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Recently I've been having problems with my roommates watching me enter my password which forced me to change it periodically. Only now I can't remember what I changed it to most recently and restoring it to factory settings isn't really an option con [More]
Hi All, I am not a big expert in Photoshop, but I know how to use it. I hope I have chosen the correct community for this question. I want to create a design similar to something I have found in the internet. I have an image with a white background a [More]
I'd like to put some video footage on an SD-card and view it on my iPad with the camera kit. Importing it into iTunes is a hassle. My preference is to use HandBrake where I can select a default setting and 'go' - I not keen to experiment with audio s [More]
I am trying to set up the Mail application on my new Mac 10.5.6 and it is taking forever to load which leads me to believe I will get nowhere. I have already tried the "automatic setup" option with it to get my MobileMe mail onto it and it just [More]
We have been doing a lot of photoshop work recently in the office and have quickly run into a problem.  Due to some poor communication on my part, two of us ended up working within the same photoshop file at the same time on separate computers.  Unaw [More]
How to create a interface with NTR from SAP XI?Hi,     What do you mean by NTR ?... What are the details you needed...Please be clear and more elaborative as far as that you will get straight forward answers... HTH RajeshRead other 3 ans [More]
hi all. right now when i want an "identity copy" of a single cell i do an equation where i enter the equals size and i click in the cell i need. this maintains a link with the original cell. right now i need multiple cells (like five in a row) t [More]
Hi, Im referring to SAP notes  151603 The rest of the procedure is fine, but I got stuck with this on Preparation stage: (1. Establish whether you use a schema system or not. In the SAP system, choose the menu option "System" -> "Status& [More]
Can anyone tell me how to make my username field not case-sensitive? This is my code <html> <body> <%@ page import="java.sql.*" %> <% String username = request.getParameter("username"); String password = [More]
Hello to everybody I run iTunes 7.3.2 and all was ok, but suddently (somebody tried to copy a couple of songs from a CD-Rom to my iTunes but who knows how... but he may not be guilty of this malfunction) the mode "Party-Jukebox" is as it were bl [More]