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I can't see the photos clogging up our ipad when i hook the ipad up to the ciomputer. I can't dump them to a folder on ther computer. What I am going to end up doing is emailing them all to download and save from email..this really *****. It tells me [More]
Request if some one can help me activating the phone...model is 3gsSymptomatic of a phone that has been hacked to unlock it. Could that be the case?Read other 3 answers [More]
When I try to open a Nikon RAW image (NEF) in Elements 6 for Mac I get the following message, "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file."  To work with RAW is the whole reason I bought the Mac and al [More]
Hi , I'm running the following simple query in sql*plus on ORACLE9i. But this query stopped running after 30minutes, and the sql*plus die at the same time .I have no idea about this. Could somebody tell me how I can solve this problem. Thank you very [More]
How can i disable the mobile view of Firefox? Thanks for your help. LinuxfreakThis add-on will let mobile Firefox send the same headers as desktop Firefox, so that web sites will offer desktop versions by default: [More]
Hi to all, could anybody tell the t.code about to show the trial balance for particular datewise.its very urgent. let me inform to my mail id [email protected] thanks with regards, mohanHi, Check whether S_ALR_87012310 will be helpful. Regards, Sride [More]
how can i know which logical database was used for a report?Hi, GET : <TABLES NAME>. IF U FIND THE ABOVE SYNTAX LDB IS USED Regards, V.Balaji Reward if Usefull...Read other 4 answers [More]
Hi All, My project have identified a requirement for adding a custom field in Material Master (MARA/MM01). Could anyone provide info on this? Regards, Sathyajith [email protected]You have to work on two enhancement. 1. Table Enhancement... use APPEND [More]
I am attempting to start Web Logic Server, and Web Logic Server for my application installed on my machine. I get the following errors, completely new to web Logic so I don't know what they mean. But it seems to be a privelege issue related to the ad [More]
How to make a progressive numaration of the presentation on new iPadHow to make a progressive numaration of the presentation on new iPadRead other 8 answers [More]