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hi, after quality inspection i move the stock into warehouse integrated storage location. if i clear inspection lot in qa32 for a material after saving it will pop up express message"error during creation of transfer order for a material".i conf [More]
Hi all, Is anyone aware of any report in R/3 which gives a report similar to this order? <b>PR No.       Item No.       PO No.       Vendor Name      Vendor No.       Unit Price      Quantity.       Unit of Measurement (UOM)</b> Any report whi [More]
Hi, We are planning to upgrade XI 3.0 to PI 7.1 We have couple of interfaces with ABAP proxy, the SAP version is ECC Web AS 640. What factors do we need to take into account during this upgrade specific to Proxy development? Thanks Sachin KHey, >We a [More]
I connect a USB printer to the USB port of my Airport Extreme.  Can someone help advise the procedure for the computers in the network to connect to the USB printer.  Thanks!Unfortunately, not all USB printers are compatible with AirPort base station [More]
Apple TV (3) fast blinking light, no connection, no picture.Restore. Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Restoring your Apple TV - Apple SupportRead other 2 answers [More]
I have noticed that the bottom right hand corner of my 32 GB 3rd generation iPod Touch, if too much pressure is applied, will sink in a little. I don't really know what to do about it, or if it is even a problem. I checked the Apple support page, and [More]
Hi Buddies,     Users want to create another PO automatically when they created one PO using ME21N and if the automatic creating failed the error message will be populated in ME21N. I chose to call BAPI_PO_CREATE1 within the method ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST [More]
Hello All, We are upgrading our SAP systems from R3 4.7 to ECC 6.0 EHP4 and we are currently in the PreProcessing phase. The upgrade screen has prompted the below message *You must now include your repository modifications in the new SAP import. 35 m [More]
How to I an extra page from the Chapter page that is appended to the Chapter page?  No content is displayed on the page but it will not delete.What template are you using?  Have you  altered the templete in any way? The normal way to add  Chapters to [More]
hi I hope this is in the right section.(I'm not sure) I noticed that in the new skype the sound doesn't work. so I downgraded, but I would like to know if someone else has this problem and/or a different workaround (because I don't like do [More]