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Voice command ???? for E 63 , how to use it?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

i recently bought E 63, i studied the manual of E 63, i cannot get the clear concept of voice command option in the phone. In the E 63 key pad where is th evoice key (colour, any indication ----- voice key????/) . whhat is the concept of this voice c[More]

Overhead user exit (COOM0001) not being triggered for specific plant

Category:DefaultRelease time:-0001-11-30Views:130

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone came across this situation before. I activated user exit COOM0001 for overhead calculation. This user exit is triggered when I create PCE for plant A but not plant B. I can't figure out why it is not being trigger[More]


Category:DefaultRelease time:-0001-11-30Views:130

Hi experts, Pl advise,i have configured calculation of overhead on Production order through OPL1. 1)Shall i also maintain overhead structure through (KSAZ) 2)How material overhead(in cost sheet) will calculate on Material base. 3)How manufacturing ov[More]

I have an old PowerMac G5 tower with a GeForce FX 5200 64mb video card. I'd like to add a second monitor to the system, but I'm having troubled identifying what the second port is. It looks like DVI, but has a slightly different, rounder shape. Any i [More]
Hi All, I am having a parent.xsd file, which inculdes or imports child.xsd file. I need to validate an xml with the parent xsd. Could u give any sample code for doing the same. Java Version : 1.4.2 Using Xerces for parsing the xml.... Thanks, Senthil [More]
Ok, my first pacman upgrade error ever I haven't been able to solve by a search in this forum, I'm afraid it might not be so straight forward. Last night doing a pacman -Syu gave me an error that said gcc-fortran was missing, found this [More]
I have allowed my delete to get to large. Now Entourage won't allow Delete file to be opened; when attempted, it says, "file cannot be opened, not enough memory". How can I open to Delete file to delete messages?You should be able to check by op [More]
Hi guys, Is there any way we could do a mass update to add assignments(class)(multiple row perhaps)  - tcode CL20N? Thanks!Hi there, It will be multiple assignments to ONE material at a time For example, Equipment 10000345, Under assignments (class) [More]
I would really LOVE it, if the interactive pdf menu gave the option to turn on or off spreads. I often create books that are facing pages to be printed but then want to do a quick single-page pdf for on-screen viewing. The lack of this option is very [More]
Hi, I purchased my MBPro 15-inch in December of 08 (so unibody type). For the last few months, after a couple of hours, the trackpad becomes unusable. You can't "click" and navigating around the screen clicks and unclicks and is general extremel [More]
I've tried just about every size for the HD Widescreen.  I thought 1280x720 would get it.  It fits the window, but it is not centered and gets pushed right.  I need to use photoshop as I have a corporate logo and various sized type/colors on the same [More]
Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on WLAN design best practices. I'm "overhauling" my companies current wireless infrastructure and i'm a little unsure how to implement this following "scenario": I would like to segment the WLAN into [More]
iPhone 4s hasn't been backed up since February, when connected to wifi, it runs for awhile in icloud backup, then says, "cannot complete backup". any ideas?  I bought additional storage in icloud, have 15 gig now.Perform a Reset... Reset  ( No D [More]