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Dear All, I setted up a MAC OS X 10.6.2 server with Open Directory. I created sevral netwrok account on the server I have some iMac 10.6.2 and users log into the server and work with their remote file. The user preferences /Library/Preferences are st [More]
Hi all, Happy New Year wishes to all. I have a scenario, where I am feeding the data to ODS from flat file and from ODS to Cube. Here ODS is a Data mart. Flat file to ODS full update and ODS to Cube First Initialization and Delta.       I deleted the [More]
I can sync my camera roll, but I have 500+ pics in other albums - is there a way to copy them to my pc?Albums/photos transferred from your computer via the iTunes sync process cannot be added to the Camera Roll, and the sync process for these photos [More]
Today I'm no longer able to select icons on my desktop. When I try to click on one of them, they all disappear momentarily. Then the finder window opens and the icons reappear. (Perhaps related: I downloaded the latest update to Mozilla Firefox right [More]
I think JButton works like this: either in constructor or by setText() method the text is set and according the lenght, font and fontRendererContext preffered size is calculated before the layout manager ask for the prefferedSize for first time. I wa [More]
Hi,      I want to create a small program in Xcode which create a excel speedsheet with fiew sheet and put data into sheet using      VisualBasicforApplication.framework.      What can i do, so that i can create/write excel files in xcode on Mac OS X [More]
OK, I'm really stumped here, and Apple Support has been completely unhelpful. For the life of me I can't generate the access URL in OS X. I can do it fine on a PC (where I had to set the class path in Java), but I can't figure out what's going on wit [More]
I am preparing an email-able PDF registration & payment form for a conference.  The registrants are generally low-tech so using a form with a "submit form" or email form button will totally throw them off if they have older versions of Reade [More]
I just got my new MacBook pro 13. Yesterday I was trying to instill windows 7 I opened bootcamp It's asked my to connect USB external device I have connected my external HDD it's 80 GB Toshiba External HDD full with 70 GB of data with NTFS windows fo [More]
Hi, we have a front end app, in .NET, that passes a file has a CLOB Parameter to an Oracle procedure. What is the beast way to load the content of the CLOB Parameter into an Oracle table? Can SQL LDR be used in this case? If not, how about the UTL FI [More]