discs. But i fixed with bios upgrade now. Thanks anyway.Read other 4 answers [More]