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I just purchased an iomega 400GB drive I need to be able to use it for files on both my G3 Mac and a Windows XP laptop, mostly for my itunes files. The drive is formatted in Fat32 or MSDOS but the Mac doesn't mount the drive. I've heard there is an a [More]
Hi to all, You know, there is a feature to customize automatic PO creation upon GR. The system uses "NB- Standart Purchase Order" document type. But, i need to use a different document type (like ZNB) that i have copied from standart one. How ca [More]
I connected a HDTv to my G4. The image was great but circles were ellipses. I changed the resolution several times but one lost everything on the panel. It looks like a dark curtain. Changing the sets mode to a different input and then coming back sh [More]
Hello Forum Amigos, This page has a problem in IE 6 which I cannot figure out. Any help would be much appreciated! If you look at the page with any newer browser, the section with the heading "What We Offer&quo [More]
I have a client with a large gallery and I am wanting to do pagination with prev next and page numbers. Has anybody seen this using the photo gallery module not just a webapp?Reset to older framework.Read other 2 answers [More]
hiiii,,,,i have a form in 6i where i am sending pdf file(by running report) to the other clients in the network,,now my requirement is that i want to protect a password with this pdf file whenevr i run new report ,,wat should i do.. plz help lovely s [More]
I did a search for Start Up folder on her computer and nothing. Might this be related to the HD being nearly full? If so, is there software out there which can quickly show me what is taking up so much space on her computer? It's on OS 10.4.11. Thank [More]
I'm using the 27" iMac. Does the newer bootcamp supports two finger swipe action on the magic mouse on Windows 7? Also, the scrolling action works but I can't seem to control the speed of the scrolling. Are these normal at this point?Hi, if not alrea [More]
Out of the blue my Tour has the hourglass popping up. The phone also is rebooting on it's own. I am ready fro an iPhone!Hiya! First things first, with the device powered ON, remove the battery, leave it out for a minute or so, then reinsert. see if t [More]
Hi All, May I know the options oracle provides to know the first non null value in a group Thanks in advancefirst_value(c1 ignore nulls) over(partition by c2 order by c3)FIRST_VALUE<a/> first_value(c1 ignore nulls) over(partition by c2 order by c3)R [More]