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Ok, I will try to explain this as clearly as I can. I am having an issue with the IPTC information for an image (in this case keywords) reverting to a older version when I open the tiff image in photoshop CS6 compared to CS2. The keywords were added [More]
I have the following setup: 2811 router PVDM2-12DM modem module on motherboard NM-1CE1T1-PRI PRI card The PRI has a range of numbers assigned to it, but I need to be able to direct dial-in traffic to specific backend IP addresses, based on the number [More]
I've noticed that when a video podcast finishes, I'm dumped to the podcast listing that I played it from. When an audio podcast finishes, I'm dumped to the top menu. Why?Welcome to Apple Discussions! It appears that this is the way the software works [More]
Dear all i want to create daily,weekly,monthly,yearly analysis schedules.Hi I am not very sure how this is [possible through Std SAP but I have came across such situation. I have created a Z report like ZQAUDIT.In this report we have maintained a Tab [More]
My iPhone gets stuck during step 5 of 5 "Waiting for changes to be applied" while syncing with my iTunes Library. I'm using Mac OS 10.6.8, iTunes V. 11.1 and iOS 7Me too.  I tried: + deleting Caches + emptying trash + Applications > Utilities [More]
I'd like to change the HTML and CSS of my pages. How can I do this? Can I do this with snippets? How can I see the HTML and CSS of my various InDesign files? Is is possible?When you export either an EPUB or HTML file, the paragraph styles, character [More]
Hi people, After buying a new iMac (OS X 10.6.7) i asked the apple store to put applications from my previous iMac to this new 1. Including FCE 3.5 and the update to FCE 4. Since FCE never worked correctly after this i decided to re-install FCE 3.5 f [More]
I am trying to run a flash file in DW.  It is prompting for me to downlowd the newest version of Flash Player, but I already have it.  How does Dreamweaver handle necessary plugins to see html, .fla, .swf files? Thanks, Doc  The code in blue highligh [More]
Ok, I've done this a long time ago but how do I get a package to return a cursor? Here's my spec... CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE reservationhistory AS TYPE ResType IS RECORD                (resid integer,                status varchar2(2)); PROCEDURE ge [More]
I'd like to be able to highlight a video clip and take to "edit In" for either premier pro or premier elements in the dame manner of taking a pic to photoshop or photo elementsI'd like to be able to highlight a video clip and take to "edit [More]