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I use to be able to send pictures from the Photos app to my e-mail. Now when I try & send them, I never get them. I also tried sending them to the Facebook mail, but again- never get them. No error message pops up on my ipod. Any suggestions?Oh my go [More]
RoboHelp on Windows 7 Project opens but there are no files, images, multimedia, or style sheets  . There are plenty of broken links (obviously) and the TOC, Index, and Glossary are fine. There is a corruption somewhere and instead of restor [More]
What application can you use to open a file with the .acc extension? other 2 answers [More]
iPh 4s plugged into computer iTunes to update. When I came back to ck on it msg said ph not found. Ph showed plugin w/arrow pointing to iTunes symbol. Turned ph off/on but same thing on screen. It is frozen. Now what?Additional comment from Carl 37: [More]
Hi there, We have a strange problem with the Netweaver Administrationpanel: We've started the SDM-Service manually and it's running without problems (for example the JSPM can Deploy packages, etc). The Netweaver Administrationpanel shows SDM as stopp [More]
hi, The db adaptor update operation does not seem to work for us, i do not get an error and the transaction is successful too but the record does not get updated, what could be the reason ? i am passing two values in the assign before the invoke ( on [More]
Hi What should we give for iteration source field under the iteration tab of action in the workflow. Acutally I want to write code to iterate on userobject in the action of a workflow...How can I acheive it..Its very urgent for me..if anyone gives re [More]
On a Lync 2013 Edge I am getting these errors.  I need to say that yesterday everything worked I just changed certificate (edge, IIS- ARR, Office web app). - EventID 22021 LS A/V edge Server LS A/V Edge Server failed to open a network endpoint. Proto [More]
Hi at all, can i create a smooth <s:Scroller> component in Flex4? I would like moving the thumb movement was smooth. <s:Scroller width="80%" height="80%"                 horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0&qu [More]
hi i just wanna ask about the volume down button in the ipad 2 ,it was mute the device when hold it at once but before 2days i noticed that the device did not mute when i hold it ,why? and how i fix this by the way it is still volume downHave you tri [More]