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TS3772 this is confusing. i thought i just installed quicktime, but it says to install it. again?

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This is confusing. I thought I just installed QuickTime, but iTunes says to install it. Again?iCloud will still work for free, i.e sync your contacts between ios devices and the cloud ( but for the calendar and addresses to sync with a win[More]

Error message when installing quicktime/itunes

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PLease help! I continue to get this error message when trying to install quicktime HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Quicktim e. What should I do? In lamens terms please, not very computer error messag[More]

When i open after effects it says that i didnt install quicktime but i already installed it what to do please help ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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when i open after effects it says that i didnt install quicktime but i already installed it what to do please help ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Like Mylenium says, check firewall, anti-virus, and other security software. If that's not it, read this: http://[More]

How do I get Streamclip AVI files that were saved without first installing Quicktime ALternative 1.81 to play in Premiere Elements 11?

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I had Hi-8 "home movie" tapes transferred to mp4 files. To pull many short clips from these long files, I used MPEG Streamclip 1.2. The default save for these short clips was mp4. Either they didn't work in Adobe Premiere Elements 11 or I though[More]

Error message when trying to install Quicktime 7.2

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When I try to install Quicktime 7.2 on my MacBook Pro, I get a message saying that there was an error and I need to try again. When I have tried via Software Update, it says it has moved the download to the trash. I am running OS 10.4.10. If it is an[More]

I receive the following error message when trying to install QuickTime for Windows "Error writing to file C:/Program Files/QuickTime/QTSystems/QuickTimeCheck.ocx. Verify that you have access to that directory."

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I recieve the following error message when trying to install Quicktime for Windows "Error writing to file C:/Program Files/QuickTime/QTSystems/QuickTimeCheck.ocx. Verify that you have access to that directory."  I just trying to get the latest v[More]

ITunes is telling me to install Quicktime to play my movies, but the download is for Windows 7 and I have 8.  What's the solution?

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iTunes says I need to install Quicktime.  When I clicked on MORE INFO, the Quicktime download is for Windows 7/Vista.  I have Windows 8.  I can play all movies except Dirty Dancing, altho I can play the extras...  Do I need to install Quicktime?Eithe[More]

What license do I need to install QuickTime on educational machines?

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I work as a technician and webmaster for Martin Luther College and we are looking into installing QuickTime onto our institutional machines. I am wondering what permission/licenses we need to have in order to do that along with what restrictions thre[More]

Running Windows 7 [64 bit]-Do I need to install Quicktime?

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Hello all, This is my first Post. I'm a Premier Elements 9 Newbee and want to know if Apple Quicktime is needed with Windows 7? If so, do I download the 64 Bit version? My Premier Elements 9 software is working fine without it. I'm using a Canon Vixi[More]

Can't install Quicktime on Windows 7

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Whenever I try to install Quicktime, I get the following error message: "Quicktime Installer Completed The installer encountered errors before the requested operations for Quicktime could be completed. To retry these operations at a later time, pleas[More]

My Quicktime will not open, and therefore when I try to play a video I get a message saying I need to download Quicktime, but I cannot do that as when I try, I get a message saying I already have it.  How do I un-install Quicktime so I can re-install it?

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I am having issues with Quicktime.  It would not open, so I tried to "delete" it and re-intall.  When I did that, it would not let me install it and I got a message saying it could not install because I already had it. So, I guess what I need to[More]

I have installed the latest version of iOS in my ipad but forgot to backup the content, what should i do!!! I don't want my media and other data erased, how can i find back all the data in my ipad? I haven't restore ipad yet, so any others way can be use?

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I have installed the latest version of iOS in my ipad but forgot to backup the content, what should i do!!! I don't want my media and other data erased, how can i find back all the data in my ipad? I haven't restore ipad yet, so any others way can be[More]

HT4284 How do I install Quicktime 7 on my Win8.1 OS?

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I have Windows 8.1 OS on my new laptop, and in order to use a feature in photoshop, I need to install quicktime 7 or higher. The free download on this site says that quicktime 7 only supports up to Windows 7. What can I do to get quicktime 7 on my Wi[More]

How do I install Quicktime Streaming Server?

