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how to trunk sg 300

Answers deny there is any password -- however, now and then I am asked to confirm that I am the person identified on the MY Yahoo -- I am asked for a username and password. An example is when I change computers and Yahoo or Mozilla does not recognize [More]
Hai, Is there any way using execute immeidate to pass the column name dynamically. I used to pass the column value as dynamic with the help of "Using clause" . But if i use to pass column name, it is giving numberic error at run time. Eg,. for t [More]
Hi, i have a very strange error when running my midlet inside the emulator of SDK 3.0 This midlet runs fine under SDK 2.5, and under Nokia emulator but in SDK 3.0 I have an almost silent crash of the emulator. The only message the console is giving m [More]
I think this is a common issue with the current version from what I've seen from a quick google search. The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-48). Then it asks to warn again or not, even though it comes up every time I [More]
Hi, following Scenario R/3<->ccBP<->HTTP I need correlation in the BP in order to identify the correct IDOC type. The problem is that the request and the answer from the HTTP partner contains the correlation identifier - but differenty. In the [More]
Hi all, I did a packman -Syu yesterday and following instructions relative to glib errors I also performed it by excluding glibc. This resulting in the problem that now I have old GLIBC ( so I don't have simlink of lib). After rebooting my system was [More]
My pc has windows XP. Whenever I try to connect to itunes store I get this error message 0x80092013. I already reinstalled itunes but did not work. Any solution? Thank you!Hi Mauro xp, Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities. If you can't conne [More]
I run out of memory space, apart from deleting files, is there anything I can do?Welcome to Apple Discussions! Yes, see my user tip: You can also get a Parallel ATA hard drive up to a [More]
My husband's iMac is in the shop. I can't remember if I set his computer to manual backup. (Stupid, I know) Anyway, is there a way to check our Time Capsule from my computer for last backup on his computer? TIAYes, follow the info in pondini.. to ope [More]
Hi , I have developed a report whose width (length from the left side... to right side , using a ruler) is 19,5cm at portrait...... The same report at landscape using a ruler is 15cm in width..... There are margins to both sides .... The report was p [More]