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can i add my mac to my home network on windows xp computers392/2838 Hi Peter, Welcome to the Discussions! Have a read of this KB article - (#107083) Mac OS X: Setting up Windows File Sharing for a view of what can be done today with a PPC Mac. There [More]
Most people in PNG are new to this skype network a few who r in our city and traveled overseas may av used it, as for me, I am a 1st timer who dont use a credit card o either a paypal , that's why I cant be a ful 100% member. Can anyone advise me on [More]
Earlier today tried pacman -Syu and got the following message: bash-3.00# pacman -Syu :: Synchronizing package databases... :: testing is up to date :: current is up to date :: extra is up to date :: unstable is up to date :: community is up to date [More]
Hello, I am looking around for domain name monitoring service, whereby i can get an alert for any new domain registration that contains a specific word. ex. the word spiceworks -, I found https://research.doma [More]
Hi, How do i code multiple web items for: a) Web printing - i've referred to the HOW TO GUIDE.. however it shows illustration of a single table item. I have multiple web items including graphs/chart that I would like to print. Also some columns are n [More]
I subscribe to the 60 Minutes Podcast, among a few others. There does not appear to be a way to select which episodes to sync to the iPod. They just ALL get sync'd. Is there a way to keep all the episodes that are downloaded but just sync the ones I [More]
how to download photoshop to second computerWhat version of Photoshop, and do the computers both run on the same platform?  (Windows or Mac) other 3 answers [More]
I am filming a sequence in a gymnasium using spotlights and I have an exit sign in the background that I woould like to remove.Could some one direct me to a tutorial thst would give me step by step info. to remove the sign? Can you use paintbrush to [More]
Need to know what ports need to be allowed for Apple Configurator to function.Apple Configurator runs locally on an OS X computer. It requires a USB connection. So no ports required for connecting Configurator to iPads. However, there are some ports [More]
Hi I have some question. We used 4-way (2-way Active<ttwell01,ttwell02> and 2-way backup<ttwell03,ttwell04> node) replication architecture. ttwell01 / ttwell02node of the "stop" was changed Using the following command in ttwell03 nod [More]