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I am using the Order Analysis Toolkit and want to get more information about the compensation for "Reference Signal Processing", which is scarce in the manuals, the website and the examples installed with the toolkit. In particular, I am analyzi [More]
I'm trying to add my own custom commands to a Scheduling Gantt on my page. I have some questions/comments. 1. I can add items to the tablePopupMenu facet, and they show up fine and my listener gets executed. How can I find out what resource was selec [More]
Is there a limit (set by itunes or elsewhere) to the number of devices you can simultaneously sync to one itunes account/PC/Mac? Using USB hubs or other sync/charge devices?iTunes can only sync one device at a time. There is no limit to the number of [More]
I moved my music files to an external harddrive that has since been corrupted.  I can't retrieve my hundreds of songs and was really bummed about it until two people told me that Apple will honor a one time re-downloading deal for music that you alre [More]
Do I have to take safari off my sons IPad or can I just make it so he can't get on nasty sites?Gobto Settings>General>Restrictions and set a Restriction that hides Safari. Also see: For setting it up on the iPod see: Parental Control???: Apple Suppo [More]
Just tried to open Disk Utility and after appearing in the Dock, bringing up the window and saying "Gathering Disk Information..." it crashes.  Tried to open it several times, and the same thing happened each time.  The crash report is below: (P [More]
Hi, I've a table with around 78 columns and a form to submit the values. Till around 68 columns it was working fine, when I added another 10 fields and modified names of few other, on clicking Create or Apply it throws duplicate column name error. I' [More]
Hello, I have enhanced the application BT108H_LEA and extended the business transaction LEAD, adding a few fields to the Admin Header. I tried to create a new view, adding a model node from the BOL Entity BTLeadH. I added all the fields extended, and [More]
Hello, I've been fighting during hours with this error. I'm using PI 7.1 ehp 1 in a SOAP to RFC scenario and I can't find why this is happening. In the scenario everything it's ok. If I go to the receiver determination I can see the interface determi [More]
Hi, I got my Ipod touch 32GB 3rd gen for christmas last year, my battery ran flat some time last week. When i plugged it into my computer via USB to charge, it charged for a few minutes then stoped. When i looked and tryed to unlock the Ipod, it will [More]