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FRM-92160: Web Client version too old

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Hi folks, i have been developing and running my forms using Oracle 9iDS and the Oracle 9i database. The forms are run in the browser using the version of OC4J that comes with the developer suite. i installed Oracle 10g Application server forms and re[More]

FRM-92160:Fatal error:Webclient version too old

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Somebody pls assist. I am running 11gR2 on Redhat, the forms can run on ie9 but can't on ie8. I am getting "FRM-92160:Fatal error:Webclient version too old". Anything I didn't do? I need this wotking as well on ie8. Any help would be appreciated[More]

Frm-92160 Web client is old

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I have 9i installed in D:/oracle/oracle9i Now i installed 10g in d:/oracle/10gas After installation 10g. I tried to login to 9i and run form.I am getting an error frm-92160 What i did so far from documents: 1) Clean up files in c:/documentssettings/<[More]

FRM-92160 Error running forms on the web

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Hi, I'm geting "FRM-92160: WEB client version too old." error when I try to run a form off the web. This form was running perfectly fine till yesterday. Is it because something was changed in server setting ?? please advice.Hi Iam also facing th[More]

FRM-92160 web version too old

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Hi guys, I had installed oracle 9i and developer6i on the server and configue IIS .When i access through client,if win 98 is installed on client it gives FRM-92160 web version too old error but on client where win2000 is installed ,it works.Any help?[More]

FRM-92160: Fatal error: web client version is too old

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Hi All, We have upgrade the forms and reports from version  from to so the existing applet ( still there the cache casing the the "FRM-92160: Fatal error: web client version is too old" issue (The new applet versio[More]

FRM-92160: WEB Client Version too old & Vis R12.0.4 invalid objects

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Hello all, I'm installing Vision R12.0.4 in a server. That server used to contain Vision R12.0.0 which I upgraded to R12.0.4 but still had some invalid objects (I already submitted that problem in another thread). I installed the new vision instance[More]


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Users are receiving the above error when accessing an app via the Web. Please adviseHi, frm-92160 does not occur due to the new JDK version on the client. This error is thrown because of using incompatible versions of the frm*jar files in your forms.[More]

Frm-92160 web version too old error

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plz suggest the solution to overcome from itActually the JRE/Jinit version has nothing to do with the error. The error is caused when the Forms applet (i.e. frmall.jar, frmall_jinit.jar) version is not in sync with the Forms Servlet or Runtime versio[More]

FRM-92160: "Version of WEB-Client too old"

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HI Gentlemen, From Frank Nimphius I have got an idea to delete the Oracle jar files on the client PC (--> user --> Oracle Jar Cache). Sorry, it still complains with the above message which I can not find anywhere. I first performed a brand new insta[More]

Error in form builder 10g

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-11-27Views:130

HI, I have installed oracle EBS 12.1.1 and installed developers suite 10g while running the form builder. It results me frm-92160 webclient is too old. Please help. Thanks and Regards, SrikanthYes Autoconfig completed successfully. I have installed t[More]

Forms9i with 10gAS

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HI Gentlemen, I have a 9i DB, 9iDS and 10gASFrs installed on an XP machine. As stated in the 10gAS doc, I created a simple config section [myconfig] with only form=myform and userid=usr/[email protected] in FORMSWEB.CFG, added my path to FORMS90_PATH in DEF[More]

9iDS / ODS 10g co-existance problem

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I have a 9.2 database, 9ids ( and ODS 10g ( installed in separate Oracle Homes. After installation my PATH looks like: P:\oracle\10g\bin;O:\oracle\9iDS\bin;O:\oracle\ora92\bin;P:\oracle\10g\jdk\jre\bin\classic;P:\oracle\10g\jdk\[More]

Upgraded Win2000 to SP4: Now cannot run in 9i Forms Builder

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I upgraded to SP4 for Win2000 professional. Now when I attempt to run a form through 9i Forms Builder I get "FRM-92160: Web client version too old". Do I need a new OC4J? If so, where is is within OTN? ThanksSounds like maybe you need to clear o[More]

