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IW31/IW32 User exit to kick off on clicking enter

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Hi All, I have a requirement which is as follows. In transaction IW32 if I go to partner data for an order and put a partner number and when I click enter, a message should be displayed for the user.It could be an error or warning message. The user d[More]

User-Exit at Save for KL01

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Hi, Is there any user-exit at save for transaction KL01. Here is my requirement. Where ever am employee is hired in HR ( transaction PA40; Action = Hire) i have to automatically create an Activity Type ( t.code : KL01 ). I am doing this in user-exit[More]

User exit on SAVE event in tranasaction CS01

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Hi all, Please tell me user exit on save event in transaction cs01. Thank you.Hi, Check the following user exits. PCSD0001            Applications development R/3 BOMS                           PCSD0002            BOMs: Customer fields in item       [More]

IW32 : User-Exit/BADI on Change of User Status

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Dear All,                                  My requirement is to do some validations when a user changes the User Status of a Service Order to  'Cancel'. I am unable to find a user-exit/badi which will get trigerred when the above process occurs. I di[More]

USER-EXIT on SAVE event for IE01

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Hi, I need USER-EXIT on SAVE event for t-code IE01. EXIT IEQM0003 work only first time after pressing "SAVE". IF i press "SAVE"  second time equipment will be created. Edited by: andriy.hulyk on Jan 26, 2012 12:45 PMHere is my code: IF[More]

User exit after save for purchase order create/change

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After generating the purchase order no (ME21) i need to save that PO no into a custom table.....can u plz tell me such user exit where i can do this???Hi,    BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST. 1. Method to implement would be POST. 2. Method POST has parameter[More]

Need BADI or EXIT after Save of BP data

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Hi, I am replicating BP data from ISU to CRM. My data is coming smoothly. I need to do some enhancements in CRM side after BP data of ISU will get save into CRM. I need a BADI or EXIT in CRM which will call  after my ISU data will get Save into CRM.[More]

User exit for save data in T.code PA40 ABAP-HR

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Hi Expart, what is the user exit which is trigger when we save the data through pa40 transaction which check the latest update in the database. Kindly give me exit name .Hi Vikash , Please refer to below Exits : HRPBAS01            User Exit for HR M[More]

MIRO - User Exit during SAVE: Read items & Update header

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Hi there! During MIRO after pressing save... I search for an user-exit or BAdI, to READ ITEM DATA and UPDATE HEADER DATA (XBLNR) after SAVE but before UPDATE. I have searched this forum, but with no luck. Many more then me seem to have the same probl[More]

User exit for save button in transaction code CBIH82

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HI All. i have got an issue with finding of user exit for transaction code cbih82. my functional consultant want me to go for exit CBIH_LB39_UE_POST_COMMIT (se37) but i cont find any user exit in this function module as it is triggering when i click[More]

Exit and save in LMS

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Hello, I am having problems saving the results in our LMS after closing the quiz. I have seen several solutions pass, but so far none seem to work. - I've set the end action to Close Project. - After the quiz created another slide with a button, whic[More]

User Exit at Save during post-diffrences step in MM07 !

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hi friends, On the step in mm07 during save of the document , i need to capture the corresponding material document number generated.For this i refferred to exit                   EXIT_SAPMM07M_001  of enhancement : MBCF0002 but it gets triggered jus[More]

EXIT after save in VL02

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Hello everyone, Can any one let me know are there any exits or badis which trigress after saving the delivery into the database I need a exit or badi which only triggress after the deliveery has been created at the last in vl02. Regards, ReginaldoHi,[More]

On 32.0.3 startup loads homepage, but on exit no "Save & quit"

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I have FF load my homepage & Google. Last version on exit would ask me about "Save & quit." Now it just quits and all my tabs are dumped.If you have multiple browsing windows open then you need to use File > Exit or the button in the[More]

User-exit or Customer Exit while save of Invoice (VF01)

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Hi, I want ot sand mail on the time of click on save button of VF01. Can any one tell user-exit or Customer exit which hit while save of invoice. Regards Durgesh KumarHello, You can use RV60AFZZ. Please check sy-tcode = 'VF01' on this user-exit. Rega[More]

MIRO - User exit at save to put on a payment block

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I need to do some consistency checks at the save of MIRO.  In this user exit I need the option of putting the payment on a payment block.  I have found some enhancements but I haven't found any which will allow me to put it on a payment block. Regard[More]

Exit for save the sales order

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When a new sales order created at that time based on perticular order type (ZRE) i need to check the vale of Screen field: KNVV-KZAZU (combine delivery) needs to deactivated. Program Name: SAPMF02D Please suggest the active user exit or routine that[More]

User exit when save production order

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Hello, I have to fill the OVERHEAD KEY field value in production order header at runtime based on some calculation. So I need a user exit which can be used to save the value of overhead key. I already tried the exits PPCO0001, PPCO0007, PPCO0006, PPC[More]

FB60 Looking for user exit at Save

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hello all,    i need to do some verification on the company code and wbs. It would be best if i could find a user exit when the Save button is executed. Does anyone have any ideas ?            thanks ScottThe below program gives all the user exits..t[More]

COR2 User Exit at Save for Process Order Manipulation

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I am trying to find a User Exit where I can manipulate fields at the item level, specifically batch or CHARG. PPCO0007 seems to only have the header fields,  batch is an item level field. Other exits seem to already save the order prior to my making[More]

Hi friends really need yours help I have to show an ALV grid with checkbox as first column. This checkbox is based on internal table condition may be enabled or disabled, other columns are disabled. I used the structure 'ZMESD' where i decleared that [More]
I hope somebody can help with this. I'm about out of ideas. The problem -- Time Machine is taking anywhere from 30 min to 1 hr or more to do an incremental backup. It takes so long that as soon as a backup ends, another begins. The source disk is my [More]
Hi, I have purchased the following MCS Server MCS7825I5-K9-CMD3A Unified CM 8.6 7825-I5 Appliance, 0 Seats I find the following part number in the BoM CCX-85-CMBUNDLE-K9 CCX 8.5 Promo Bundle available only with NEW CUCM or BE6000 But i dont find any [More]
Hello Guyz I have basic question on setting up Pricing. I have three condition types, PR00(price), ZK04 (Discount) and ZTKK (Tax). I went to set procedure as PR00 =    $4 ZK04 =     $2 Net price = $2 ZTKK =      $3 Final Price = $5. How do I maintain [More]
Hello everyone, after several weeks of trying different solutions we are stuck with trusted binding / OD binding in Deploy Studio. We've added several workstations to our computers and they are renamed by a script this works fine. The problem is that [More]
I have a requirement where the customer wants to audit all SELECT queries made to a specific table  and also capture "No of rows returned" for these queries made to the table. I was able to capture various SELECT queries happening in the databas [More]
Please help meJailbreaking can have unintended consquences.  Jailbreaking can't be discussed in this forum since it vialate the lience agreement.Read other 2 answers [More]
Post Author: eshwar_polawar CA Forum: Formula Dear all, I am facing the problem with Grand total field in Report footer.Please advise me how should we resolve it. My report design as follows Report Title Page Header section: charged date    fee_ desc [More]
Hi, I am looking for some good reference document or the majority of the settings we need to look on to do PI/XI System Configuration Audit by which we can re-check the system configuration at regular intervals. Thanks Sekhar.Hi, Refer the below link [More]
Hello, During production monitoring the mails in SOST transaction were in waiting Status. Kindly suggest me how to administer the cause of it and how to trace it. Regards, AkshayHi Akshay, Also New to this could you please brief how mails are sent in [More]