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Oracle 10 isqlplussvc fails to start

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I am working on building a new ECC 6 EHP4 system on Windows Server 2008 64 bit. I am installing Oracle and at the end of the installation I receive the following error: "Failed to start the service, Error: 0, the operation completed succes[More]

Failed to open service OracleDEV102TNSListener , error 1060

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Dear Consultants, I have been trying to install ECC6 , Oracle on Windows 2003, and my Hardware is RAM --2 GB HDD -- 300GB I am having intel duo core processor and iam using Gigabyte motherboard,Intel chipset. My Installations stops at Import_Abap pha[More]

Bit locker drive encryption failed due to power failer and hard disk corrupted

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I ran Bitlocker drive ecryption drive D. My pc is windows 7 ultimate, while it was in progress of 1% due to power failer the encryption failed, when power resume the drive didn't showed the file format nor the size but it shows the size in disk manag[More]

Cannot send email from my Touch (connection to smtp server fails)

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Hello, I have a new iPod Touch with 1.1.4 and the January apps. I am having a problem setting the Mail application. I am trying to connect to the IMAP/SMTP servers at my university. I am using the exact same settings and passwords I use on my laptop,[More]

BSI ConnectToDataSet...failed

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Hi We have a problem with the BSI, we had been getting a dump "RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE", I followed the SAP Note 1068271 for the debug, and the result is: =Thu Jan 22 11:53:37 2009 =SAP AG, Walldorf - Business API for BSI TaxFactory 8.0 =RfcAcc[More]

Installation of IPC AP 7.0 Jar is getting Failed when uploading in CRM

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Hello Experts, we did some changes in the previosly uploded version of IPC AP 7.0  customer user exit Jar file in eclipse. While uploading the new modified jar through transaction /SAPCND/UE_DEV in CRM we are getting error :" installation of module &[More]

Upgrade to ERp6 phase STARTSAP_NBAS error: DDIC login fails

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Hi During an upgrade from 4.7  to ERP6  I get the following error message in phase STARTSAP_NBAS: SYSTEM START failed, code -2 -2: the test rfc did not work. Try to log on to the system with user DDIC When I try to log on to the system as user DDIC,[More]

Running workbook from .bat fails to start application missing CORE40 dll

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I have been running several workbook via windows task scheduler / vbscript &/or bat files. I now have a new box which I access thru Remote Desktop Connection, so I can run all these automated updates without having my screen blinking everytime a shed[More]

Due to my laptop screen failing i have to return to facory settings, can i reinstall adobe reader and adobe air afterwards?

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Due to my laptop screen failing I have to return it to factory settings, can I reinstall adobe reader and air afterwards?I don't see why not. Do you foresee a special difficulty?Read other 2 answers[More]

Downloads to documents folder fail due to parallel upload

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Hi, mobile documents is a great tool that I use to replicate all business relevant documents to mobile clients. However there is one great disadvantage for me. When you download a file that is a bit larger (>1 MB), during the download the client will[More]

Jabber call to voice mail fails with fast busy over VPN

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I have an issue that I ran into with CIPC phones over a VPN.  If a CIPC phone called over a VPN and started ringing a phone the call would fail with fast busy at the time the call would be forwarded to voicemail.  I found the issue was when remote th[More]

Gmail access fails on safari. But it works when i login as administrator. Please help!

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I am unable to use gmail from a regular user account on my iMac.It fails with an error string that ends with "... becasue Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server "". " I have tried resetting safari a[More]

SSL VPN, "Login failed" and "WebVPN: error creating WebVPN session!"

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Hi, Just ran the wizard for Anyconnect SSL VPN, created a tunnel group, a vpn pool and added user to it. When trying to logon on the SSL service, it simply says "login failed". I suspect that the user might not be in correct groups or so? some r[More]

New C310 - Wireless working FAIL - Printer's wireless network seems to be dead

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Product: HP Photosmart Premium C310 OS: Windows Vista 64 bit and Windows 7 64 Bit Error: Wireless working: FAIL Changes: No changes since this is the first install of this printer ever Description: I've just unpacked my new C310 as a replacement for[More]

Itunes wont open and when re-installed received this msg: Service Apple mob device failed to start.  You have insufficent privileges to start system svc.  Help?

