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Why do I always get the following message when using Help in iPhoto, when in fact I am connected to the internet. The selected topic is currently unavailable. To see all iPhoto Help, you must be connected to the Internet.I get it all the time - my ma [More]
thanks in advance for reading this: I self publish several books of my own. Using InDesign CS3 I've exported them (for years, all the way back to Pagemaker) as a 'book' pdf and with ID's wonderful view pdf feature, I've been able to review them 'two- [More]
I had the Siri app before it was added to all iphones and when Apple added it mine quit working. I deleted mine from my phone but do not see how to get it back. any suggestions?bjorth wrote: apparently I have just an iphone 4 not 4s, so thank you. It [More]
Hello, I use a referenced iPhoto library, that is, the photos are NOT kept in iPhoto's database, but simply referenced in their location on my hard drive. If I edit a referenced photo elsewhere, say in Lightroom or Photoshop, and then look at the pho [More]
We live in a really remote area that doesn't have access to high speed internet and are stuck with dial up for a few more years. Now my mom needs a new computer, are there any Macs that still have modems? In the online store they all seem to have bro [More]
What appears to be the first e-mail is actually an ad. If I click on it it takes me to a website that is trying to sell me something. I can't get rid of it.I'm sorry, can you please respond with more information? I don't really understand your proble [More]
I am interesred in running xp on my mac, but two things are holding me back. When I installed service pack 2 on my windows computer years ago, it ceased recognising my panasonic digital camera(NV DA1)And not just my computer, any computer with servic [More]
Hello all, Is there any way we can obtain the link between Sales Order/STO and the production order in MTS scenario? Thanks a lot! DeepakHi Deepak In MTO scenario, you would have the reference of SO in the production order. If you have configured the [More]
Why would you change something so intuitive into the cumbersome system. It was so easy before, if I want to see family contacts or work contacts I hit that option and they all appear. This select and deselect the ones I dont want is a pain. If someth [More]
I am unable to save PDF file into iBooks since I upgraded to OS6 the other day. Has anyone else had this issue or heard of a fix in the works from Apple? This OS6 release was not thought out very well or coordinated with the developers of apps. I've [More]