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LOV with FRM-41042: No such property for SET_ITEM_PROPERTY

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Hi all, I have a field (not a database item of the block ) of LOV object and a button next to it to trigger to the LOV list item. However, whenever, i click on the button, FRM-41042: No such property for SET_ITEM_PROPERTY will be prompted. Though the[More]

FRM-41042 -No such property for set_item_property

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Hello all! Im getting the above error when issuing the statement below in a post-query trigger in a form. set_item_property('emp_mst.sub_div_cd',ENABLED,PROPERTY_TRUE); I find this strange coz i've been using it b4. Thnxhello, What is emp_mst.sub_div[More]

[SOLVED] FRM-40508:ORACLE error: unable to INSERT record

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Hi all, I have migrated this form from 4.5 to 10g (Version ). This form inserts a record into the database table when all the fields in the form are filled and a button Save is presed. At the time when I press the Save button, I get this e[More]

Frm-40502: oracle error: unable to read list of values

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Hi All, I am personalizing the assignment form, where we need to restrict the JOB LOV based on Organization value. In Forms Personalization we are creating the record group from query and attaching to Job field. The query is, SELECT DISTINCT j.NAME,[More]

Frm-40505:ORACLE error: unable to perform query in oracle forms 10g

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Hi, I get error frm-40505:ORACLE error: unable to perform query on oracle form in 10g environment, but the same form works properly in 6i. Please let me know what do i need to do to correct this problem. Regards, PriyaHi everyone, I have block create[More]

help me please !!Sounds like a dead battery. Take it into your local Apple store/Genius bar and see if there is anything they can do for you.  Another option is to send it in to a third party repair company who can replace the battery at a pretty low [More]
hhas anyone had a problem opening PDF files in mail.  I get a grey screenTry a reset, no data loss.  Hold down the home/sleep button together until you see the apple logo and then release, then wait for the phone to boot back up. then check again.Rea [More]
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MacBook Pro 17", 2010, Upgraded from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5. Seemed to work OK. Next day, I noticed files & folders attach to cursor. When I hit esc key, folder returnes to original position. Photoshop also has problems with selection tool. Tried repai [More]
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Use JTabbedPane?If not,any other way please!!! Thanks a lot!Well, you have two options as I see it: 1) Put a small button in the tab with the icon of an 'x' in it...and use an event listener to know when the button is pressed. or 2) Draw an 'x' in th [More]
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