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Hi, thanks in advance for any help with this. We have a MDB where we have set the timeout to five minutes. In a particular case this timeout is being reached but even though the MDB times out the transaction and sends the message for redelivery the o [More]
How long has this been possible? I see if you have iTunes 10.3 you can now search for, find and purchase ibooks directly from iTunes! You need to allow automatic downloads (via Settings: Store on your ios device). At last! RobinAngstrol wrote: How lo [More]
I have a working Power Point presentation with an imbedded video, whic means I can not use Power Point "Show". Can I display a Power Point presentation in full screen on an HP Pavilion g? If so, how do I do it?Hi, On any machine, please try:   C [More]
I tried to set up external relay on my Exchange 2013 but was not able to do it. I don't know what else to do. I tried these: and these (which is pretty much same thing) [More]
I keep getting a message that says I have already downloaded in-app purchase of complete Garageband instruments and loops, but I have greyed out instruments and loops galore. Meanwhile, I have tried everything I've seen from using the Terminal to pus [More]
so i've looked around for ages to try and solve this i press update on my itunes on the app and sync my ipod and the apps don't change at all and i can't download new apps i have shut off my ipod and turned it back on no difference, i thought it coul [More]
Hi financial wizards, our client uses new general ledger. The accounting block has been extended with some ZZ user fields carrying results determined via substitution exits during posting. The additional customer fields are added to the accounting bl [More]
For no apparent reason, my Mac desktop has started running slow. Slow response to everything. Of course, I am spoiled and am used to blazing speed. Is there anything I can do to clean things up a little? Nothing has changed on the machine to speak of [More]
I am having an absolute nightmare of a time with Apple. A friend gifted me with a song on iTunes. I do not have iTunes and am not a Mac user. I have found that the computers always add unnecessary steps and procedures and make even simple things far [More]
What is the purpose of Keychain in Tiger? Is this intended to be a program to securely store passwords? If so, is it just for passwords that programs in mac os need, or can other passwords such as, credit card #'s and phone numbers be entered in it?H [More]