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Query output for group by

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Hi ! Can someone help ? What I am looking for is, those days in the first query which do not return any rows should be displayed with a 0. I have all the days available in that table. Ie. 13/14/15th it should display as 0 instead of skipping it SQL> [More]

To fatch the data from sql to excel ??? any idea....

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dear all, my problem is - i want to retrive the data from sql server to excel sheet... can any one suggest the idea what to do ??? thanks.You can open two connections. One to SQL Server (you can use a thin or JDBC-ODBC bridge), the other to your Exce[More]

What is SUSPECT Mode database?

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Hi All, What is suspect mode in sql server and how it happens and how to recover from the suspect database ?\ Please post the article. Thanks&Regards Siva GSQL server marks database as suspect due to many reasons; some of them are given below: Hardwa[More]

Java and Excel

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I am using JTable to bring some information from the database, Is there a way that I can pass that data into an excel sheet so it can be printed in a better format. Thank you for your helpDear Friends .................. Some times i will get this err[More]

ok, to keep things short, my old mac user became corrupt using my mobileme and the quickest and easiest way seemed to be that I backed up everything, created a new user and put everything into that. That was the easy part, I didn't use TM, instead us [More]
Hi All, I am facing one problem while Developing a smartform for Delivery. I want the same data to be copied to the Next page which is coming on first page. I copied the Main window to Next page with all the details but the Header of the Table is not [More]
Hi I recently made a fresh install of Windows 7 and I'm now noticing that the context menu for .exe and .lnk files opens very slow. With the help of ShellExView it looks like it is caused by C:\Windows\system32\nv3dappshext.dll. If i disable nv3dapps [More]
How do I recover the sound in the apps, music plays fine on the iPad, but apps now have no sound.If you lose sounds for keyboard clicks, games or other apps, email notifications and other notifications, system sounds may have been muted. System sound [More]
I have FCP HD express and a Sony HDR-HC3. After setting up lights and white balance is there a way, I can plug my camcorder into my computer and see what I'm getting? Without actually capturing. I just want to see what I'm going to get later when I c [More]
Hi, I wanted to check the API for certain ADF internal classes. Is this possible and where can I see it? I know also for a fact that its not good practice to make use of the internal class but my case is a little different so I would like to extend h [More]
Hi All, We have a requirement where in we have to restrict certain users from changing the sales order payment terms. This process has to be SOX compliant also. This requirement is for a certain sales org. What are all the various ways of achieving t [More]
I recently sent my iPhone 4S back to Apple's recycling program through PowerOn. I am waiting for them to receive and audit it and then send me an Apple gift card for the determined amount. I want to purchase the iPhone 5 when it comes out on Friday, [More]
Hello all - I have a Solaris 10u8 (sparc) installed on SAN LUN using zfs filesystem. I have to rename the rpool due to our new naming convention. I have found documents on renaming zpools by running: # zpool export zpool # zpool import zpool NEWzpool [More]
Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows if the macbook pro 13 in will be upgraded soon, as in the next 2 to 3 months? upgraded to a quad core i5 or i7 and higher screen resolution, like the new macbook air that is 1440x900 pixels... Is it safe to assume [More]