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how to fix battery issue on lenovo b570e


Tips to fix battery issue on iphone 4s after upgrading to iOS 6.0

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ladies and gentlemen.....i think i found a simple solution but its the only way to fix the problem until apple decides to gives us a patch. i have an iphone 4s and yesterday i did the upgrade to 6.0 this morning i noticed my battery was draining fast[More]

Semi-Scientific Test on iPhone 4S Battery Issue w/two iPhone 4Ss

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All, My wife and I ordered identical 16 GB iPhone 4Ss. They were set up the same way. From the very start, I could tell that her battery was outperforming mine. After a day of turning off and on various settings, from Location Services, to Siri, to i[More]

IPhone battery issue - exchange calendar sync the primary suspect

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I previously posted about very poor battery life and how a full re-install and reset seemed to fix the issue. The battery life was great for a week or so then I tried to go from my calendar on .me to my calendar on exchange. Then the issues re-appear[More]

A suggestion for those with battery issues:

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When I first got my iPhone, I had the same battery issues many people here are talking about, in fact I posted about it myself. Its fixed. Very fixed, and Im very happy with my battery life. Here is what I did. First, do not charge it using your USB[More]

IPhone 4S update to iOS 5.1 singal and battery issues

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Hi, I was on 5.0.1 and had no issues at all loved the phone and my battery life. Eversince I updated to 5.1 my phone signal is awful, 2 bars when I had 5 before, constantly floating, calls drop for no reason. Yesterday nobody was able to reach me unt[More]

Help with iPod mini (Battery issues)

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I am an owner of an iPod mini (1st generation) that I bought in February from Amazon. The mini has constant battery issues that have led me to suspect a bad battery within. For instance; I leave my mini in it's charging cable overnight, and it report[More]

ok folks, here it is: Macbook Pro 8GB Ram Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 iTunes 10.5.2 64bit and a dead iPhone 4 CDMA :-( iPhone stopped starting up Oct 9th, 2011 and was fully updated at the time. I tried countless suggestions then, have resumed troubleshootin [More]
So I was trying to combine files into one pdf this morning, but Acrobat's window for doing so would not appear. I could minimize it, and see it down on the bottom of my dock, but when I tried to maximize it, it would disappear. (I'm on a Mac). Everyt [More]
I am new to Premiere Elements 10, My mom had it installed on her new computer. I am trying to edit videos but I am running into some problems with .mov files. I have searched the forums and not been able to find an answer that really helps so I am go [More]
Hi, I am new to WebElements and wanted to have a look at the functions to see how I can use in my reporting suite. I am using CR11 and seem to be unable to edit the WEPlatform element to select the Crystal Reports version that I use. I notice when I [More]
Why wont my mail open? The mail not being able to open is making me not able to shut down my macbook.Press power button down and hold up to 30 secs to force shut down and then start up and see how u goes on ur mail....Read other 3 answers [More]
I would like to share a common address book between multiple users, so that we can see and update a core set of contacts.  Is this possible, as I understand each address book to be assigned to an applieID.I would like to share a common address book b [More]
Can i use my creative cloud membership on laptop and desktop? Or is one membership needed for each device?Yes you can!Read other 2 answers [More]
Hello, I have on my machine a version of office 2010, I am trying to unistall it and install a different version of office, when trying to uninstall the application from the control panel I get the following message : This 64-bit product may not be i [More]
Is there any way to simply print from an iPad without there being a wifi network available?  I mean, If I get a printer with AirPrint or blue tooth or something, can I just connect my iPad up directly to that printer and print from it?  I am planning [More]
I open one image, make a selection, then copy that selection. Now I open a second image and paste the selection into that second image. When I try to paste into additional images, the Paste function is grayed out and I have to go back and copy again. [More]