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Question:  on trying to install iTunes got the following message:  "Service 'Apple Mobile Device' failed to start.  Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.  I am this computer's administrator.  What should I do now?The mo [More]
I have been an andriod/windows user all my life, but getting my Iphone 5s i've found that I really love the way Apple sets up its OS and am wating try a Macbook try its OS. I do a lot of minor photoediting basic things like using the blur tool, chang [More]
Hi, I am reading a flat file and converting it to XML. I use a file adapter to read flat file and write to flat file in this scenario. Now I want to insert the XML into database as CLOB. Can I do this in one SOA composite canvas? I can put file adapt [More]
My daughters itouch is disabled. She forgot her password. I have a new laptop and all of our other itouchs and ipads are syncing fine. This one is not being recognized. How can I get it to show up in itunes so we can reset it? Is there another way ar [More]
Hi Guys, We have a SQL Loader script that used to data in the 'mm/dd/yyyy' format. Post migration of the script onto a seprate server the format is getting stored in 'dd/mm/yyyy' format in a VARCHAR datatype column for DOB. Please find below the Load [More]
Dear all, we want to open the whole Portal Content (EP 7 SPS11) from a  Mobile device (Microsoft Mobile 5 Internet Explorer). These devices are already in our intranet-network. We got the several mentioned iview error "iView is not compatible with yo [More]
I am trying to create a simple rules file to upload actual data but 4 out of 5 attempts causes Essbase Admin Server to Stop. In my rules file, I followed these steps: 1. inserted three new columns using text 2. skipped the first row under data source [More]
Hi, I use an HP Photosmart C4524 with a Mac OS X Yosemite. Unfortunately, the only way to use the printer is by connecting to its own 'hdsetup' wifi-network. I would like to connect the printer to my own wifi network, but the product offers neither a [More]
I am trying to print a JPanel on which i have displayed information using drawString(). This works grand as long as the inforation all fits on one page. The problem occurs when i have too much information to display and it doesn't fit on one page. I [More]
Hello, just bought an E90 and it works great. on thing irritates the hell out of me though :-), i can't seem to get BT carkit (nokia CK7W) and a wired link (via the headphone jack) to my car stereo to work like i want it to. when i plug in the wired [More]