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Hi All, Currently in my office  there are two different ip range that we are using one for the Wi-FI(192.168.1.X) & 2nd  for local machine & servers 192.168.2.x series ip. In current situation if any Wi-Fi user(Laptop User) wants to communicate wi [More]
After designing the form when I'm trying to run the form I'm getting the error message The Java Runtime Environment Cannot be loaded from <\bin\client\jvm.dll>. I have installed oracle database 11g and developer suite 10g in Windows XP Prof. Pc. Ple [More]
Hi i am applying hrms family pack k in one vision db in testnode but i am getting following error.Any idea appsversion 11.5.10 and windows 2003 advanced server Generating product JAR files in JAVA_TOP - j:\oracle\viscomn\java with command: adjava -mx [More]
I have two thunderbolt displays and want to run audio through both of their built in speakers?  Is this possibleYup yup -- but there's issues.. See -- Let me know if you have found other better [More]
When I install iTUnes I get this weird problem. Error 1402. Could not open key: >HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\Classes\.cdda\OpenWithList\iTunes.exe. Verify thay you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel. Then a wi [More]
Hello All, I have a query regarding debugging function module which is used for creation of outbound Idoc for Purchase Order. We have a Z process code which is assigned to a Z function module which creates an IDOC while a PO is created in the system. [More]
I've had a problem with Safari crashing before, in result I reinstalled OSX 10.8 about a week ago, now when starting up I get a an infinite loop of kernel panics and shutdowns. Please Help. I'd like to know what's wrong/failing and how to fix it if p [More]
I have too problems: The first is my bad english i like to excuse for that. I hope you can even so understand my main problem. I try to describe it to you: I install windows on my mac. After a short time i decide, i don't like it and i uninstall it w [More]
I recently finished a temp job with a company that had a large project at a mine site. SInce the site was temporary, they had me use my personal computer for all the office work. Is there a standardized fee for this (per hour, day, etc.)?You might lo [More]
I've been having this problem since yesterday. I've been using the same brand of DVDs for the last five months and have used Toast to burn quite a few DVDs. Since yesterday, I've been experiencing this problem: I click the burn button on Toast, and i [More]