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I am going to be switching from windows to Mac. I currently use Photoshop Elements 9.0 and I have approximately 9000 photos in Organizer. I would like to continue to use Elements as my photo editing program and iPhoto to catalog my pictures. Is there [More]
Several days ago my Apple TV is no longer providing consistent streaming throught Netflix. Before that, I had great streaming through all content for many months. Issues, configuration and some actions already taken: Video quality starts suffering, t [More]
I constantly receive files via PDF that I need to forward to co-workers.  I have used the Iphone 4 for this for over a year.  About 2 months ago, the PDFs have started coming over corrupt.  The email is MS Exchange.  When I forward the same email and [More]
How can I get the blue dot back that id's unread mail?Yes We have an iMac with the same account.  They  have both worked fine for the year that we have owned an iPad.  I think I have solved the problem.  I went  into mail settings and turned off push [More]
Hello, I am facing an issue with a business rule. The problem is that the business rule is NOT considering and acting on all the intersections that are a result of the Fix I used even though those intersections satisfy the condition in the rule and s [More]
I was given the option to update to to thenew 6.1, and upon my phone resetting after the download I got the (-1) error and my phone was thrown into recovery mode. I have tried to restore my phone 5 times and each time I keep getting the -1 error code [More]
Hi, I'm having a issue retrieving schemas from the databasemetadata in SQL server 2005. I'm able to retrieve other schemas including the one that has dbo as the owner. But the ones that have been created by my code (which are owned by dbo). From what [More]
I have a Dynamic Parameter (Units) where the first picklist has 750 options and only 79 show up in the list.  Is it possible to have the picklist show only the Active Units instead of all 750 Active & Inactive Units.  If so, how would I accomplish th [More]
hi.....i need help about that matter.....i cant use my face time on my iphone 4sNo in the USA also. Mine is down as well. They are working on the problem and will have it up as soo as possible.Read other 4 answers [More]
Do i still get my 1 year warranty if i dint buy my iphone from an apple store?this is where you can check other 6 answers [More]