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HP touchsmart 420pc not starting


I have a problem with the touchsmart 420pc, after a running time (2 hour approx) is turned off,

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good afternoon, I have a problem with the touchsmart 420pc, after a running time (2 hour approx) is turned off, probably warming, but this rare, is suddenly going slow parapadear and image. also sounds like when damaged ballasts for lamps, ANYONE kno[More]

Memory modules not working on HP Touchsmart 600-1050sc desktop - update BIOS ?

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Hi I just bought 2 x 4GB DDR3 PC3 12800 memory modules from Cruical (see The modules does not work on my HP Touchsmart 600-1050 sc desktop. Acc to HP specs it should support 2 x 4GB (max 8[More]

HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 Ultrabook - Sound and Video Lags and Distortions

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This issue has been previously reported and noted as solved, but it is not solved. See the link to the other post below. Ways in which I attempted to address this myself... I first re-installed all drivers and updates, including BIOS updates. After t[More]

HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook. I accidentally deleted my audio.

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Product/Model: HP ENVY TouchSmart 4-1115dx 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3317U                  I was cleaning up my laptop by uninstalling things from the control panel, and I accidentally uninstalled my audio drivers and everything that has to do wi[More]

Audio problem; buzzing noise (HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4011nr)

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Hi, I recently bought an HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4011nr Ultrabook. I'm getting this annoying buzzing noise while listening to music or streaming movies. The store change my laptop for another one and after a few minutes listening I got the same b[More]


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My experience with this desktop has been very poor.  I have owned a computer since they have been offered to consumers and I say from experience that this is the worst computer I have owned.  I have been on the phone with techs twice for over an hour[More]

How do I resolve "BOOTMGR is missing" on startup of HP TouchSmart IQ816 Desktop PC (VISTA)?

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Product:  HP Touchsmart PC IQ816 Desktop OS:  Windows Vista Home Premium with Windows Media Center (64-bit) with Vista Service Pack 1 Error Msg:  "BOOTMGR is missing" "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart Changes:  No changes have been made to sys[More]

How do I download the solution center to my HP Touchsmart 310 pc

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I have a HP Touchsmart 310 PC with the Windows 7 operating system.  Back in January I started having trouble logging in on my page.  I was the only admin on the pc, so I could not access certain information or make any changes to the computer.  I fin[More]

On my HP Touchsmart 310 PC how do I increase the inactivity time on the display?

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On my HP Touchsmart 310 PC how do I increase the inactivity time on the display?   Windows 7, 64-bitHi, Please try Control panel > Power options > Change when the computer sleeps Hope this helps. BH **Click the KUDOS thumb up on the left to say 'Tha[More]

Cannot detect any wireless networks on my HP ENVY TouchSmart m7 j120dx

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Hello, My laptop won't pick up any wireless networks at all - I'm having what seems like a few different problems: 1.  Because the laptop won't pick up any wireless networks, I can't of course connect to the internet without using my ethernet cable.[More]

Getting a hp mce remote for touchsmart 300-1125

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I want to add a remote control to my HP Touchsmart 300-1125 and am thinking to order the 5070-5600 HP remote (random link: I wonder about two things: 1)[More]

VIDEO/LIVE TV Playback stuttery/jumpy after 20min on WMC, Win 7, Touchsmart 600-1070a

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A few weeks ago the playback of either recorded or live TV on my Windows Media Centre in Windows 7 on my HP Touchsmart 600-1070a PC started becoming jumpy after about 20 or so minutes of viewing.  I turn WMC off and back on, but it still lags about 2[More]

WiFi on TouchSmart 600-1350

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I have a wireless network in my home and my desktop (HP TouchSmart 600-1350 Desktop PC) was connected to it and now it is not. I have tried enable the wireless network (not found), I have disabled the ethernet connection (which there is no place to c[More]

Cant install any driver for Hp NVidia gt230 on Touchsmart 600-1055

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Last few years I bought a HP Touchsmart oversea when I travelled to US then I brought it back to Australia. First couple months it was fine then one day I turned on the PC then It is just black screen after the window 7 boot screen then restart after[More]

The touchscreen of my HP Touchsmart IQ532NL is not working at startup.

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Hi, I have a strange problem. When I start my PC (Touchsmart IQ532NL, Windows 7), the touchscreen is not working. It even does not make the beep sound when I touch the screen. After a while (10 minutes or so), the touch input suddenly starts working.[More]

TouchSmart 610 Touchscree​n is not working (windows 7)

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Hey guys, I have had my TouchSmart for about 2 years, and it's been near a year that my touch input hasn't been working, but since I wasn't really using it, I never followed up until last week. But I was pretty upset when I realized I had a 2 year wa[More]

HP Touchsmart model 310-1110A

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I have purchased a brand new HP Touchsmart model 310-1110A. ....The computer repeatidly stops working and places a blue screen with an STOP ERROR message saying the computer has been shut down to prevent any damage , the computer is only ( 1 ) month[More]

TouchSmart 600-1050 - Graphics Problem with MS Outlook

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I have a TouchSmart 600-1050. When I open MS Outlook, and then open the Calendar in a separate window, the window opens as non-maximized and everything is fine. When I maximize the window (I start in Week view), the tasks below each day do not stretc[More]

HP TouchSmart 610-1280qd CTO Desktop PC Fan Noise

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Hi, Can you tell me if a loud CPU fan is normal for this computer? The CPU fan is working very hard and the CPU and GPU are all ~38 degrees Celcius. The bios reports 1100 CPU Fan Speed and 3800 system fan speed. It sounds like my CPU fan is actually[More]

HP TouchSmart application will not start

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We purchased an HP IQ 526 TouchSmart desktop with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit machine approximately two months ago. We use Clearwire to connect to the internet. About a month ago the HP TouchSmart applilcation stopped working. It will not start[More]

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