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Itunes wont open and when re-installed received this msg: Service Apple mob device failed to start.  You have insufficent privileges to start system svc.  Help?Download Itunes from, not from within Itunes. Redo the install, following the be[More]

Hi there, I am trying to connect to my server at work from home using a vpn connection. It connects fine and the time ticks along, but when i click go - connect to server, it comes up with connection failed. Please help!

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Hi there, I am trying to connect to my server at work from home using a vpn connection. It connects fine and the time ticks along, but when i click go - connect to server, it comes up with connection failed. Please help!... when i click go - connect[More]

I was updating Firefox from version 6 to version 7, after updating I tried to open Firefox and the message I got is this: This application has failed to start because xul.dll was not found. How can I fix this?

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I was updating Firefox to the newest version 7.0.1 from version 6.0.2 I think it was, I clicked the restart Firefox button that always comes up after updating. It started updating and then Firefox never restarted like it was supposed to after it was[More]

Safari Fails to open and crashes after restoring MBP from Time Machine

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I recently restored my information from Time Machine to a replacement MBP and every time I attempt to open Safari I get a message stating Safari failed to open. Any suggestions to solve this problem? Here is the Error Message Details: Process:       [More]

Error in report generation-Load report failed

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I have installed crystal reports  for VS2005 runtime in my live environment.When i try to load the report file from a .Net page i am getting the error'Error in Report generation-Load report failed'. This works fine in development and testing but when[More]

SWPM - System Copy - Assertion Failed Unable to load database

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Hello again, (already the next question form me, sorry for this I am executing a sysetm copy (DB-refresh) on ASE using SWPM. However, in "Configure Components" step I get the error: Assertion failed. Unable to load database <SID of Target Sys[More]

I don't want to just choose between high quality print or smallest file size. I want to export it from 60MB to 40MB. Can I do this manually? When I use smallest file size the quality is too low and the content looks bad. But high quality print export [More]
When I open Itunes 10.5 and itunes store, nothing shows.  I Deauthorized all computers and reauthorized and still store is emplty.With those symptoms, the following document might be worth a try: iTunes 10.5 for Windows: May see performance issues an [More]
Hi, Earlier today I went to burn a 2 small Word files to a blank CD-RW, and ever since my iMac's internal DVD/CD-writer has been playing up. When it went to burn the disc, it got stuck in the preparing phase (with the moving diagonal slashes progress [More]
Hi All, We have come across a situation regarding Purchase Info Record. In my organization setup 99% of the cases, the buyer will only need to create the PIR header data, without purchasing org or plant details. As such, the buyer will create a stand [More]
I backed up the photos and videos to the external drive, and then I retrieved from it, before I retrieve it, I restored my computer to the origianl manufacture status, and then after I retrieved the photos back, the iphoto can not be opened saying : [More]
I'm making a PDF document interactive, no problem, all links are working. BUT despite taking great care to ensure that when setting links that the pages have the same dimensions, when saving and going back into the linked document some of the pages a [More]
My iphone 4 is dead with water damage. Is there a way to recover data from the dead phone. Could any one help where exectly the memory chip (not RAM) resides in the phone. Is it on the motherboard or a seperate component in the phone?The iPhone's int [More]
Hey Everyone, I am highly dependent on my phone for its BIS service but currently I can't use it, my 9810 can be used for calls and texts but anything that inolves the internet can't be done. In the browser area it shows a full signal indicator and a [More]
AE CS4 Using set-in and out points on a 35 min video I extracted some part of it, I wanted to apply Timewarp using AE, but when I try to create a new composition and apply the Timewarp it gives me the previous clip. I purged it (AE) [Edit-Purge-all] [More]
I have several Pdfs...  default was to open pdfs in acrobat and when I click within ibooks it opens in acrobat. I changed the default app for PDFs from acrobat to iBooks  and now it just hangs... it won't open any books at all. I don't have this issu [More]