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Best workflow practices for iBooks Author re Enhanced Books?

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Hi I have already published one Enhanced iBook in iTunes (The Wandering Gorillas) about my research in Rwanda.  I am now working on several others which will contain much more interactive media - photos and video. I have vast amounts of unique photos[More]

Ibooks author image size

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Hello ibooks author new users, Any idea about the "good size" for a picture or photo in order to create a not too heavy ibook? I am working on a new edition of a 19e century old book in French. More than 20 chapters + 1 different picture for the[More]

How can I share iBooks authored by me using iBook Author on 2 different iPads synced to two different computors? Both iPads have different iTunes accounts.

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I am in the process of authoring an eBook using iBook Author.  The project is a work in progress and I want to share the draft with other collegues.  We each have our own iPads synced with other computers and we have different iTunes acounts.  I atte[More]

Can I move an ibook author file from one device to another?

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I have ibook Author on my Macbook and my Mac Mini.  If I start a project on my Macbook, is it possible to transfer the incomplete file to my Mini (where all my pictures and charts are stored) later to complete it? ~~ ChikanaJust like any other file,[More]

How do I add a widget to give a review or star rating for a book at the end of a book in iBooks Author?

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How do I add a widget to give a review or star rating for a book at the end of a book in iBooks Author? You know, how you buy books on iBooks and when you're finished reading it, there's a place where you can give a rating or review right there on th[More]

How do I update an iBook created in iBooks Author without losing old notes?

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I have been creating an iBook using iBooks Author. I export it as an iBook that I can open in iBooks on my computer and on my iPad. The challenge I am running into is that I highlight sections and make notes and want to keep those even as I add new c[More]

I have a JApplet that contains contains a JPanel which has several other components on the JPanel. The JApplet is an image query front-end which can be used to find images based on a single geographic point, a geographic rectangle or a geographic poi [More]
Working on a single computer with multiple users, I have set things up to allow each user to view and listen to the others' music libraries under the "Shared Library" function.  Can you then connect an iPod touch and copy music from a shared lib [More]
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE l_sql USING p_start_date, p_end_date RETURN sql%rowcount into l_count; Here l_sql is is selecting record from table_1 based on p_start_date, p_end_date and inserting record in table_2. There is some further process to be done on tab [More]
I have two questions: 1 - I left my mac at my home country and am in different country. I am currently using my iPhone with a new number and receiving imessages from my friends. Will these messages be automatically sync/pop up in my Mac. Does it mean [More]
HI all,  hoping to find some help here.   My 9810 is acting up.  None of the keys are working, even the 5 below the screen.  Sometimes the track pad works but not when it is pressed, and when the back botton works it puts me into sreach mode and look [More]
Hey, just got Fios installed this week and am liking it so far. Quick question... I had Cablevision before this, and they had it set up so that if you put on an non-HD channel using an HD set top box, it automatically switched to the HD version of th [More]
All, I have the below IIF statement in SSRS report based on a sharepoint list. However I get #Error only on certain lines For example when Item_Name = P001-P384D630Z01 I am sort of stunned at this point. All the other lines work except the one with a [More]
Hi, I need audio player and video player include by Mobile app. <s:VideoPlayer - not mobile optimized.First of all, thanks for your reply. second, the way i found is this:   sparkfuns IOIO device. i'm planning t [More]
When I try to run Premiere Elements 12 I get the error ..\..\Src\Core\Preferences.cpp-347, I've uninstalled and reinstalled as an admin, tried running as an administrator, I have also made sure that my quicktime player is up to date and every single [More]
My computer crashed and I lost my hard drive.  I have downloaded the Itunes on my new computer.   I am afraid to sync my I phone as I don't want to loose everything on it and my I Tunes is blank - not what I had previously. ????  Can someone advise?P [More]