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I recently migrated my extensive library from a Mac authorized with both my and my ex-husband's id's to a Windows 8 machine only authorized with my id. I am finding that a good portion of the apps and tracks are still only authorized by his. How do I [More]
Hello, I have a client who recently migrated from SAP Business one 8.81 to 9.0 PL8. And now they want to manage items cost per warehouse.This is because although the cost and quantities are okay at company level, at warehouse level there are now some [More]
We have recently upgraded IdM 7.1 to IdM 8.1 and after upgrading the New Labels as New Navigation Menu's in Admin panel are not getting resolved and Appearing following way UI_APPR_XML_PROVISIONER_EMPTY_TABLE UI_APPR_JAVA_LIST_PROVISIONING_REQUESTS_L [More]
Hello I updated to the new itunes and now it will not work AT ALL! an error message comes up " Itunes cannot start because it detec ted an error in your audio configuration" Needless to say i did not change anything after i installed the new itu [More]
This question is directly to Verizon Wireless Customer Service: I recently had to cancel my contract because my husband is in the military and we have been stationed overseas. We went in with his official orders and received receipts that each of our [More]
do either of these work on ipod touch, i know the iphone has a google maps app. but can u just go to on the ipod touch and it will work? wut about google video?Correct, they don't need Java. They are 100% Javascript/images based. [More]
Warning. Much of this post is frankly a rant against a poorly written program and the so-called experts who offer up solutions here. If you are one of these experts and you have a thin-skin, don't read this post. If you just want a solution to the pr [More]
When I go to Music/iTunes/, I can find a subfolder that includes many subfolders of Albums, Artist names, and the songs I put into iTunes. Same thing with email files. When I go to Pictures/: I can see an iPhoto Library icon (but no /subfolders) whic [More]
Hi, I am using oracle 11g db. Trying to update one of my table using following query : UPDATE EMPLOYEE_HISTORY_ALL_T TMDC SET LAST_UPDATE_DATE = '01-apr-1901' WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM PROJECT_T TMP WHERE TMP.PROJECT_ID = TMDC.PROJECT_ID AND NVL(TM [More]
Hi I am grtting following while conneting to ldap server, I have configured security realms. It is fine because I can see all user at User and Group tab, but when I click on any link over that page it run me this error on server consol... <Feb 23, 20 [More]