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Replicat is abending

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This is what i have on source and target: Source db: oracle block size 8K target :db: oracle block size 32K Souce configuration: MGR.prm PORT 7820 USERID ggs_user, PASSWORD ggs_user PURGEOLDEXTRACTS /u01/oracle/ggs/dirdat/ex, USECHE[More]

Archive only masked records error

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Hi SDNers, I want to Archive repository only with 100 records. I have tried Masking those records and on Archiving used the option to select only that Mask. But it is resulting in Archive fail and the report says: 4952  2009/10/13 15:53:20.744 Report[More]

Hi, I need to create a pdf with an ecryption security, this pdf will be emailed and the encryption must restrict the "editing changes allowed" but it should allow the recipient to print the pdf. I heard this can be done using Adobe Acrobat X Pro [More]
Hi all, I had posted an earlier question related to this to understand what the issue is. Few responses helped. Then now I have gone thru the conversion rules in Unicode systems related to assigning a structure (with different data types) to a single [More]
Just recently iPhoto crashed and I've lost all of my pictures that I downloaded. I've tried to locate them through backdoor means but with no avail. iPhoto is a relatively new program to me so I need all the help I can get. Titanium PowerBook G4   Ma [More]
Is there any way to get a 1024 x 768 folio file look good on a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 or do I have to do a completely different resolution for it to look good? Also, is there any time period in which an Android and/or Kindle Fire will support PDF-based F [More]
Hi, My Oracle 10g Database in an heart beat stop working (I unplugged the network cable and now even with the cable on it won't start ... I've restarted computer lot's of times....) I've wasted too many time triyng to get this thing to work.... I nee [More]
There is such paragraph in Release notes for Flash Player 10.3: Binary file support Add more power to your web application with direct byte access to binary data. Control and access data in new ways, such as adding support for new file and data types [More]
Getting a ClassCastException with 2.3.1, when trying to get an object by id. The class has a composite key (String + int) and used to wrk with 2.2.6. We suspected it might have something to do with the String constructor that we had to add as part of [More]
My iMac does not support OS X Mountain Lion, but it does support Lion; is there anyway to upgrade to Lion?  In the app store I can't find a way to download Lion now that Mountain Lion is available.  Currently running Snow Leopard.  Want Lion so that [More]
I have declared a type to use as an object type within an object create or replace type xxjsc_irec_qans_typ as object( answer_code varchar2(150) ,answer_meaning varchar2(150) ,constructor function xxjsc_irec_qans_typ return self as result); Then decl [More]
G5 dual 2.5 APExtreme card that worked untill recently. The computer is hardwired to the Wireless router. It was an APExtreme base, but has been switched to a net gear. All of the other computers in the office, G5, and three powerbooks all "see" [More]