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Title says it all. I just upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, and can no longer use a finger swipe, whether one or 2 fingered, to move backwards an forwards between pages. I can still do so in Safari, but not in Firefox 5.01, my preferred browser, any longer. [More]
I recently bought a new computer and my other one crashed. All my songs, apps, videos and moviesa are gone but they are still on my iPod Touch 4G. Is there any way I can transfer them to my iTunes Library? (Most of them haven't been purchased)Use 3rd [More]
how to make error message as warning message? ie  i get error message hence cannot save the slaes order   i want to make that error message as warning so that i can save the sales order please help.Hi If a message is a custom message, then by changin [More]
Hello everyone, I'm having a problem when I launch TestStand in a couple of Deployment stations, I keep getting the "Please Wait While Windows Configures TestStand 4.1" message everytime I start the User Interface. I followed the instructions of [More]
I apologize in advance if this is the wrong group/forum.  It seems to fit better than Software for the mobile PDA device.  If I am wrong, I am open to suggestions as to a more appropriate forum. I ran into the wonky digitizer problem that seems to af [More]
I CANNOT save a disc image by saving my large video files (21+ GB) using iDVD. It will not allow me to use it (iDVD). Is there a way I can burn such large volumes as a disc image and then burn to DVD with the computer requesting new DVD being inserte [More]
every example you see online is trivial and utterly useless for practical programming purposes...typically you'll see something like this: <mx:XML format="e4x" id="myMenuModel"> <root label="Menu"> <menuitem la [More]
On a page with multiple links I like to right click a few links and get them to open in a new tab. However, about 50% of the time the first link opens twice. It only seems to happen with OS X but have not noticed any similar behaviour with other appl [More]
I'm in a bit of a tough spot. My company wants to send me to school for a week-long crash course in Flash with an emphasis on ActionScripting. The problem is, the company computer I use has Flash MX 2004, and the only classes I see available at diffe [More]
Updating FireFox to version 33 breaks SSL connectivity with certificates signed by our company's internal CAs. As of the latest update, we get the following error message with no method of override: An error occurred during a connection to [More]