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Voice command ???? for E 63 , how to use it?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

i recently bought E 63, i studied the manual of E 63, i cannot get the clear concept of voice command option in the phone. In the E 63 key pad where is th evoice key (colour, any indication ----- voice key????/) . whhat is the concept of this voice c[More]

Overhead user exit (COOM0001) not being triggered for specific plant

Category:DefaultRelease time:-0001-11-30Views:130

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone came across this situation before. I activated user exit COOM0001 for overhead calculation. This user exit is triggered when I create PCE for plant A but not plant B. I can't figure out why it is not being trigger[More]


Category:DefaultRelease time:-0001-11-30Views:130

Hi experts, Pl advise,i have configured calculation of overhead on Production order through OPL1. 1)Shall i also maintain overhead structure through (KSAZ) 2)How material overhead(in cost sheet) will calculate on Material base. 3)How manufacturing ov[More]

windows 8.1 does not recognize my iphone.Hi kathyt8952 , Would you please share us more details of the issue ? Have you checked the driver issue from the device manager ?Have you tried to connect the device from another USB port to have a check ? We [More]
Hi All, I have a requirement where I need to add a field in the header item of VA03,  So I have add new field or APPEND structure in VBAK. I appended structure ZZLAND1 having component field LAND1 in VBAK. In SE11, structure ZZLAND1 is activated and [More]
Hi I am triyng to build a report like PO13 in ECC (Organization Tree with Position & Org Unit). The report is built on 0EMPLOYEE and uses the 0ORGUNIT as a nav att with Hier But in BW the report is showing the Employee twice! Once in the top level of [More]
I've logged in with shift pressed, I've disabled funky system preferences modules, yet it hasn't helped. After launching iTunes, it crashes after *exactly* 60 seconds. Every single time. In the console, I see this after *every* crash: 2014-05-25 09:1 [More]
Hello everbody, we are trying to script a webdynpro ABAP application with eCatt. We have completed the system configuration steps (see below), but still when trying to record we are getting the error message: "An error probably occurred during the lo [More]
New to Safari...have an issue with my site. The status bar on my Safari page always shows incomplete page loading...usually shows "Loading...completed 73 of 75 items" etc. Is there anyway (or developement type tool )to tell what items Safari is [More]
Hi, I wish to know if it's possible that a user UserA allows another user UserB to create a table but does not allow him (does not allow UserB ) to insert data in a table UserB has created .If it's possible, I would want to know the commands to do th [More]
hello can anybody tell me that how to run oracle 6i foms on internet exploler.+ its urgent... i m waiting for anybody help........ thanks Regards Vishal AgrawalForms 6i had a Web Forms version. That would run on Internet Explorer. I don't think anyon [More]
Hi, I'm new to SOA. While installing IRCU, I got the following error..... CreateProcess: \bin\sqlplus /nolog @.\sql\bpel\createuser_o racle.sql ORABPEL ORABPEL welcome1 (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(LOAD_BALANCE=on)( ADDRESS=(PROTO [More]
hi, i'm facing a problem during doing enhancement of BP.i've created first a project and saved it in &tmp.Then i've tried to create new extension under that project and i've added that new enhanced field to the extension through wizard.but when i 've [More]