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Bom dia a todos, A SEFAZ soltou a NT2011/005 para fazer algumas validações e uma delas é a 610: Rejeição: Total da NF difere do somatório dos Valores compõe o valor Total da NF, porém o processo que tenho aqui no cliente e uma nota de devolução, a em [More]
Hi, Is there any limit to the number of secondary ip addresses on an interface of a router? I just took over an existing live system. The previous engineer configured secondary ip addresses on a single physical interface. Currently, there are 1 main [More]
Got this awesome machine a few days ago.  Everything is perfect except the fact that the fans are on 24/7!  I have nearly no applications running and I've cheked the activity monitor and nearly everything is at 0% and the programs that aren't are aro [More]
How to stop the auto change of the desktop background picture ?Well . . thanks, but I already have done that and I still have the problem. The background changes to the standard picture galaxy not to one of the options. Sorry my question wasn't clear [More]
Hello Everybody, I am facing an issue in the Sales Deal created by my client. Sales Deal created & assigned with the condition type 'ZNX0' with the validity of the sales deal as 1 month. Condition record for the condition type ZNX0 is saved with key [More]
The code below causes a numeric value error when I do LOADFROMFILE. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks. declare locator bfile; cloblocator clob; buffer varchar2(1000); lsize integer := 0; amount INTEGER := 1000; v_filename varchar(50) := 'notify_off [More]
hi i want to make a report in DBI Designer all is welll but the issue is how i create a PRIOR PARAMETER in DBI and AS OF DATE PARAMETER.. please guide meWhat is the application release? Please see if these docs/links help. Oracle Daily Business Intel [More]
Hi All Forms 6i with oracle 8.1.7 I prepared a user manual and converted it to a pdf file. Now i want to store the pdf in database and like to read it from database. Any Suggestions Pls.How To store & Read. Thanks In Advance Sasidhar.Phi igor how to [More]
I cannot download anything from the store because it thinks my location is China (it is USA).  I have reset the country in the account settings multiple times.Keep in mind your credit or debit card must be associated with the same country where you r [More]
Hi people, What are the roles and responsibilities of a Product Testing consultant? What is the skill set as a pre-requisite for a functional consultant to start involving in the Testing Process? Max points assured for an exhaustive reply. cheers, Ma [More]