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How to use the MOS with CSI?

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Hi, My company just bought me the oracle vm 1 yr license and I now have the CSI number. I can go to the ULN and download the ovmcli stuff now for scripting However, I still look for how to read and download the support documents like: A Failure Durin[More]

Import error in Full=y

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Hi Few days back , i had a problem for export dmp file of entire database.But with help of the FORUM , i could success on creating full DMP file.Now i wanted to import that DMP file in to the target machine. as basic requirement of target server , i[More]

Access to metalink

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Hi all - quick question - I can obviously get to the forums ok but when I click on a Metalink document anyone suggests I read, I can't view it, I just get My Oracle Support screen coming up with a warning saying that 'Access to all other features fro[More]

OEM versus DG

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I setup the standby DG using scripts instead of using OEM. I also had Standby Redo Log created and everything seem to work fine. When I go to OEM to run "Verify Configuration" under Data Guard Section in OEM. The result came back and recommended[More]

Problem registering with ULN

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I tried to register a server with uln and the registration failed for some more other reason. I tried to run the registration again. It says: the system is already registered. But I don't see it under systems on the ULN Webpage. When I try to run up2[More]

Developer Days VM appliance - Cannot register to ULN using up2date

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Hi All, I would like to use the "Developer Days" Virtualbox VM as a test box. To bring OEL 5.5 up to date with the latest packages, I would like to add and register the system to ULN with my CSI #. However, when I enter up2date --register as roo[More]

Cannot register CSI

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I just purchased Unbreakable Linux and Personal Oracle plus one year of support (for both the database and ULN). Oracle Linux Network Support (System; 1 Year)     $xxxx     1     $xxxx Oracle Database Personal Edition (Named User Plus; 1 Year)     $x[More]

CSI Not found(not recognized) when running up2date --register

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I recently downloaded OEL 5.5, paid for the Network support option (which DOESN'T allow Support logging) but when I try to log in to download updates, I enter my username, password, the CSI provided me when I purchased the Network option but it error[More]

Registering on ULN

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Hi, how long does it take until I get access to ULN. About 8 hours ago I purchased 1 year of Oracle Linux Network Support. In my confirmation email it says it takes 1 hour: For Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) Access: Your CSI will be active within th[More]

ULN access and use

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I'm finally making some progress on setting up my OEL machine for ULN updates. Purchased a service contract, registered it on ULN, registered my machine with root# up2date –-registerthat was in itself an "experience". I was logged on via putty,[More]

Cannot run up2date --register

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Hi everybody, I have a linux machine that I have already registered to Oracle ULN network for more than one year.using up2date --register ..and by mistake i deleted the system from the ULN.. I wanted to register this machine again ...but when i execu[More]

ULN Registration website - can't see all servers

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When I login in to, I only see one server. How can I see all of the rest of our company's servers that were registered by a different admin? Who maintains that website? Is there someone that I can call? As[More]

Cannot register system thru up2date

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Installed OEL53 successfully. When I went to run up2date, I entered my login, password and CSI (a valid CSI for network support only) but when I try to go to the next step, I get a message that says to "go back so I can create a ULN" and I can e[More]

ULN support

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Hi We have just purchased Oracle Linux Network Support. This generated csi and order was placed. Now when we try and register with ULN account and attach CSi it does not allow us to register. following error The CSI you have entered is not valid for[More]

ULN registration error

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I am having a problem with uln_register. My account is in good standing with a valid CSI for 6 registrations to ULN. It accepts my username / password / CSI. Two screen collecting hw stats and rpm information flash by. It then says uploading data to[More]

Please help this n00b find his CSI number for Oracle Enterprise Linux 6!!!

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Hello everyone. I am a total n00b when it comes to Oracle Enterprise Linux 6. I downloaded the distro and installed it on a VM on my macbook tonight. I am trying to register with the Unbreakable Linux Network, but I have no clue what my CSI number is[More]

Unbreakable Linux Network Alert Icon - How to register?

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Hi, I just installed the Unbreakable Linux and when tried to use the up2date I get a message requesting to active my environment but I don't have a CSI as I'm an Oracle employee. Does anyone know how can I make it work? Thanks ClaudioHello John, I tr[More]

Link Oracle VM2.2.3 server to ULN channel within spacewalk 2

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Hi, recently we decided to take OVM updates under Spacewalk control. The issue I faced is that after creating proper channels and registering the OVM server in Spacewalk server, I don't see any channels that can be assigned to the particular client.[More]

Access (public) WebLogic patches without CSI / My Oracle Support?

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Hi, I would like to access a (hopefully public) patch to upgrade from WLS to WLS I am using the (publicly available) server for development as a contractor. However, downloading patches now requires to have a "My Oracle Support&quo[More]

CSI - My Oracle Support

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Hello, How can i set up a new CRMOD CSI to My Oracle Support Account. I know is not like the others oracle's products, but i don't know how. thanks.Hi - you shouldn't need to have a CSI number to register with My Oracle Support. You just need to use[More]

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