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This is been talked about forever in this forum, but none the less, I can't find a satisfactory answer. My situation is the following: My webapp requires users to upload files to the server (actually, it is a file sharing app). The uploading itself I [More]
I'm hoping somebody can help. I jail broke my ipod a while back and now i want to update it, i tried looking for a new update but itunes keeps telling me that the ipod is already at the newest update, even though the newest is 5. something i am stuck [More]
I'm using the same color in a multi-page layout. When i copy a color box from one page to another, the color looks faded on some pages. WHY?! Thanks!So i checked the blend spaces - both are CMYK (as this doc will be offset printed). Something really [More]
I have an application which displays a picture in a 2D picture indicator and draws a few rectangles and lines on top of the picture.  The locations of these lines change throughout the day, and the application is designed to run minimized and then pr [More]
I am unable to use my camera while in a group call. The camera works, but whenever i try to turn it on through the call quality tab it says that there are too many people in the call/conversation. Even though there are only three to four people activ [More]
Hi I want to validate records whether its duplicate here i am inserting to a table and want to check whether its existing in another table and if not i need to enter the data.I return the following code but its returning error.I already removed the d [More]
I just replaced my router and now I'm having problems reconnecting my officejet 4500.Well on this printer you go into the front panel setup which you would hit the setup rench symbol to the right of the machine than find network  and then under netwo [More]
Hello Team We are working on one of the dimension on E- Tax (BI Apps). As part of the dimension we need to identify the Legal entity and the linked Fiscal Classification Type Code (Associated Fiscal Classifications) to it. This we are able to see fro [More]
Hi,      I am calling a webservice in Adobe form. I am using following format - http://<host:port>/sap/bc/soap/wsdl11?services=<service>@sap-client=<client> It works fine in LCD.. but in in SFP tcode getting the following error ADS: com. [More]
I have recently purchased several songs from the iTunes store, but when I try to play them on my iPod nano, the volume is too low. is there anything I can do about this? thanks in advance.Is it worth the $40? That's not something anyone but you could [More]