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Permissions repair impossible

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I've tried unsuccessfully to repair permissions on the internal HD using DU while booted from the internal, and while booted from the Install DVD. In both cases DU didn't repair them, its log is: +StartTime = 2011-04-03 17:25:57 -0400+ +Repairing per[More]

Drive passes S.M.A.R.T but won't mount

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Hey all, I couldn't find a good section for this question so I thought I'd post it here. I have an external "new" WD Passport Studio drive that I have a lot of important data on. The other day I plugged it in and it didn't mount. I can see the d[More]

This morning I started my computer and got the following error. I get the error on my PC My Photo Stream can't be updated iCloud Photos can't update because you don't have permission to add files to download folder.  Open iCloud to pick another folde [More]
Hi, I hv a requirment to create a Repair Order(Sales Order) with reference to a Service Notification when a Purchase Order arrives via EDI / interfaces using CIP2SAP ( EXITS OR BADI ). Pls suggest, if there are  any user exit(s) to meet this requirem [More]
When I try to load up After Effects it crashes and says "After effects crashed previously attempting to initialize OpenGL". I have updated my graphics card drivers etc. What do I doThis should help you guys hopefully. I am using the After effect [More]
The Analysis and 3D tabs are missing from my top toolbar. I have tried to reset preferences and they still will not "reappear". Any suggestions?Well, since Photoshop Elements doesn't have either of those, I'm guessing maybe you mean Premiere Ele [More]
Im having problems finding a way to convert an imy file into anything I can put in itunes. Any ideas?Try other 2 answers [More]
I created a document library set to use a "Document Set" content type.  I am hiding the "Document" content type, so that when a user clicks "New Document", in the Ribbon, they are only able to create a Document Set.  Is there [More]
I'm wanting to link a .pdf into a Dreamweaver web page so that readers can view it online.  Does anyone know how I can do this or if it's possible? Ideally, I would really like to publish a .pdf on my website so that when the page is visited it autom [More]
My iPhone 4 is still stuck with iOS4.3.2 because I have problem updating to the later iOS versions from iOS4.3.3 to the current iOS4.3.5. Everytime this error message asking me to check my internet connection would appear, the latest error code I got [More]
This is not a problem, I just prefer dragons!Thanks for the info cor-el, I'm sure it will be useful to someone; I hadn't turned the warning off, just got the US version of the message instead of the UK one and my previous attempts to get back to the [More]
I have an RGB image Adobe RGB 1998 Embedded photoshop file linked into an RGB illustrator document. Illustrator color settings are set to Adobe RGB 1998. Eye dropper is set to point sample. When photoshop linked file is eye drop sampled, the RGB numb [More]