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Hi All, I have a requirement to list all PO items with Goods receipt posting date and quantity. So for each po item I have fetched Goods receipt posting date and quantity from table EKBE for movement type 101. But in transaction ME23n   in PO history [More]
I am getting this: Exit Code: 6 Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example, ERROR: -------------------------------------- Summary -------------------------------------- - 0 fatal error(s), 2 error(s) ----------- Payload: Micros [More]
Is there a function module that will delete all special characters and non numeric characters from a telephone number?Hi , This can be easily achieved using a logic. compare the given data with the string '0123456789'  and ifin comparison you find an [More]
I am having a terrible time moving, saving and opening  pictures and links from one place to another when on facebook.  I bought a subscription but the computer I wanted to using the it on does not have enough space can I still download to a differen [More]
it says photshop has encountered a a problem and needs to close.  And then it  wont shut off it just acts like it is trying to close and I cant close it or use it. Please help.Nope, none of the updates are built into the trial versions.  Adobe doesn' [More]
I have read throught the material on QT7 & H.264 but am undecided. (ie; confused). I have OS 10.3.9; Quicktime 6.5.2 Pro; FCP 4.5 HD (with the MPEG2 playback component); Compressor 1.2.1 and DVD Studio Pro 3.0.2. Is there an advantage or point in upg [More]
If I have multiple custom Designer workflows that happen on the same list , what order are they fired in?  In the order in which the appear in Designer (top to bottom)?  or do they fire simultaneously? There are no mistakes; every result tells you so [More]
Actually, two weeks later would be my friend's birthday and I would like to give him an unlocked iphone 5 (because he is in China) as a gift. I tried to call the apple retail store, and the assistant said that I could order unlocked iphone 5 online. [More]
Session cookies have been disabled for your web browser. Please enable session cookies so you can register your device. The URL is not specified.Session cookies have been disabled for your web browser. Please enable session cookies so you can registe [More]
I am on my SECOND MacBook Pro in two weeks and both have had VERY noisy Hitachi hard drives. I have discovered through computer savy friends that Hitachi makes notoriously loud and clicky drives. I have a 250gig drive. Does ANYONE have a 250gig drive [More]