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Flex Mobile Project UI Templates?

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I'd love to find some flex mobile templates to use in flash builder that already have the platform of many of the functional UI elements in them. I feel this would be a great springboard to learn more through examining pre-built projects as a means t[More]

Flex Mobile Project only lists "Google Android" in Target Platforms

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I just downloaded the masters colection cs5.5 and im am using FlashBuilder 4.5.  When I create a new Flex  Mobile Project, only Google Android is a target platform.  I don't see  Blackberry or iOS as options. I do see Apple iOS when I create a mobile[More]

Flex Mobile Project unable to run on android device

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Hi, I Have created basic flex mobile project using flash builder and i could able to run on desk top, but while running the same on device i am getting force close exception also dint get any error log. i am using samsung galaxy pop GT-S5570 as my te[More]

Is there a way to use Stage3D in Flex Mobile projects on iPad?

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When I create a project of type "Action Script Mobile Project" the Stage3D works on iPad, Android device and in the AIR desktop simulator. But when I create a project of type "Flex Mobile Project" it works in the desktop simulator and[More]

Two styles for a native look (Flex Mobile App)?

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Hello, is it possible to use two styles/looks for the same App, that this one will look native on iOS AND on Android? Or will I have to build the same App twice to get this? - BBCheck out Jason San Jose's blog posting here:[More]

FLEX mobile project SDK?

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I've built my air/android apps using "Flex Mobile projects" in Flash Builder 4.5. I really need to test front camera support in an app im about to release. Will there be a Flex version of the Beta SDK so I can test this in my flex mobile project[More]

Dear ALL, I have two separate Server, One is App. Server which is on WINDOWS 2008 and the DB server on LINUX. I'm created a job for Daily logical Backup of Database through EXP command on DB Server. I have created DBMS_SCHEDULER.CREATE_JOB with JOB_A [More]
All of a sudden I can't open pdf, doc, etc. attachments in my mail app on either my iphone or ipad. This only occurs in the Mail app. I downloaded the gmail app to get around this, but it's inconvenient. The mail app is so much better - when it works [More]
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Hi, When i am trying to export data from the SAP HCM system using the RPLDAP_EXTRACT, the export fails and the log shows that the LDAP_CREATE failed. In the VDS log, Message: Exception on add: class java.lang.Intege [More]
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