Getting error message FRM-40700:No such trigger: SPECIAL20

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi, We have designed a custom report (Quote) and would like to use Special Menu's(Reports Menu) to open this custom Report. When I try to open this Report using REPORTS->Quote, The Report is opening seccuessfully but i am getting following error mess[More]

FRM-92010 Error while saving a form in HRMS

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi, I created a new 12.1.1 instance and impletented HRMS as per doc id#145837.1. Applied patch 8934107, Ran DataInstall and hrglobal.drv. Now while saving the forms we are getting the following error: (in application.log) 10/05/13 18:12:03.269 formsw[More]

FRM-41211 Integration Error SSL - OracleAS 10g

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi. I have error Frm-41211 Integration Error SSL Failure Running Another Product error while calling a report from web form in oracleAS 10g. I have problem with RUN_REPORT_OBJECT in web forms. I have error: FRM-41211 SSL integration error ..... Oracl[More]

FRM-41211 Integration Error SSL - Oracle Forms 10g

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi all. I have FRM-41211 Integration Error SSL Failure Running Another Product error while calling a report from web form in oracleAS 10g. I have problem with RUN_REPORT_OBJECT in web forms in this code: ==============================================[More]

FRM-92101 error while running report from a button or menu

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi All, I am getting the error FRM-92101 while running report without parameter from a button or menu. I am using Developer Suit 10g. I get the error as it shows there has some configuration problem in my form. Will you please help me anyone how can[More]

Can not delete record from the master block ,frm-40202 field must be entere

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

hi , i have built a form which contain master and details blocks the problem is when i try to delete a record from the master block it gives me new serial for the transaction and when i try to save it, it says >frm-40202 field must be entered where t[More]

Ok so, I've had my iPod 4th generation, version 6.1.6, 32GB, for about 2 years now, and it WAS completely fine.. But then it started getting slower and slower until some apps started crashing, I thought it was normal at first, thinking it was just be [More]
Hi, I was wondering.. a few months ago I bought a second hand iphone 4S from a guy, who had bought it from carphone(UK). Checking the serial No. on the phone it has an apple warranty till the 25th of April 2013. So my question is whether although I h [More]
I have the following error just after installing /CE ( SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 SR5 on Windows ): Configuration Wizard: Overview / Change Management Service (CMS): Create an Application Skeleton / Step 8 of 39: Request Change Managem [More]
Hello, I have Developer 2000 R 2.1 on my workstation and I produced a report from an Oracle table in PDF format. It displays different font weights, styles and colors (black or red) depending on values in a particular column. We have Oracle [More]
I've submitted this list.  If you agree, please join me.  Copy and paste into the Feature Request page if you like.  Add your own requests. AUDIO: Ability to save track or clip based audio effect user presets. Option-drag to copy an audio effect from [More]
Hi Experts Is there any way which I can prevent certain user changing BP Payment Terms using authorisations?  Alternately, would it be possible to write a query which shows me which users have changed Payment Terms of BPs which I can then setup as a [More]
Hi everyone, I am new to LabVIEW and I just want to make a for loop with a stack sequence inside. I want it so that when the for loop executes for the n-th time, the stacked sequence is at the n-th frame (because each frame contains different tasks t [More]
I have cost ceter element hierarchy in R/3 which contens some sets. Can anyone tell me the steps to transfer these sets to BI 7.0.Hey Sameer, Thank you for your answer, but when I am trying to generating datasource for set hierarchy, it is allowing m [More]
HI! i am new to BI , I Designed  Query on 0PUR_C01 Cube for displaying top 10 Vendors . The query is working fine now i want to exclude those vendor numbers from report which starts with letters 'IUV'. the info object i am using is 0VENDOR. Please He [More]
During a NW 7.01 central instance portal install, we're receiving the following error during the "Starting Java Engine" step: [More]