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MUST READING FOR webOS USERS WHO SYNC CONTACTS WITH GOOGLE ACCOUNTS: Earlier this week I began having trouble with my Pre3.  It spontaneously restarted and pretty much wiped everything.  After logging back in to my webOS account, I then began having [More]
I accidentally spilt some milk over my MacBook Air keyboard earlier today. I have dried it as best I can and no milk is dripping out from the keys now. I have put the laptop upside down like a tent so it can dry out. It doesn't look like any liquid w [More]
How do I install Photoshop Elements 6 on the Mac-mini? I keep getting the following message: x Installation cannot continue until the following applications are closed: flash_server Please close the application(s) listed above and click "Try Again&qu [More]
HI all, I have requirement like this. Client  have this existing logic. The javascript downloads the exchange rates from the internet site by using the user name for xxxx  and stores in the .CSV file . Another program takes that file a [More]
I have been upgrading a web page to HTML5.  I would like to place a PayPal button on the right side of the screen inline with a header.  I am almost there.  See the "FreeAXP Support" line at Wh [More]
hey. i'm about to travel to thiland and i'm thinking to buy there Macbook air\pro. how can i tell if it's fake? thnksIf possible, I'd make sure to register it on Apple's online system at first start IN THE STORE, and verify it is a kosher serial numb [More]
I have a MacPro and a new MacBook Pro, and I'm streaming the music library from the tower to the laptop. Using FrontRow (latest) I can stream the music with no problem, but no of the cover art displays .. why is this? I seriously hope my new $2k lapt [More]
For any location if i search it shows Directions are not available but with other map service providers its workingIf you are i India it is because Directions are are supported in India. [More]
Soooo frustrating! This guy said it best - but that was nine years and six versions ago. Is there any chance Apple has added an option to disable this "feature"? I can't find it.... Thanks!i do the same but with if its . . Nine Inch Nails and on [More]
This code displays a picture - then onclick enlarges the picture - this works okay in IE <pre><nowiki><style> <!-- ONCLICK - PIX SIZE --> .OnClick {height: 100%;} </style> <img onclick='className="OnClick"' src=& [More]