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Hi everyone. I set up a file share using the settings in OS 10.5, however when I go to login on Windows Vista using my specially created read only account (called: remote). I cannot get it. I can only get in using these settings: user name = [More]
A power outage caused my Lightroom 5.2 to shut down without closing.  When I powered back up and opened lightroom it gives me an error "Lightroom encountered and error when reading from it preview cache and needs to quit" and then it says it wil [More]
Hi Everyone, I've fallen prey to the dreaded Self Assigned IP Problem. After spending the majority of the day scouring this community and a few others, I've come to realize it's a common (if not exasperating) issue. Here are the specifics: - MacBook [More]
Whenever I view an interactive PDF in a Firefox window the links in the PDF don't work. They work in other browsers like Chrome and Safari, but in Firefox they are as dead as normal text. It also says: "This PDF document contains forms (even though i [More]
HI, I created a Real Time application with debugging enabled that only makes a straight line move and then finds center (using SoftMotion function blocks). When I run the VI from the project everything works fine. When I create the executable and run [More]
Hello! My daughter got an IPOD touch for Christmas. She will have a 3 hours a week to play with it. Is there any way I could monitor this? She can listen to music all day long if she wants, but playing is limited. Any app you could recommend? Thanks! [More]
Hello All What is ADS? Why we need this? How to configure ADS through Visual Admin?    Kindly provide the steps/documents regarding it.. Thank You....Hi, Gothrough Below Links [More]
Hi,    I do have some doubts regarding CCMS and PMI monitoring..    As of now we are plannig to configure CCMS.But i want to know about PMI.. when it comes to the picture in monitoring.     How PMI is different from CCMS ? and which one is the better [More]
Does anyone know the system file path to Apple Mail draft-emails folder? I want to stuff a bunch of files into that folder and have them appear in Apple Mail. ThanksI think the problem is the fact that the emails are on a PPC G5 and in a completely d [More]
Hi all,     Transaction: vf03--> press enter --> double click on item --> select conditions tab --> Here we find condition type, condition name, condition value..     Need is i want to display the 'Gross Price' for that item .     So please te [More]