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I have power mac G4 0SX 10.3.9   just put airport card in,,, it can find my wifi network, but when I put in the password to activate the connection,,, I get  "error joining the airport  network..... ......Hello, If your Router is using WPA2 the origi [More]
Hi experts please help me out i wanna read a file which contaning students id and name. such as 211 john 122 david 111 Chris and so on. i know how to read using bufferedreder but the problem is my teacher is gonna change the number of students in the [More]
I'm trying to write some XSLT so that I can apply it to any given XML using  XMLTransform to generate a flattened CSV structure.  My input can be any XML document, with any number of nested levels so the structure isn't known to the XSLT.  I'm fairly [More]
I was wondering if anybody had any helpful information about how to view a PDF in Firefox. The web site that I use for school to access all of my class lecture notes is all in PDF format and I have no problem viewing the files in Safari but when I us [More]
Mail stops accessing mails in most cases after downloading many of them. The rest will follow then and when. I am not sure if there is a rest because I forget the number of the downloaded mails when the procedure is finished.Welcome to the forums Oli [More]
Hi Guys, I am using iframe to embed pdf in html:- <iframe visible="true" id="ipdf" src="pdf/filename.pdf" height="600" width="665" runat="server" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto [More]
I want to start using time machine when i update my Os this weekend. I have three drives i want to use. two are 500 gb and the other is a 750gb drive. Should i use both 500 drives as one and use the 750 as an external or should i use a 500 and 750 to [More]
Hello all,  newbie iPad user here.   I'm having a heck of a time trying to use the music feature on the iPad.   Had no problems downloading what I wanted onto the device but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to play specific albums u [More]
Anybody, Let say your on frame 3 of your timeline and you have a video that plays 2 minutes. When it is finished how do you continue on in the timeline to frame 4. What can trigger the timeline to go forward after the movie is over? Thank you, Brianw [More]
Hi, We want to use a third-party software for printing employee cards. I think it would be simple to get the data from SAP tables. What i would like to know is how to get the images (uploaded via SE78) into cardfive. Will they be in [More]