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Voice command ???? for E 63 , how to use it?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

i recently bought E 63, i studied the manual of E 63, i cannot get the clear concept of voice command option in the phone. In the E 63 key pad where is th evoice key (colour, any indication ----- voice key????/) . whhat is the concept of this voice c[More]

Overhead user exit (COOM0001) not being triggered for specific plant

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone came across this situation before. I activated user exit COOM0001 for overhead calculation. This user exit is triggered when I create PCE for plant A but not plant B. I can't figure out why it is not being trigger[More]


Category:DefaultRelease time:-0001-11-30Views:130

Hi experts, Pl advise,i have configured calculation of overhead on Production order through OPL1. 1)Shall i also maintain overhead structure through (KSAZ) 2)How material overhead(in cost sheet) will calculate on Material base. 3)How manufacturing ov[More]

How can I move my windows 9 files in windows format to elements 11 in Mac format?I guess this is what I want to do.  I have jillions of photos that were transferred in a Windows version of photoshop (many different versions) plus some that were trans [More]
Hello Everybody, I have a new MacBook Pro Running Mac OS X 10.6.2 and cannot see any of my windows computers on the network, I can use the connect to server option but it is annoying to have to keep using that method. Thanks for all of your help! Mes [More]
I created a PDF that will be viewed in a browser. Is there a way to set the links within the PDF to open in a new window?Did you get an answer to this?   I am having the exact same issue.  My source html document has a link which specifies a target o [More]
Hi guys,         i'm new to BI. can any one differentiate between Infocubes and info objects.. please be a bit specific.....Hi, An InfoCube describes (from an analysis point of view) a self-contained dataset, for example, for a business-orientated ar [More]
I noticed earlier that all of a sudden I can't view PDFs files in Firefox. I tried plugins, updating Firefox and everything on my Mac, and any other options I could find but nothing seems to work. I installed the recommended plugin for viewing pdfs, [More]
Hello, Someone can help me please? Im trying to create a page with a lot of HtmlSelectManyCheckbox, and i need to value-bind then to the same Object in my BackingBean. First i attemped to bind all HtmlSelectManyCheckbox with a single ArrayList, but o [More]
Hi Team, We have imported a column(date dtat type) from SQL server cube . By default it imported as varchar,. We have three option in physical layer for this column(Varchar,Intiger,unknown) So we want to convert this column into date.can we use evalu [More]
filled out pdf form, did not save, cannot locateHi angel07h, Did you try to save the file, but the save was unsuccessful? Or did you just not have a chance to save the file? Where did you get the form? Did you download it from a website, or fill it o [More]
i am having a problem with excel. when creating a pdf within excel my comments do not appear in the worksheets. i have 4 worksheets, the comments for the first worksheet appears but the 2,3 and 4th worksheets the comments do not appear in the pdf. an [More]
I think I've tried everything. I've uninstalled compressor as per Apple's directions by throwing away everything that has to do with Compressor (and Motion), reinstalled and updated. I've installed Lingon which, I guess, makes qmaster run at start-up [More]