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iphoto 8.2.1 upgrade

Hey, all...I'm having a really major problem with my computer. I'm trying to move my iTunes library to a new hard drive. Currently, it's in a 1-terabyte Western Digital USB drive powered through the USB, and I'm trying to move it to a Seagate 1-terab [More]
Hi Experts, Please refer following link: Using this link, I am able to find out the perno. I have to find out OrgUnit of selected person. I did the mappin [More]
Hello, We are quit happy using SSGD. There is 1 requirement what can't be filled with my current knowlegde. Using the clipboard you can copy/paste data from your desktop into the SSGD session and vice versa. Is there a possibility to log the informat [More]
img src="" After a problem with iWeb '06 I discovered, with help from members here and on eBay, that I can use MM Gallery for eBay. You Control-Click your Gallery picture to get its URL a [More]
Hi All, I'm trying to create a fresh 11i instance and during the database stage i hit this error. After creating the control files the system is trying to open the database, and shows the following in the error log <adcrdb_SID.log> Connected to an i [More]
Any program for blocking unwanted calls pls.Depends on who/what calls you want to have blocked. If it is telemarketers - you can register your number with the Do Not Call Registry. I had a problem with telemarketers last [More]
Hi Using Forms/Reports on SLES11 If I generate the report output in PDF and the output is landscape, then openning the PDF up using web.show_document (in Adobe Reader) is fine and it shows in a wide format even if sometimes it doesn't show t [More]
I don't like antialiasing and always turn it off. Everything is ok, except modern fonts on the web. They look realy ugly. Is there any way to improve their rendering without antialiasing? Thanks in advance!Hi ryvasy - I'm no expert, but from what I u [More]
I have just updated from a dual G4 to a MacPro. It came with iWeb '08. Previously I was using iWeb '07 (v1.x). I can see all pages just fine, but when I publish it to DOT-mac the content is missing. All I can see is a message "Blog Summary Widget&quo [More]
Hi, Can any one please tell me what does the SAP APO APPLICATION field value of "0" signify. This field can be seen in RRP3 view. "0" means INITIAL. Thanks, SSHi SS,  It's actually not simple to comment for 0. I see that it's there for [More]