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In the past it was possible to see the English / American reviews in non-English app stores. It would be more than nice to get that ability back. In small countries there are often not that many reviews and also English speaking people in non-English [More]
which  is better fit for my imac 10.7.2 lion seagate ex hd or laCie ex hdrive?E. None of the above. other 3 answers [More]
hi,, i have encrypted and decrypted a file with DES/EBC/PKCS5Padding 1)Now i wanna check its performance i.e how much time it is taking to encrypt and decrypt 2)when it is done now i have check it for other padding and modes also by placing the diffe [More]
I just finished creating a website using iweb and I noticed that when I click on the thumbnails of some images in Safari, the contrast decreases and I see lots of arifacts in the shadows and more grain than the original photo. Its very noticeable on [More]
Hello members I have a ThinkServer TS430 that is on a domain and I am getting an amber light on the front of the server indicating a system error has accrued. I tried to install the ThinkServer Management software but it told me that it is not recomm [More]
I've had a notification for days in my Creative Cloud application that there's an update to Premiere Pro (7.2.2), yet every time I try to download it, the update reaches 50-58% and then fails. Why? Is there a fix? Same thing happens with the Dreamwea [More]
Twitter account was hacked. They put the twitter name up for auction, somehow they got into my iPhone, iPad, and son's iPod.  I know from reading the boards that everyone who says they got hacked is told it can't happen but it has.  Nothing is "jailb [More]
hy, i want to save a picture (jpeg file) to different filenames. the filenames i have in an excel oder csv / txt file. anyone have a script for this or can help me otherwise ? thanksA csv file in that format will not work! You need to supply the FULL [More]
any body know how to tekenize a string with fixed-length columns. i know StringTokenizer tokenizes delimited strings.Simply use method substring in class String.Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi I have been trying to get this game installed and playing, but seem to be having some trouble getting it going. Does anybody know of any recent how-to on how to get this game going, There seems to be a lot of outdated information on the www. My pr [More]