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Query output for group by

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Hi ! Can someone help ? What I am looking for is, those days in the first query which do not return any rows should be displayed with a 0. I have all the days available in that table. Ie. 13/14/15th it should display as 0 instead of skipping it SQL> [More]

To fatch the data from sql to excel ??? any idea....

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

dear all, my problem is - i want to retrive the data from sql server to excel sheet... can any one suggest the idea what to do ??? thanks.You can open two connections. One to SQL Server (you can use a thin or JDBC-ODBC bridge), the other to your Exce[More]

The hard disc of my laptop has crashed and i lost all the data. Now I want to take back up of my I phone and transfer contacts , messages and music etc back into my laptop , how can I do that. Also let me know how I can transfer the contacts into Win [More]
Hi i am updating my E51 and its displaying updating software please wait estimated time left 15 minutes for the past 1 hour. Please tell me what should i do.... Its really urgent pls help....Hi, There might be a problem with either the NSU or the pho [More]
I have just bought a new Apple TV, Loewe Airspeaker, and thrown away a ton of old hifi kit. I have also set up iTunes Match and my music collection is now available in the cloud. BUT.... I can't seem to use my ATV as an Airplay source!! I can stream [More]
it also opens in the parent window at the same time. For instance, I have a home page and when you click on a link I want it to open up in a new browser window. so i set the behavior to do this and it works. However, the first window also changes to [More]
Hi Friends , I am trying the the BPM scenario using Integration Process BpmPatternCollectTime from SAP BASIS ® SAP BASIS 7.00 in the namespace I have done the scenario like the above . I have followed all the Step [More]
Hi Guys, I just use java to access the data of SAP B1, and I  met a trouble, I have no idea. I have imported into SAP B1 from file and export the SAP data to a file, just in business partner module, it's ok. I also can export data from ORDR of SAP B1 [More]
While creating PO in IDEAS following error is coming. "Control indicators not assigned to company code" Pl . suggest the remedy, Thanks a ton, Regards, NBGoto T code OKKP select your co.code on left side click on Activate components. in first ta [More]
Hi, I have an issue while deploying a composite from Jdev. After selecting the server I am getting "No partitions found!" error in the SOA Servers step of the Deployment. Followed this link ( Re: JDev PS2 (10.3.3) can't deploy SOA to WLS PS1 (10 [More]
I have several hundred MP3s of very old songs from the 1910s and 1920s which sync to my iPod without problems.  When I acquired an iPhone 3GS with more limited capacity, I set iTunes to "convert higher bitrate songs to 128Kbps AAC".  This worked [More]
hi! all How to clear the data in table control. i have a Table control which displays column A data from the previous screen and allows to enter column B and column C and i have a button CLEAR, when i click CLEAR button the Data displaying in table c [More]