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Permissions repair impossible

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I've tried unsuccessfully to repair permissions on the internal HD using DU while booted from the internal, and while booted from the Install DVD. In both cases DU didn't repair them, its log is: +StartTime = 2011-04-03 17:25:57 -0400+ +Repairing per[More]

Drive passes S.M.A.R.T but won't mount

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Hey all, I couldn't find a good section for this question so I thought I'd post it here. I have an external "new" WD Passport Studio drive that I have a lot of important data on. The other day I plugged it in and it didn't mount. I can see the d[More]

I just purchased an iPhone 4s & a New iPad. Neither one are being recognised on my iTunes. I get a message saying that my Apple Mobile Device Support & iTunes are from an earlier version & need to be removed & re-installed.I have version 1 [More]
Hello, I recently bought a new BlackBerry Q10, I had a BlackBerry Bold 9790 running on OS 7 before this and I had backed it up from BlackBerry Desktop Software. I had no knowledge that BlackBerry 10 devices don't work with BlackBerry Desktop Software [More]
Hello, Anyone know hot to open images added to Pages in preview app on Mac? When I click on any image with right mouse button I have in menu these options - "Open in Pixelmator and Capture selection from screen". I tried to make my own Automator [More]
Hi all, I have been trying to transfer the file from one server to another using java code. Using the api in the java.IO and the code from the following site First i shared the folder [More]
Greetings - I'm trying to change the duration of multiple photos in iMovie. Basically, I'm trying to change the duration of about 300 images (to make a time-lapse movie), but can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. I need to change the dura [More]
Scenario: I am on a page (eg. a google search) and middle click a link to open it in a new TAB. The page opens in an adjacent TAB. I may or may not open other links in the same way. Problem: As soon as I select anyone of these new TABS it automatical [More]
Can anyone help? Content was packaged by Captivate 5.5 Scorm 1.2 working fine when uploaded in SCORM Cloud, but generating this error in SABA LMS.I am not the user of SABA and i don't have the access; my client uses SABA, but the elearning I have des [More]
hey there, if created a applet with which you can send SQL statements to a Oracle Database and then see the results in a nice swing table (JTable). If Only used the connection manager to acces the database. In the JDeveloper environment this works ve [More]
so i have come across this stuff here and there but i am pointing more towards people from India.. You all know how Pathetic apple is at India because of not having major share holding... My White iPhone 4 purchased in july on the same date as launch [More]
I have the same APEX application loaded in different workspaces. Each workspace connects to the same DB machine, but has different parsing schemas. The schemas (tables,packages, functions) are all identical. The only difference is the actual data sto [More]