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I want to use one Music Library and be able to have all my computer user accounts be able to access it. Article 93195 does not work for some reason. It is easy to share music over a network but not on the same computer? This can't be. I have talked t [More]
In iPhoto 11 in Lion 7.1, I know that if I select some photos in an Album (that is, in single Album view) and delete them, they will be deleted from the Album only, not from iPhoto itself. In other words, the photos will remain in Photos view: I can [More]
System: Oracle Enterprise Edition 10g ( When I rebuilding a Spatial Index is the result the same when I am dropping the index and create a new Spatial Index?Final result of course will be the same. After rebuild or drop/create you will hav [More]
Hi - I am trying to do a feature comparison on these 2 tools and am not very familiar with them could someone please tell me if Oracle SQL developer tool has these features: Project Manager Result Set Compare Chart Designer Toad Report Wizard Pivot & [More]
Hi all, I have problem in submitting data while refreshing the page. In my application voucher number is generated automatically and as soon as number is genereated voucher detail is inserted in database for newly generated voucher number. Both of th [More]
I created a website using iWeb 08 cutting and pasting from MS Word Lucida Grande font text on a variety of pages. The pages look good when observed through Safari, Netscape, Camino, and Firefox on my computer. They look good to almost everyone else t [More]
Please let me know if there is a place to get the User Guide for Oracle Utilities Network Management System (Formerly SPL) Thanks,The Network Management Systems (NMS) user guide with all other documentation for the current release is available on ede [More]
Hi At RPD level , can anyone please help on uderstanding how to use the variable manager. thank youHi, System session variables: System session variables have reserved names, that cannot be used for other kinds of variables (such as static or dynamic [More]
FaceTime works on my iPod Touch, but not my Mac. Doesn't matter which Apple ID I use, I always get the same error. "FaceTime cannot connect. Check your network settings and try again." Or something like that. I can log into the iTunes Store with [More]
I cannot seem to find a listing of compiler messages. I am attempting to compile the sample programs. When I type the statement "proc sample1", I get: "PCC-F-02044, CMD-LINE: Illegal or out of range value for option: sample1" Any help [More]