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Hi I am triying  to create a jsp script that will aloow to enter to the infoview without entering the log in page but the page that comming up is the log in page with an error  message  "your session is not valid or has expired" did any one solv [More]
Hi! I have one mapping with one table(table1) pointing to one fact table (fact1). This fact table has two dimensions located in two different schemas. I already deployed those dimensions and tables and its ok. My problem is: when I open the mapping e [More]
Thank you in advance for the help.How about a WHERE condition: ... yourcolumn NOT LIKE '%0' or think about the MOD function: ... MOD(yourcolumn, 10) = 0 If that's not what you want, you should think about giving more details on your requirement. C. M [More]
I downloaded all my photos to an Xdrive, somehow they all ended up on the desk top, over 8K photos. They put the computer into slow motion, so I selected them all and sent them to trash. This freed up the computer but had no photos left. I have iPhot [More]
I have Oracle RDBMS on 64bit Linux two node RAC and trying to find out what is the patch number to upgrade the database to R2. Thanksyakub21 wrote: I have Oracle RDBMS on 64bit Linux two node RAC and trying to find out what is the p [More]
Hi all, I want to get the report for RG1, RG23A Part 1 and Part 2, PLA. Can anyone tell me where i can see all the report. If there is any standard T.code, please give me. Thanks in advance, Regards, BabsHi, Please use the transaction J2i5, in this t [More]
Hi. I am trying to format my new external hard drive to my MacBook Pro but it keeps failing and coming up with an error. I am trying to format it to Mac OS X (Journaled) but as i said i keep getting an error message and i don't know why. Anyone else [More]
hi experts, currently we are using sap gui. but we experiencing some slowing especially on peak working hours where users are making use of many transactions. I know that this is normal on those cases. My question is, if we are going for sap web. wil [More]
I have a Pixma MP620.  I bought all new cartriges for it a couple of months ago, have printed only B&W word documents, and far fewer than 100 documents, yet my black is empty, and the magenta and cyan are dangerously low.  The yellow is at half.  I f [More]
Ingo, can we actually download the free trial version of WebI as per ur reply below Re: Web Intelligence Rich Client since i do not see that in this free trial  link from SAP Th [More]