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I recently undated software all around, reloaded windows 8 and upgraded to windows 8.1.  My iPod Nano (1.0.4) appears on my list of iTunes (11.1.3) devices. The summary tab for my iPod shows 928 manually managed songs (2 of 8 GBs still empty).  Howev [More]
Hi I am a IT admin for a company in Atlanta, Ga. I use apple at the home and love it. I have several users at my company that can't seem to understand simple file structures. So they are constently deleting, moving and overwriting files on there syst [More]
I was updating my ipod to the most recent version today when for some reason the update failed and my ipod is now stuck in recovery mode.  Itunes keeps giving me error messages (error 3014) every time i try to recover it.  uninstalling and reinstalli [More]
Nice Idea. Doesn't work though.I think it only works with Flash CS5.5.  Looks like in 5.5 they've implemented new JSFL command : "fl.getDocumentDOM().getSizeReportXML" that doesn't exist in previous versions.. Which is quite sad for us since we [More]
From When booting into single user mode, I often get a message on the console t_optmgmt: System error: Cannot assign requested addressand only the loopback interface is configured (lo0 inet, and [More]
Hi, I recently retrieved some data off of some some very old PowerMac computers, including some audio files. When viewed in OS X, these files are simply labled as Terminal Documents. Is there a way that I can convert the Terminal Documents into an au [More]
Today my speakers died, I don't know what is going on, pressing the volume control on the keyboard used to play a beeping noise, now nothing, and my iTunes won't play through the speakers either, what is going on???Sorry fixed the problem. Turns out [More]
I have an HP mutlifunction device and am trying to print multiple pages per page, however when I select 2 pages per page, 4 pages per page etc, it still prints a single page for each page. I have created a filter in kprinter as a workaround, but it l [More]
CanI remove file with package manager For example if there is a file /apps/cq/ui/widgets/source/widgets/form/RichText.js in Author Instance A, then I delete RichText.js file using crxde.  Then I create a package with filter /app [More]
Hello there, I have created a new dictionary domain ZZGROUP with a definition of Char 20. When I double click this I can see the number of characters and displayed output length both set to 20. When I click on the Value Range tab which allows me to e [More]