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Why is my internet search page gray?  I am able to search a topic, but the 'results' part of the screen is a medium gray color and it won't respond.  Any ideas?

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Why is my internet search page gray?  I am able to search a topic, but the 'results' part of the screen is a medium gray color and it won't respond.  Any ideas?Try clearing Safari's cache : Settings > Safari > Clear Cache (and Clear History) If that[More]

Hi All, In Webi, I am working on scheduling reports and was asked by a user if the scheduled report on Webi can display "No data for yesterday/no orders for yesterday" when the report returns no data due to No Orders submitted or a business holi [More]
Hi, I'm running OS 10.11 and am having some consistent problems with Mail and Safari on my MacPro Dual 2.66. Here they are: Sometimes, for no apparent reason, selecting these applications from the dock no longer opens the application (or a new window [More]
I think this is rather complicated and I really need some help. I am the pastor of the church and we have the enterprise system.  We use an exchange server if that means anything. I began with an iPhone 4 that connects with our system. And now I have [More]
How to mirror the videos from iPad using ios7 on the Apple TVEnable AirPlay on iPad to Apple TV To AirPlay video or photo content to your Apple TV 1. Connect your iOS device and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network. 2. Open the Videos, Safari or Photos [More]
if one of my instructors/contributors has a number of public courses published but still wants to post a few private invite-enrollment-only courses, can they use the one account or do they have to set the private course(s) up using a different Apple [More]
is there a way to get my monthly view on Calendar app to show the TIME? i am printing these out and viewing them on the computer and it is a bit aggravating to have to click on the actual item to find out what time the entry is. isn't there a way to [More]
Hi: The default text at the icon to collapse and expand tray are "Collapse Tray" and "Expand Tray" I want to change it, How can I do it? I read the API    and I can't find it. If you see the API's page it will be the icon's text next t [More]
Hi Please help me to get the Last friday and Last monday of current date using an sql query. If I am running query on 7th July 2008 ,it should give me Last friday as 07/04/2008 and Last monday as 07/07/2008 I need to compare it with another date file [More]
hi, i have installed clusterware on a 2 node system running on RHEL 5 i followed the prereqs , and solved all the errors i encountered after clusterware installation , it asks to run on all the nodes when i ran on second node it gave [More]
i would like to share the music i have on my ipod thru itunes on my blog. just dragging and dropping from itunes to iweb works but it makes for a mighty LARGE post. so i need to find another way... does anyone know of a way i can do that? thanks so m [More]