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I'm using Adobe CC 7.0.2, iMac 27" 3.2ghz, OSX 10.8.4,  and have a second screen attached through the Thunderbolt/DVI adapter. Up until about a week or so ago I was able to play output full screen to it and still edit on my 1st screen (Mac) - but eve [More]
I have Trusteer Rapport installed. It has been recognised by Firefox until now. I wish ti continue to use Trusteer Rapport. It os not not showing up when I log in to sites.I have Trusteer Rapport installed. It has been recognised by Firefox until now [More]
Hello, I am attempting to set up the apache webserver to redirect http traffic to https. I originally was able to achieve this in SGD 4.3 by using the RewriteEngine in the httpd.conf file to simply rewrite all requests to https, but this appears to n [More]
Okay, there are similar posts but mine seems to be different then the others. I recently moved some files, but not my iTunes folder that I use and now iTunes won't find the majority of my files. Here's what I did. I have a Buffalo Link Station Pro th [More]
Hi, Wonder if anyone can help... I just tried to generate my printed documentation in RoboHelp and everytime I try I get the error message 'Cannot find Microsoft Word installed on your system'. It is installed, and when I go to Tools > Options > Too [More]
Hi All, I wan't to call oracle seeded form for Item Entry(INVIDITM) from a custom oracle form in Inventory module. When I call the form using FND_FUNCTION.EXECUTE and pass item_id as one of the paarmeters, the seeded form open but with very limited c [More]
Hello Everyone I made some movies with the imovie HD. I publish them using the following settings: video:MP4 H.264, size:320x240, 256kbits/s, 30fps, automatic Audio:AAC 128 kpbs, stereo 44,1khz, superior website: URL ht [More]
HELPIf you are New to Mac... you may also find these links of Value Mac 101     Switching from PC MBP Support Cheers,Read other 12 an [More]
If I set the autocommit on and execute a transaction as follows: DELETE FROM TASK_LOG WHERE ROWNUM <= 100; is it that Oracle commits after deletion of each record or it that the commit occurs automatically after the 100 records have been deleted?Yep, [More]
So I posted here after a bad bios flash bricked my P67a-G45. Walked through some steps and then got an RMA authorization and I sent my board off.  I put a piece of paper in with the board asking them to put the latest ME7 Sandy Bridge friendly bios, [More]