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Can someone tell me how to make my mac book pro read an SDHC memory card? other 2 answers [More]
Hi there. I currently tried to reinstall my OS, so I did. I finish the expanding files part, but then I get the error message. I've looked at other posts, but I can't understand a word you guys say. Im not smart in computer so yea. I see a soultion t [More]
HI All, We are using Oc4j version 10g 10.1.3 , and while starting conatiner  getting below warning , let me know if anyone have solution for this,. 14/01/10 01:01:29 ********** user-manager (see application/server descriptors) will no longer be suppo [More]
I'm not getting something here: MBA & MBP, both Leopard, both iLife08. Access to each other's iPhoto albums is a bit weird - sometimes the opposing Mac shows up as "Shared" in the iPhoto nav pane, sometimes not. Seems that it works if: both [More]
I ended my account on April 21st (triple play) when my bill shot up $50, after discounts ended. I closed the account on April 21, and I was on automatic payment out of my checking account. The april bill was paid in full, and I asked that the automat [More]
Hello, I have a javafx Object called Flow extends Parent Class containing two labels. In this Object Construtor i do this this.getChildren.addAll(label1,label2); What i want is to set the two labels in a precise X and Y. I pass X and Y params for the [More]
I have been learning about MS OneNote. I like the functionality of this application. From a project management side of life it seems ideal! Currently, I have my hands dipped in multiple personal and professional projects. I would like to be able to m [More]
Hi, Oracle version I have a partioned table. I would like to keep stats up-to-date. Can I just run a single command to update table stats, indexes and partitions please? exec dbms_stats.gather_table_stats(user, 'TABLE', cascade=>true)or I al [More]
Replace the PS/2 ports by (e.g.) USB ports in later mainboards.Why? Don't use them if you don't need them.  I use a KVM switch for my 2 computers to share my monitor, keyboard, and mouse. PS/2 based KVM switches tend to have fewer issues than USB bas [More]
hey, I am working with WIN7 and adobe premiere pro CS4 and I have edited a  very simple short video. Now I am having troubles with exporting the  thing. When I export it, the win media encoder opens but (of course  after starting and finishing the qu [More]