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Feature P0001 has not been activated yet


Feature ZDEFM has not been activated, error_key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE

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Hi when the manager is trying to approve the leave the following error occured. Feature ZDEFM has not been activated, error_key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE. Why this error is occured and where to check these objects whether in active or inactive. Thank[More]

Assignment to feature P0001 did not take place

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Hi Friends please help me the problem Generate Absence Quotas RPTQTA00 E00001012 Personnel number rejected as infotype P0001 is missing In PA30 When I have enter 0001 Organization Assignment Displayed Below menu bar displayed  Assignment to feature P[More]

Access denied error in feature receiver code when deploying-activating custom timer job feature

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hi, am creating a sp timer job for a updating a list.when i write this code in a  the event receiver featureactivated  method, and when i activate this feature , am getting access denied error. but, when i deploy this timer job [ without feature rece[More]

Older feature phones that can be activated on $50 unlimited prepaid

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I get lots of mixed information from forums (Verizon and non-Verizon sites) on what older feature phones can be activated on the new $50 unlimited talk and text plan.  Can someone confirm if the below plans can be activated on this and if they can ha[More]

Save feature on PDF download not active?

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I downloaded a PDF and it is in reader mode only and does not allow me to save. I have been able to save PDF's to my computer before.Hi Megan, Are you still facing this issue? How are you Reader extending the form?  You may check the steps: http://he[More]

Which features in apple watch's "activity app" depend on having your iphone with you?

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well I guess this question should wait until the watch community is created....Have you seen this The only information available is above and links along with any other Apple releases and or information obtained from Apple[More]

Problem while using HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA

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Hi Experts, We are facing a prob;em while trying to use hr_maintain_masterdata for hiring action, the following message is being thorwn. Feature P0001 has not been activated yet Message no. P0604. can anyone please help us regarding  the same ? Do we[More]

Please specify how do we can activate a web scope feature over all sub webs when a solution package is activated.???

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please specify how do we can activate a web scope feature over all sub webs when a solution package is activated. when a solution package is deactivated the web scope features over all sub website gone deactivated and does not re-activated when solut[More]

Featured News comp not activating state on rollerout of trigger

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My Featured News composition is not activating the rollerover state on "rollout of trigger"  I have a previous version of my composition which I am using as a menu which displays the correct state until I rollout of the trigger area yet my newes[More]

Adobe Activation Issue on Windows 7

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I am trying to run Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Windows 7.  I ran the install .exe file in compatibility mode and run the photoshop.exe file in compatibility mode as well.  After the installation is complete, I can open Imageready with no issue, but cannot[More]

Best Practice for Maintaining a web scoped feature

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I am in the process of creating a web scoped feature that creates a few lists and some event recievers for those lists. My plan was to have the lists created on feature activating. This way, users can simply activate the feature if they want to take[More]

Outlook 2010 Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013 Features

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Hi All We have recently upgraded from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010. We are using the Outlook 2010 (32 bit) email client. When mailboxes were moved on to the new server various features inside the system were activated. For email Inter[More]

Windows 8 add features not found

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To install Windows media center I need a product key and to add the feature.  Finally I've got the key but the search for "add feature" only brings up "Turn windows features on or off". Is there another step that I'm missing?I am too e[More]

IT 0001 feature

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Hi folks, Is there any feature in PE03 or other way to set an specific value for a field in IT 0001 ? For example, if an employee is in X or Y Company Code then set another field in the same Infotype. Thanks for any suggestion.Hi Andrey, We have feat[More]

Cisco Supervisor Desktop - Barge and Interrupt features greyed out.

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I have a customer using Cisco Supervisor Agent and Cisco Agent Desktop. In the Supervisor Desktop, the Barge and Interrupt features are grayed out for active agent calls. This just started about a week ago. We are currently working with Cisco on an i[More]

Active Directory Trusted Recon ends with NullPointerException

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Hi, I have installed  OIM and AD connector version: ActiveDirectory when i run "Active Directory Group Lookup Recon", I can see the groups created in "Lookup.ActiveDirectory.Groups". But when I tried to do "[More]

What's New in Cisco Active Advisor?

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Hello folks, A new version of CAA is up, with a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Here's a glimpse of the new features added recently. 1) Delete devices Devices on your inventory list can now be deleted. Simply select the devices to delete and cli[More]

Activation of Outlook (Office mac-2011)

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I had installed MS Office for Mac 2011 long back and never gotten around activating Outlook since I was using Mail in my Mac. Now, I require Outlook since want to use the mail merge feature but it is not activating with the key?! Please help. Hi, Mak[More]

Error Trying to Activate Community Site Feature

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I am trying to activate the community site feature and I keep getting this error: Site The Site scoped feature being activated has a dependency on hidden Site Collection scoped feature 'FeatureDefinition/15/4326e7fc-f35a-4b0f-927c-36264b0a4cf0' (ID:[More]

Hiding SharePoint 2010 specific Feature in SP2013 site collection

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In the new SP 2013 Platform, we have options to deploy the solutions to compatibility level  scope of  <<14>>, though the solution is deployed to 14 hive and targeting a SP2010 site collection, the feature name will be displayed in the 2013 si[More]

I have three APPLE products however my frustration comes from the understanding that if I change information on a Contact in Address Book on my computer, when I sync my devices, the old information will come back to my Address Book Contact from my ot [More]
The Remote App used to work and be able to pick up my Apple TV but hasn't been able to detect the TV since the Apple Watch update. What can be done?Yes I have and this problem didn't start until I got the Apple Watch update. I have an iPhone 5 if tha [More]
I'm using Adobe Reader X and I would like to have the thumbnail preview automatically open when opning a pdf file. I know there is a setting to remember view layouts but this is set for the currently open document and not in general. Thanks in advanc [More]
I just installed the brand new OS X 10.10 Yosemite beta 2 on a USB thumb drive. It almost works. Now I want to boot my good old OS X 10.9 Mavericks from the SSD. But there is no option for that, if I reboot the macbook holding the opt key! I see only [More]
Hi everyone, i downloaded the webutil library and install step by step, then i dragged the webutil.olb, atach the webutil.pll, but when i ran the form in 9IDS, and i use a simple host or client_host a message appears that say "WUC-015 your form must [More]
I got an iHome radio with a iPod Nano recharge station (and Nano played through radio's speakers). When I lost that, I got a new Nano, but the belt clip means I cannot push down so that the Nano's insie port connects with the iHome's outsie port. Is [More]
Is there a way to change an ICC profile to make it more easily found in the list of icc profiles in photoshop.  I have a micorsoft 7 systemAgreed! Some of the manufacturers out there really make it tough to figure out a profile - with Ilford paper pr [More]
I have a blocked account which was created on Skype Manager Admin, where I am a admin. The account has been blocked for 2 weeks now where I have sent numerous emails back and forth where I have filled out the verification form to the best of my abili [More]
Has anyone else seen this and found a solution? Installed CS5 Standard, OS 10.6.3, MacBook Pro 4,1 When first installed, I could not change prefs - as discussed in thread: I manually changed permissions. [More]
Hello,   I have a project requirement where I need the status of the opportunity set automatically based on the status of the quotation which was created as a follow-up to the opportunity. e.g.If the status of the quotation is set as 'Completed', the [More]