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how to play online videos on lumia520


Can streem online video and tv on nokia lumia520

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Nokia lumia520shaileshbha54, Live streaming is limited to application such as CNN. Most streaming channels online require plugins in which Windows Phone does not currently have.Read other 3 answers[More]

Size of song in MB does not show in Lumia520

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how can i see size of song, image or video files in Lumia520....Hi, jhaheman. You may check the Store for apps having such feature. You may also raise it here: If you have uploaded[More]

Iphoto crashing after using mini-dvi to video adapter

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Hi, IPhoto on my Macbook is crashing. I can open it, then as soon as I scroll down it locks up and I have to force quit. This started happening right after I used a Mini-DVI to Video Adapter cable to hook my macbook up to my TV. The adapter/s-video c[More]

Wrong 'mini dvi to video' adapter for my 12" Powerbook 1.33

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I recently bought the M9319 mini dvi - video adapter for my 12" Powerbook 1.33 to find that the mini dvi on the adapter is a different size to the one on the computer and the adapters supplied with the computer. I've been doing a bit of research into[More]

Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter - do you need cables as well?????????????

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Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter i have this already,but do i need a certain cable to go into the TV. as it only has one port instead of the usual 3 av leads have??? help please,confused...............Look in your question and you'll find the answer..[More]

Macbook + mini-DVI to video adapter problems!

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Hi, My roommate and I both have Macbooks - I got mine in June '06, it's one of the older black 80 gb models and hers is a white 120 gb that she got in August '07. We bought a mini-DVI to video adapter so we could watch DVDs and video files on our TV,[More]

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter for eMac ?

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Hi, I use an Apple Mini DVI to VGA on my eMac to expand my monitor space, connect to an old Pinceton 15" lcd, both are on 1024 x 768 res in millions colors, and work fine. My question is I have plan to buy an Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter since som[More]

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter

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I have just purhased a new Macbook. My first mac ever My question is regardng the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter. Do I read that correctly that I can hook my macbook up via rca and s-video but not composite? Does Apple make one cable that will do bo[More]

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter Question

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I want to hook up my macbook (late 2008 model) to my tv. Will the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter work? If it will work on my tv then what else do I need to get? It looks like you need other wires to hook up to your tv? Thanks in advance for your hel[More]

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter doesn't fit my aluminum iMac

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I previously had a 17" white iMac (pre-Intel) machine, and about 6 months ago I bought the mini-DVI to video adapter so I could connect it to my television. Worked like a charm. But I recently bought a new aluminum iMac, and the adaptor doesn't fit i[More]

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter Questions

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I'm in the processing of producing an instructional video using an Intel Core Duo iMac and iMovie. This content will be distributed primarily via broadcast over cable TV. Considering this, I'd like to be able to edit and view my dv footage on a TV mo[More]

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter and Mac mini (2009)

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Can anyone tell me whether the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter listed here: works with the latest Mac mini (early 2009)? If it does not what other solutions are there to connect to composite, component or s-[More]

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter - Can't get it to work!

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Bought the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter to hook up my Macbook to my TV. I tried it when it first arrived and it worked within minutes of setting up. Great! I go to set it up and use it again a week later, and it wouldn't work at all. I went throug[More]

Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter is not working. Please Help...

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I bought an Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter to connect my Macbook to a TV using normal video cable. When I connect the cable, my Laptop DIsplay gives a flickr once and then it shows nothing. I checked Display in the system preference where I don't ge[More]

Annoying mini-DVI to video adapter...

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I've been using a mini-DVI to video adapter, mostly to watch DVD's since my PS2 broke, for about a month. However, tonight when I tried to set it up, it didn't work. I plugged in the cable and the adaptor and the only thing that would show up on the[More]

FCP video out from mini-dvi to video adapter

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Is it possible to get the output of viewer / canvas from mini-dvi to video adapter for the external tv out. My configurations, Final Cut Pro 5.0 MacBook Mac OS X 10.4.8 Mini-dvi to video adapter for external output of video Need to find the solution.[More]

Using S-Video w/ the Mini DVI to Video Adapter

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I just purchased a MacBook last week and I also purchased a Mini DVI to Video adapter for it so I can use the built-in DVD player to watch movies on my TV. I have a composite to composite cable and that worked fine when I connected the cable between[More]

Mini-DVI to video adapter connects with S-video cord

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I see the picture, but no sound coming out of the tv. Sound only comes out of the MacBook. Any ideas?Hi mrs.Kurle: The S-Video cord doesn't caryy an audio signal. To get audio to your TV you will need a cord from the Audio-Out/Headphone jack to the a[More]

Mini dvi to video adapter issue

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I used it yesterday with no problem, but now it seems to not be working. I plug the adapter into my computer and the screen changes as always, but when I put my TV on video mode, it no longer comes through. Everything is plugged in normally but it ju[More]

Mini-DVI to Video Adapter

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Well being a new mac users (and loving the change greatly) I decided to use my brand new black macbook to it's fullest extent and make my own Keynote presentation. Although the final result is great I need to know if I can actually get it projected u[More]

Hi i have a table like the following Deptno Dname      Salary 10     Computer     2000 10     Computer     4000 10     Computer     3000 10     Science     6000 10     Science 1000 10     Science     4000 10     Science     10000 I want to insert dat [More]
Hi All, This is regarding Intra Comapny STO. There are 2 plants KH01 & JS01. JS01 - Receiving Plant KH01 - Supplying Plant JS01 raise the STO on KH01 plant. For JS01 receiving plant in Set Up STO --> Define Shpping data for Plant.Here we have maint [More]
I've recently hooked up my new (2 month) MacBook Pro 13 (mid 2010) to an external monitor, which is also connected to a PC on another input. In this dual display setup, the MBP local display has a Brightness Slider, but the External display does not. [More]
Hello everybody, I have to read from a file 500k instances from a file and the put them into a buffer. My solution at this task is to save all the instances in one string and the put the string into the buffer. Unfortunately this solution is very slo [More]
I am considering using Keynote instead of PowerPoint. 2 Questions: 1. Can you save a Keynote file as a PowerPoint file. That is, export to PowerPoint? 2. Can you import a PowerPoint presentation into Keynote? Thank you whoever.That one's a little mor [More]
Hello everyone I have recieved my YV+ box and everything seems to work ok apart from my extra bolt on channels, I am getting the dreaded IPC 6023 error - On Demand works ok, however I know its something to do with Multicasting. I cannot find anything [More]
   We have a large application that calls modules dynamically.  It has been working in LV 8.2.  We compile the main program and use "Source Distributions" to distribute modules for individual installations.  Thus these modules are LV source code [More]
I am trying to create a user interface in which a container at the top of the screen contains a drop down menu that will list a few graphs. I want the user to be able to select a graph from this list and then have the selected graph displayed in a se [More]
Hi All, My PC is down because of virus problems and I had Ora 10g installed on it for my personal use. Is there any website or URL on which one can log-on as practice database - just for hands-on training on Oracle 10g database and also for Oracle 10 [More]
I am a long-time iTunes customer, and have had little problems here an there with importing my music from backups, but nothing major.  After a recent backup restoration of my iTunes library onto a new computer, some of my songs are not "authorized&qu [More]