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Hi Experts,    I have a file to RFC scenario. the input is a XML file. I have setup the flag in sender file adapter channel for archiving the input files with errors. But it is not working. For testing I have used an invalid xML file for example with [More]
Hi, I am having trouble logging into Oracle Enterprise Manager - Fusion Middleware Control. at the login screen when i enter in the UN and PWD, I get the msg: 'unexpected login error'. I was able to login before, this just happend and now I cannot lo [More]
Hi, I haven't been developing on mobile platforms for some time, and so just downloaded this SDK to start a new project. I need to test some code using emulators from Nokia and SE, but there seems no way to add new emulators. Is this SDK hardcoded to [More]
+(Accidentally posted this in iChat 3.0 forum: meant to post here)+ A number of quite important options are grayed out of my iChat, and I don't know why. For example, under Buddies, I can't select anything under "Send Instant Message". Most impo [More]
Hi, Is it possible to make a drag line question: Attached screenshot is what we want. We want to drag a line from left to right and when the question is right, a picture pops up. When it is wrong a sentence telling it is wrong will show. is this poss [More]
Hi everyone, I have a download file procedure as per the instructions on the page The download of the files worked just fine (or better say they were previewed in a new page) but recently a new schema has been added to the workspa [More]
Hello, I use Adobe illustrator CS4 in MAC, I often used function of Make and convert to Live paint for my work. But One day i found a serious problem in used this function, I really don't know cause. Pleae look at the image under. This gray things ar [More]
The support of my studio display 15" is broken where can I get a new oneY Lagache, This Froogle search seems to have one you can add to your shopping cart: [More]
Hi I want to access or open iPhone's contact list via programming with Flash Builder can anyone suggest how to do this.Hi, You will be require to use native extension for same. You can found it at [More]
I am just looking for ideas. I have about 90 characters too long for the CR report line. The ones going over are 3 address columns. Looking for ideas how to design the report.hi Paul, what do you want it to look like? if you it to stop before 90, the [More]