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FCP serial number recovery.

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I have had a major hardware fault, and have had to buy a new laptop!!! I have recovered my data from Time Machine, but all my serials for FCP don't seem to have transferred, and the ap won't run! Luckily I have access to the old laptops HDD (via and[More]

FCP Serial problem

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Hey, I recieved my FCP STUDIO 2 in the mail today; I am upgradeing from Production Suite ( FCP 4.5, DVD Studio Pro 3, etc... ) I go to install and I enter the first serial key ( the one from FCP S2 ) and then it asks for my old number. I assumed it w[More]

FCP serial number help

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I am running FCP Academic version 5.1.4. After the initial install everything was fine. All of a sudden, every time I start FCP, it asks for the serial number. Has anyone run across this and if so, a solution? Thanks.Using the Finder, navigate to the[More]

FCP serial no. lost

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I just had my macbook repaired (new video card) by apple. Now when I try to access FCP it pops up a screen for serial number and name. I purchased the software about a year ago and cant find my serial no. page. Is there a location on my HD to find th[More]

Original fcp serial lost and only upgrade serial available

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I am want to reinstall FCP 6 and have the media and serial number for the upgrade but dont have the original serial number from the retail package. Can I get some assistance with this. The application is still running, but I want to reinstall. Is the[More]

Apple won't accept my FCP serial number

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I am just trying to update software. I am having huge export issues. I am using 5.1.4 & 10.5.5 I am also thinking they may not like each other. Anyone know why this might be. I have entered it correctly TIAThanks David. I am using compressor just now[More]

FCP Viewer Problems

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when watching my clips in the viewer clip play for a few then the picture pauses but the play head keeps moving then it starts up again then pauses... what settings in the preferences am i missing? also i was getting dropped frames alot [even when on[More]


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FCP 5 Motion 2 DVD Pro 4 I have made 4 FCP movies so that I will have plenty of memory I have purchased 4 external hard drives (LACIEs) each one is named LACIE 1, LACIE 2, LACIE 3, LACIE 4. I have logged and captured video from a camera to each of th[More]

Upgrade to G5 and FCP 5 from a series of FCP upgrades, 1 through 4

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I will be upgrading to FCP 5 on a new G5. I bought FCP 1.1, and have steadily upgraded to FCP 2, 3 and 4. Since the new G5 will NOT have OS9, and since I would need OS9 to install FCP 1.1 in order to upgrade to 2, 3, 4, etc., will I be forced to buy[More]

Reset serial number

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Hi, I want to make a copy of my system, including FC Studio to another editset G5. Is it possible to reset the serialnumber of FCP/FC Studio, so I can enter the serial for that editset?? So can I reset/delete an FCP serial number? Regards, Marlon Bos[More]

Where is my quick time pro serial?

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I have a Final Cut Pro 7 Box, with all Applications in it. But there is no Quick Time Pro Serial Code? And the FCP Serial isnt working for that one.There is no "serial number" as the registration is automatic during the Final Cut install.Read ot[More]

My Motion 2 is telling me that the application quit unexpectedly

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I'm sure it has been brought up before, but I don't see many people here with MOtion 2 and I wonder if that will make a difference. Here is my situation: I had a new hard drive installed on my MacBook Pro. When I went to log into the computer it didn[More]

Timeline has over 2 minutes of black added to projects?

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Hi, Ive been a FCP user for 5 year and all went well but a few months ago i started getting this weird thing where when i would export out my videos would have 1-5 minutes of black at the end of them. I have un and re-installed the program, i have tr[More]

Final cut pro books

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hiya guys... ive just bought fcp 5 and didnt realise how tricky it would be to get into... im used to adobe premiere on the pc but recently converted to the mac... anyone got any suggestions for final cut pro 5 books which would suit me? cheers, robW[More]

Trouble importing LiveType into FCE

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I am trying LiveType for the first time with my video. I have created the file in LiveType and then tried to import it into FCE. When I view the background in the viewer it looks great. When I drag it to my movie and try Insert I get an error that sa[More]

Weard lines when importing

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hi ive been using fcp for a while but now 4 sum unknow reasion im getting these weard lines when im importion n sum thing seemed to of changed the import window seem a lot smaller in size now where b 4 it was quite big now it's more that half the siz[More]

Trying to install CS3 on my old PowerPC Mac

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Ive put in my serial in photoshop CS3, and went to go activate it and im over my activation limit. I cant deactivate it on any machine since i am installing it on this machine fresh from reformatting the hard drive. I tried calling adobe and of cours[More]

FCPro serail number

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I've lost my FCP serial number, doesn't Apple keep a database of all my registered products, if so, how do I get it?If you still have the documentation that came with the FCP package, you should find the serial number on two stickers affixed to the f[More]

FCE not seeing new Live Type files correctly... (Leopard issue?)

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There appears to be a problem in LiveType and FCE as of Leopard. LiveType files created BEFORE Leopard was installed import fine, but files created AFTER Leopard was installed will not import and return an error: File Error. 1 File Recognized. 0 Acce[More]

Compressor doesn't work after migrating

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I just bought a new MacPro 2.66 Quad Core and migrated everything from my old Mac Pro (Dual). I had to re-enter my FCP serial - FCP works fine. Compressor does open but when I want to submit a job it tells me "unable to submit to queue", make su[More]

Hi All, I am using BI Publisher to generate my reports but I stumbled on a big problem... I have a table with a column TASK_DESCRIPTION. This column is a CLOB containing a simple HTML coded page. When a user works with the application he sees a nicel [More]
Hello, I currently have MS Project Professional 2010. Our business is looking into possibly upgrading our system but we need the team planner view in whatever we choose. We currently have hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks linked to resource [More]
In Pages '09, you could set a function key as a keyboard shortcut to apply either paragraph or character styles. But I don't see this in Pages 5.0. Have they taken it away or is there another way to do this? This feature was key for me-it saved me a [More]
Hello, i have a thread safe DLL and most functions are called from serveral threads from the LV apllication without problems. In case of an error i have to call an error handler function in this DLL (like WinAPI: GetLastError()) from the same thread [More]
Hi all, I need to add new updateable columns-attributes to an standard VO. (oportunities in sales module). The problem is that this columns are not in the EO, so my question is how to add this columns to the Extended EO, so I can use them in an exten [More]
Hi all, I'm getting a little frustrated here... I've built a looooong (10,200 pixel) parallax scrolling site, when I click 'Preview' it plays like a dream, but when I render the HTML, view in browser or publish to business catalyst to view, it just j [More]
When I add photos to an email by dragging them in from iphoto the quality of the photos reduce. How can I retain the original quality. PhilipWhen I add photos to an email by dragging them in from iphoto the quality of the photos reduce. Philip, dragg [More]
I have recently bought Lumia 720 and when I am trying to find mix radio or nokia music store under nokia music; it's just not showing up. Is the service not available in India and if so; when will it be available or there is some problem with my devi [More]
Hi everyone,           I use Weblogic Server 9.1. I developed a Web Application that I packaged using the .war format. Some global settings are read from a configuration file in the init() method of a servlet called mypackage.MyServlet. In this servl [More]
Why does Photoshop CS3 crash after using and uninstalling Cs 5.5 trial?Thanks, I reinstalled Photoshop CS3, but when using Sitegrinder I get a message that the Flash plugin needs to be installed. This has never happened before. Where do I get Flash p [More]