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How do I install Quicktime Streaming Server? Thanks Mac mini G4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  The Apple-supported QuickTime Streaming Server only comes with Mac OS X Server. What you need it QTSS's open-source twin Darwin Streaming Server. Download that, open[More]

A extremely weird and crazy problems trying to install Quicktime

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For the last couple of hours I've tried every angle to try to fix this problem. Now the crazyiest part of this is not only can I not install Quicktime but I can't even download a file that has "quicktime" in the name. If I try to download any ve[More]

Error message I receive when trying to install Quicktime 7.3...

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I keep receiving this error message when trying to install Quicktime 7.3. I have removed anything Apple or QuickTime from Add/Remove, but at the end of the installation I keep getting this error mesage: "The older version of QuickTime could not be re[More]

Can't Uninstall/Install Quicktime...

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Basically, I want to uninstall my old version of quicktime. I basically corrupted it (I believe) because it won't open. When I remove the app from my mac, it's no longer there. However, whenever I'm trying to re-install using the official Quicktime 7[More]

Can't Un/Install QuickTime due to "QuickTime.msi" being "unavailable"

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I'm trying to install iTunes version 9, but at the end of the installation it returns an error saying that it can't install quicktime because it cannot uninstall the older version. I have traced this error back to the fact that the unintsall wizard c[More]

Error 46 when installing QuickTime

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Every time I try to install Quicktime I get error 46 cannot find or load Quicktime ActiveX control. I have tried every variation of relaoding iTunes and Quicktime, Stand alone version together nothing seems to work. My iTunes loads fine and I can pla[More]

Problems installing Quicktime

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When installing Quicktime, I get the error message that says C:\Documents~1\Megan\Locals~1\Temp\IXP972.TMP\ cannot be found and that the old version cannot be removed. Ive tried finding this file, deleting temporary files and nothing works. Any sugge[More]

i lost my entire itunes library when burning a disc. i visited the genius bar at the local apple store and was shown how to restore it, and it worked. HOWEVER when i reconneted my ipod it said that it was not the default ipod for itunes. as i have ex [More]
I asked about difficulty with the Vaults pane in this thread: I do not have a solution, but after deleting all Aperture related files and re-installing from disc (Aperture 2.0) the pr [More]
Hi there, I upgraded to lion but backed up my disk using time machine beforehand. Now time machine is not recognised and want to be set up again. I have files in the time machine that I need to see but can not access. I still have the apple works 6 f [More]
Hi friends, Small qns...Can u plz ans..i have routine for source field in transfer rules u2026 Now I donu2019t want assign any routine, constant, source field or formula for that source object and I want to delete that routine assignment..How we will [More]
Hi , I am using the extractor 2LIS_04_P_MATNR for production orders. The user is not interested in the orders which have AFPO-DNREL = X and  AFPO-XLOEK = X. But this extractor is not delivering those 2 fileds. Even if i enhance the xtractor with this [More]
Hi, I have FM8 and RoboHelp HTML 9. When I open a new project and try to import a FrameMaker document or book I get the "unable to install robohelp plugin for framemaker" error. I tried with FrmaMaker open and closed - same thing. With RH7 it us [More]
For the price and because my application is static I want to use a numerical camera for take photosIf you mean by numerical camera, a commercial camera, there are several possibilities. If the camera has an analog video output (NTSC, PAL), then an NI [More]
Hi! This is my first posting over here! How do I connect to the internet at the library using an ethernet cable? It's a blueberry iBook with Mac OS 9.2.2 I have an ethernet cable I don;t know what the IP/subnet etc... is They do have ethernet plugs a [More]
I own a Dell Inspiron laptop for about a year - running Win 7 and having Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013.   have downloaded Adobe Flash Player from your site innumerable times but continue to have problems when requiring its use.  Get msg [More]
This is embarrassing but I need to know: How EXACTLY does one use the styles pallette? I am using the polygonal tool on a jpeg, then I want to fill in the space with a style but I simply do not know how. Yes, I have read my photoshop online help over [More]