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frm-18126:could not invoke the browser


"Invoke a Browser Script" Action in OBIEE 11g

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Follow website : In file "D:\oracle\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\tmp\_WL_user\analytics_11.1.1\silp1v\war\res\b_[More]

Passing a date presentation variable in 'Invoke a Browser Script'

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Hi, I have a problem with passing presentation variable with Invoke a Browser Script. In my main report i set the filters and it works correctly: ColumnDate is greater than or equal to  @{vStartDate}{01/05/2015} ColumnDate is less than or equal to  @[More]

Invoking a Browser Script in OBIEE

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Hi In-order to meet a requirement I modified the Userscript.js in located at "E:\Middleware\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\bi_server1\tmp\_WL_user\analytics_11.1.1\7dezjl\war\res\b_mozilla\actions". After this I res[More]

File path control: invoke file browser activation

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Hi there, on the front panel of a vi I want a file path control to open automatically the file browser window when the user clicks into the path control. Is there any way to do that programmatically after the mouse down event has been fired? I couldn[More]

Error 404 -- Not Found, when a Servlet is invoked from browser

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Obviously, I have not been able to configure my WebLogic Server 5.1.0 to run           even the simplest servlet.           I painstakenly went through all the steps that are listed in the WebLogic           Server 5.1.0 documentation on the Web to e[More]

How to pop up a browser window from a managed bean?

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I have a user case like this: User login our home website. He/she clicks a button. Control flow goes to a managed bean (MB here after) to check some conditions. If conditions are met, instead of sending the user back to the home page, the user will b[More]

Passing User-Password - while invoking web service

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Hello Gurus, I am calling a web-service in that[i] Authentication is required..... If i am invoking through browser ,,,, I can pass User name and password.... But i am calling from Plain Java class.... How should i pass authentication parameterHi Sur[More]

OBIEE ActionLink-Action-Invoke a Brower Script ISSUE

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I am having an issue while trying to use the "Invoke a Browser Script" feature in Action Link. The "Select Script Function" screen is blank, meaning I am not able to select any of the functions from the UserScripts.js residing in the b[More]

I run a small office network with Mac OS X Server 10.4.x doing various services including AFP. My wife and I also work from home and we would like to be able to access remotely various files which are held on the server. We can do this over the inter [More]
Have 'city, state' in 1 column, and would like to move the city to the previous column, remove the comma-space and leave the state in the original column. About 50% of the data in the column in question has this error. Any ideas?Yes. For this example [More]
Hi friends, Can any one tell me the sy-ucomm value for the print preview..?Hi, If you are asking the function code of Pop-up you get while printing ..then answer is no..even if you get the fcode you cannot handle it in your program. What exactly you [More]
Hi, I am trying to add a new MSI video card to my Envy H8-1414 desktop. This is the card: When I add the card with the OEM PSU, I get 6 long beeps. I added a 550 W PSU and the beeps go aw [More]
Please help, I am trying to split a HD mp4 video into two parts using Quicktime 10.2, running Mountain Lion. I use trim then export but it doesn't give the movie option as a format. What would you suggest i do?I'm not sure why you're using a FAT32 dr [More]
hi, i meet a problem when i open idm url, there is only monitoring tab but not self service. i guess i forgot some thingss when installing. my intall environment is following: windows2008 SQL 2005 database jdbc driver 1.1 for sql 2005 sap nw 7.01 sp3 [More]
How do I set up additional folders in Mail (in the left hand panel under inbox/trash/drafts etc ) to enable me to move messages that I have read.  I do not wish to leave them clogging up the page but like to have folders for Apple/Amazon etc. Any adv [More]
My iPhone has started to repeat days when I look at it. Some of those days have complete data for the day, other miss out lots of appointments. I get this problem only in list view. This month, as I scroll down the dates, i get 4th sept, 5th, then ba [More]
Hey guys, For a work project, I have been instructed to use a Berkeley DB as our data storage mechanism. Admittedly, I know little about BDB, but I've been learning more in the past day as I am reading up on it. I'm hoping, though, that even if no on [More]
Hi all, I just started playing around with the new Au CS6, like it a lot so far! I've had good luck getting all the little tweaks I liked from Au 3 working except this one small thing which to many may seem unnecessary, but I have found to be very us [More]