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how to get voucher code for mix radio


Mix radio voucher

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Hi, my subscription to mix radio ended and I am unable to renew it.. The oxicash link does not work and the nokia store people say they do't have vouchers.Welcome to the forums, navdeep88. For your concern regarding the renewal of your MixRadio subsc[More]

How to get MixRadio voucher code?

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Sir how to create voucher code for nokia Lumia 525 for nokia mix radio app. Moderator's note: We amended the title of this post as we moved it to the most appropriate board.To the moderator(s) I'm based in India and have faced problems with MixRadio[More]

Lumia 630 Dual SIM - didn't got Nokia mix radio vo...

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Just purchased new Lumia 630 dual simcard variant but didn't got Nokia mix radio voucher please help...... Moderator's Note: We have changed the title of this post as we have moved it from an existing thread and created as a new one. kishan0607 wrote[More]

Nokia Music / MIX Radio Bugs and BUGS at Care Cent...

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I am feeling absilutely dejected to have bought a Lumia 820. It has been a year and over but still Nokia has not been able to provide solutions to generic and chronic problems. I have been asking for solution to the music problem since a year but no[More]

How i can recharge or purchase voucher code nokia ...

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Hello Everyone! Can any one suggest me how i can recharge or purchase nokia music voucher code??? i will  try from last 1 year but the recharge site dosnt work ( something like this Sanjeev! [email protected] Moderator's note: E-mail ad[More]

Problem with god of war:saga voucher code for origins collection

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There's no way. It's for Americans and Canadians.It seems the code is invalid no matter how many times i put it in,even though it has not expired yet,then i noticed that it mentions in the lift of the voucher code that it's only for legal american or[More]

Lumia 720: Mix Radio revised the Nokia Music 1 yea...

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I have a Lumia 720 which lost its Nokia Music free subscription of 1 year in 6 months. IMEI No: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Contact No: XXXXXXXXXX I would like to know the reason behind revising and free music download subscription to 6 months without any notice[More]

HT201209 I have a code from a radio station to download a free song however when I go to redeem and put in my code which is typed correctly it just keeps making put my password in over and over. Any advice?

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I have a code from a radio station to download a free song however when I go to redeem and put in my code which is typed correctly it just keeps making put my password in over and over. Any advice?You can create an App store account without a credit[More]

Nokia Music: Mix Radio, Store, Gigs options disapp...

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Hi, I have been using Nokia Music on Lumia 710 without an issue until today when I launched it and options for mix radio, store & gigs disappeared. I uninstalled the app and re-downloaded it. On launching it, all options became available but disappea[More]

Nokia music update no longer carries mix radio fea...

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Hello I am a little disturb after coming to realize that the recent update for the Nokia Music app does not consist the mix radio feature on my phone that was one my favourite things that I had liked about it including the option of having offline ra[More]

Nokia Mix Radio+ subscription doubt

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Can someone please clear few of my doubt regarding using nokia mixradio.  First of this is when Nokia write statement like this "Listen to Nokia MixRadio – unlimited FREE music mixes to play now or download for later." Source ([More]

Nokia mix radio /store not visible Lumia 720 India

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I have recently bought Lumia 720 and when I am trying to find mix radio or nokia music store under nokia music; it's just not showing up. Is the service not available in India and if so; when will it be available or there is some problem with my devi[More]

Errors in mix radio

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Well i have given around 5 to 6 feedback to nokia regarding mix radio these are the problems which i am having 1-cant download any songs it is showing payment failed try again 2- even if download is completing it showing it pending. 3-app is working[More]

C7 - Asking for pin code/voucher code while downlo...

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I am using c7 and trying to download music from ovi store. But, while downloading any music it asks me for pin code/voucher code. from where I can get pin code to download music? Also, I saw text "your mobile is not unlimited download compatible"[More]

AFL Live Pass voucher code

Category:DefaultRelease time:-0001-11-30Views:130 has rewarded me with an AFL live voucher code that grants me with a free subscription for the remainder of the year for completing an online survey. Problem is I can not seem to get afl live to recognise the subscription. I am super happy[More]

Problem in downloading songs in Mix Radio

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"Activation problem There was a problem registering your phone for your unlimited downloads subscription. Try again in a moment - if the problem continues, contact Nokia Support. " I own a nokia lumia 720 and i have been using mix radio since i[More]

HT201209 My child received a $50 voucher for Xmas but doesn't want to use it all at once. I'd like to remove the voucher code so I can purchase items from iTunes using my usual account. Is this possible?

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My child received a $50 voucher for Xmas but doesn't want to use it all at once. I'd like to remove the voucher code so I can purchase items from iTunes using my usual account. Is this possible?Hi czigrand, Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communiti[More]

How to generate Voucher Codes in CRM 7 EHP1

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Hallo all, we have currently set up a CRM7 EHP1 system to check out the latest functions. I try to get the new voucher functions working. I customized the voucher stuff as described in the documentation ([More]

Mix Radio Log in issue

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Dear expert, im unable to log in my mix radio apps with my nokia account, getting error that "NETWORK PROBLEMS"- we couldn't complete that operation, try again there is no any network issue in my phne, pls tell me what I've to do..[More]

RE: NRL Digital Pass Voucher Code not working

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Hi My NRL Digital Pass voucher code is not working. Can someone please helpI see, I'd suggest to review the post here for the Go Mobile off[More]

How can I recover an old/disused iCloud account. I was having some issues with my apple id so I restored my iPad, I am now stuck on the activation screen as I no longer use the iCloud account i used to set up the iPad and can't remember the address o [More]
The structure of my inbound message is : Message_A       Fileld_1       sub_structure            Filed_2            Field_3 In the receiver communication channel,  I input 'sub-structure' in the field 'recordset structure' shown in the tab  'Content [More]
I've spent two days on this problem so I figure it's time to drop the "trial and error" and get an answer. I am building an employee directory on which a tooltip will display the employee's name and 3 phone numbers. The data will be formatted in [More]
Since restoring Preview as my default pdf browser (after deleting the Adobe plug in) I get a different menu when I hover over the bottom of the screen either in Safari or in the Reader - with fewer option - like I can't save/dowload automatically fro [More]
I'm new to these boards, not posted much at all. I have been confused about something. I currently use the Sound Blaster Audigy card. I have a 4. speaker setup. I utilize the "heavy metal" option under the EAX->Advanced EQ section of the Audi [More]
In CS6, why the file size remains same after croping? And how do I reduce the size after each croping? ThxSelect the Crop Tool and check the box [  ] Delete Cropped Pixels and you should see a reduction in file size.  With the box unchecked, the data [More]
Hey, I have an important .rar that is corrupt that I cannot repair via .par2 etc, because it is my own doing. I just need to get as much of the file data as possible, whether it extracts corrupt or not. My problem is, if I "keep broken files" in [More]
Hi, I am not able to mount a replicate volume from cluster system (primary site) to non-cluster system (DR site). Replication was done by 6140 storage. In primary site the volume was configured in a system with metaset under Solaris Cluster 3.2. and [More]
We want to have history log of Cell Text add/change/delete in Planning data form that performed by users. However, HSP_AUDIT_RECORDS only keeps logs for Data Cell Values,  Cell-level documents and Cell Text Clearing. For example, user A has added a C [More]