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Hello Guys, I have a  problem related to cross company code transaction. In the OBA7 I have the document type KE that not allows posting using cross company code transactions. In the moment that I am creating a new document through the FB01, I have a [More]
Oops, I deleted the TOPLEVELSITE welcome pages tabs after a new portal installation and upgrade to 10.1.4. What are the methods to restore these pages? I backed up all the portal databases right after the upgrade but I hope there is another method... [More]
Hello, I am creating a sales order using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 which internally calls SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE. The order is for a one time customer created in KNA1. The address lines are fed in to the BAPI while creating order and also VAT R [More]
Our company is investigating how to reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a copyback (system copy) from a production ABAP system to a QA system.  We use a similar process for all ABAP-only systems in our landscape, ranging from 3.1h systems t [More]
Hello, When I join a file to attach to an e-mail, it never appears as an attachement but in the body of the mail (in the text). How can I do to have it sent as an attachement and not appearing in the body of the mail ? Thanks for any help.I have been [More]
I got 2 Xserve(s) intel based - 1 installed 10.6.8 and the other 10.5.8 - both server(s) are upto date on software updates. Server Monitor works fine on both of these server(s) when run locally (from the server). When I run the Server Monitor from my [More]
Hi Guys, I have a Question regarding free goods, In the creation of sales order  i am giving the two materials like p-10 and Qty 100 , material p-11 and qty 100 for the combination if qty is equally to 200 , the customer get the price for  199 and ge [More]
Anyone know how to fix the Adobe Illustrator for YosemiteHi mcollis56, You can try to download java from below mentioned link: Java for OS X 2014-001 Thanks, Nikhil GuptaRead other 4 answers [More]
Hello All, When i confirm the BP in IC WebClient I get the following error message Customizing settings missing. assign partner functions to 0010 Please suggest me how to solve this error message. Cheers Raj.Hi Raj Did u managed to fix this? JogiRead [More]
hello people!<br> i have a little trouble and i hope that you can helpme to solve.<br> i am working in a topology like this<br> <b> serveradmin<br> clusterA<br>        serverAA<br>        serverAB<br> cluste [More]