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Hello, It's time to upgrade to a new phone for both me and the wife, she needs a new phone now as her LG env3 is acting up.  I'm a looong time Apple user, and of course the Apple iphone is a natural to pick, however It'll cost $350 for 2 when we use [More]
Hi All. I am trying to create a custom hierarchy objects in the Information Design tool, But I am not able to find it here as same sort like the universe designer in 3.1 or 4.0 . I have found the navigational path but I am not sure how I can use it a [More]
There is one case.... Like My client wants to do some cash purchasing... means GR without PO. but he need that there should be some restriction on the amount like in this kind of cash purchasing they should be allowed only Upto 5000 Rs for cash not m [More]
I have a logo design that is black on white.  I'd like to change the black to another color - in this case, blue.  I wqas able to do it, but it ended up being quite convoluted.  What are some simple ways to change the color of a selected area in Elem [More]
hi i have an iphone 3g and it wont switch on or even show the apple logo and when i hold the power and home buttons its recognised by itunes and says '' iphone in recovery mode'' and when i retore it it says ''error 1601'' somebody help meeeeeeeeeeee [More]
Hi Experts, I've re-installed Crystal Reports 2008 V1, but I'm now missing the SAP menu which I had before. I've got the SAP Gui (with BW add-ons) and the integration kit is also installed since my previous installation of CR 2008 had the SAP Menu. I [More]
I have some problem with the merge function in database adapter. details: I have 2 tables in master/detail relationship, both have GUID column as a primary key (GUID generated by ESB). 'car_group' table pk : guid unique : group_no, datadate, datatime [More]
Hi, Cisco Gurus: Please help me in answering the following questions (UCSM 1.4(xx), 2 UCS 6140XP, 2 Nexus 7000, M81KR in B200-M2, No Nexus 1000V, using VMware Distributed Switch: Q1. For me to configure vPC on a pair of Nexus 7000, do I have to conne [More]
In my report , I am displaying the page number in the top of the report in the format page 1 of n . The code i am using is ... DATA l_page_count(5) TYPE c. FORM   page_display .   WRITE sy-pagno TO l_page_count LEFT-JUSTIFIED.   DO sy-pagno TIMES.    [More]
Will LabVIEW version 5.1.1 run on the Windows XP operating system?We have recently installed it on WinXP, don't have a real feel for any possible issues, but the only noticeable issues was a little error message box "Wrong OS", which goes away w [More]