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How do I install ringtones on my 4S?

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How do I install ringtones on my 4S?  I don't see a ringtones section in my iTunes so I can't put them anywhere. Help...please. IndiAsk the app developer.Read other 2 answers[More]

Is there a way to access photo information when viewing on iPhone?

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Using iPhone 5S/ IOS 7.1.1.   In iPhoto I have edited my pictures with information (i.e., name of photo, description).  I would like to access (at least) the name of photo/file on my iPhone.  Any way to see the photo file name on phone?I cannot belie[More]

Is there a way to pre-set the alarm volume on iPhone?

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Is there a way to pre-set the alarm volume on iPhone? Every evening I have to remember to adjust the volume to 3 bars, versus full volume during the day.I cannot believe this problem hasn't been rectified yet! If I use the pre installed ringtone as a[More]

How do I install a downloaded ringtone to my Droid x2????

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I purchased and downloaded a ringtone from Verizon.  I opened and 'saved' the ringtone.  But I don't know where it was saved or how to retrieve it or how to install it.  I checked my 'music' files...but it is not there....where do I find it and how d[More]

I'm supposed to declare to fractions and then add, subtract, mulitply, and divide them. (3, 4) (2, 3) The outcome is supposed to look like this... Number 1 is 3/4 Number 2 is 2/3 Reciprocal of 3/4 is 4/3 Reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2 3/4 + 2/3 is 17/12 3/ [More]
I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge; love the phone, it works great. The downside is that Firefox doesn't seem to work properly, it goes from extremely low while displaying Web pages to not displaying anything at all. At first I thought [More]
What are the differences seen while using the above two tabs in Sales Module? 1. AR Down-payment Request 2. AR Down-payment InvoiceHi, Please check thread: Down Payment Invoice/Request Difference between A/p down payment request and invoice Check thi [More]
Bonjour is a very exasperating piece of stuff.  I am trying to get a printer attached to a Mac to print a document from Windows 7.  Bonjour installs properly, I think. The Windows machine (connected by ethernet, not wirelessly) sees the printer on th [More]
Hello Experts, I have got situation for subcontracting scheduling agreement where client doesn't need confirmation control. They want to perform GR against scheduling agreement after creating delivery schedule without extra activity(Confirmation). Pr [More]
Does Dreamweaver have the ability to open two websites at the same time? I basically have a CMS hosted on one server, that connects to my clients sites on other servers. I want to be able to open files on one server and edit them and also edit files [More]
I had to re-install the HD on my Mac Book Pro. I used a Time Machine back-up for all the apps and files. Most were restored, However, I cannot unlock a number of them. I tried changing the permissions using Get info but it is not working. I am using [More]
I have colleagues using outlook and I of course use mail. When they send me meeting requests I get a .ics file I can use in iCal. The details of the .ics file (e.g. agenda) displays OK in mail. But when I want to print the mail to take to the meeting [More]
Hi Experts, I am implimenting FPN environment with BI portal.I have lot of BI reports in my i would like to create a overview page to combine all BI reports in to one page Like our ESS overview page.can any body pleae suggest  me? Thanks , [More]
Hi all,  I am facing some issue with ssrs expression.  I used below expression to show sum of budget.  =Sum(  CDbl(Fields!Budget.Value)) When I preview the report it shows #Error in that textbox.  Please help me to fix this one , I am not getting whe [More]