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i have 2 iCloud accounts as i have a new email address. how do i delete my old one that i can't remember the password to?You can't delete it.  There are some qualifications for Apple to delete it and you will need to verify the account. You have to c [More]
Hi,  I am having trouble reactivating Photoshop elements 9 on a new laptop I bought. I had already installed the program on my desktop and on my old laptop,which has unfortunately died and was unable to be restarted to deactivate the program. I have [More]
I can't connect to my ATV with my iphones or ipad. Home sharing is on on all my devices wifi is connected. I can get netflix with it I can connect with my macbook. But I can't use the remote app or connect with the ipod or pictures or movies. they we [More]
How can you change you security questions, i cant remember the exact answer to mineWelcome to the Apple Community. Start here, and reset your security questions, you will receive an email to your rescue address, use the link in the email and reset yo [More]
As a service provider I must get asked this question two or three times per week. I'm hoping someone has figured this out as it seems to be a pretty common complaint. When you create a new custom page size the new size gets added to the list in a com [More]
Hi Gurus In the main dataset query i created a parameter "where  k.jlocat=:LOC or :LOC is null". These are ORACLE Parameters and hence the :. In another dataset i created a simple query as select distinct jlocat as LOC FROM TABLE1 Every thing wo [More]
We have Site Studio websites that have been deploying via SSPU that have embedded PHP code in them. This works fine in the deployed model because the IdocScript gets executed on Content Server, then published to the web server which executes the PHP. [More]
hi please can anyone enlighten me. i wish to include large(ish) graphics in pdf reports and this works if it is a small gif file of about 5Kb. anything over that fails. i have read the document in [More]
Is it possible to look at the contents of a certificate from within WebLogic Server 8.1?Rajesh, I am aware of this and put the fix in manually for our production sp1. I am just caught by surprise that BEA did not care to ship with new certs for sp2. [More]
Maybe I'm staring at this too long but I have an issue and not sure where to attack it Repro- Creating an incident, I populate the affected user and usually the 'Affected User CI' box below will show the computers for that user from SCCM. In my new b [More]