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Hello, there: This should be an easy question for the gurus in here. I use a string attached to the url as the parameter string, which includes spaces. the system automatically converts them to %20, but when I receive them in my servlet using request [More]
I have two documents open On the source document, i want to drag a layer set from this document to a new one, but its not letting me What would cause this. My structure for the source document is >Set 1 Layer Set      >layer      > Adjustment Lay [More]
Hello, I'm doing an Access 97 -> Oracle 8.1.6 migration using OMWB After having done a complete successful migration including modification of the source database, we notice that the Memo to CLOB conversion apparently was not completely su [More]
What command would I use to block all internal access from a LAN, from reaching the internet? ThanksHi Well there are a number of ways to do it. One way - local LAN remote LAN access-list acl_inside permit ip [More]
hi, I am having a string type corresponding to the select attribute in my form bean. Since this select tag is inside the logic:iterate all the names of the select boxes are same. i.e myLabel in this context. So, how can i set the value to select box. [More]
Hi, How can we do different validations in message mapping and how can we trap them Pls suggest blogs. RegardsHi, you need to model them yourself with some standard functions like: - length - if - ifwithoutelse etc Regards, michalRead other 6 answers [More]
Hi All, I am having a funny problem with Weblogic Startup class.In the startup method, I am creating an instance of InitialContext. I called look up in this context for a bean's home. It works and it retuns the proper Home interface. But, when I use [More]
I've been trying to upload my website through MobileMe with a personal domain. In iWeb, every time I go to it, it says that I'm not logged into Mobileme. I've gone to my system preferences multiple times, logged out, and logged back in. It still says [More]
Version: Captivate 4 LMS: No Method of testing: Preview in browser Issue: I am creating a quiz that uses images and click boxes to assess the user's knowledge of MS Word.  Some of the questions involve 2 steps, so that the user has to click one spot [More]
   Premiere Elements 9 Troubleshooting- "The Username And Password You Provided Do Not Match. Please Try Again Later", this appears when I attempt to sign into youtube while trying to upload a video. I accessed youtube online to double check tha [More]