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j2ee database not available via test


J2EE database not available via test

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Hi Experts, I have installed NW 7.0 portal Ehp2 system on Solaris cluster with logical name  . Now when I try to start SAP with the startsap script . it is not starting the database (Oracle) . It just checks whether DB is running and giving message J[More]

Portal Installation Error: J2EE Database is not available via test

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When starting SAP with startsap I get this error Checking EZP Database J2EE Database is not available via test See logfile JdbcCon.log In the JdbcCon.log: Start: Fri Nov 20 08:25:28 MST 2009 Error: Couldn't connect to DB java.sql.SQLException: Io exc[More]

J2EE Database is not available via  test

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Hello my friends, I've got a problem with my SAP NW/DB2 installation. When i want to start sap, i get the following output: si4host:si4adm 13> startsap si4host Checking DB6 db Database ABAP Database is not available via R3trans Checking DB6 db Databa[More]

J2EE database up, JC00 up and SCS00 up but portal website unaccessible

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HI, I have installed a EP 6 SP9 running on Netweaver 04 Java Only system on AIX Unix. Everything was running fine till one day, i decided to shut down the system for the first time since the installation. I proceeded to perform a stopsap. After reboo[More]

Testbed data for J2EE/database performance testing

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Hi all, I am doing some research into how various databases operate when used in a J2EE environment - and specifically how the database implementations affect J2EE performance in the long run. I am setting up a test environment with Oracle, Sybase, D[More]

Access j2ee database schema

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Hi Experts, I am a SAP newbie Just a quick question about the j2ee schema.  This is the situation I have: I have installed two systems: a ABAP+Java stack and a Standalone Java. I am using oracle 9.2 dbase.  The j2ee dbase for the first system has the[More]

J2EE - database connection failed...:(:(:(

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Hello, I have built a little web application and it works without any problems. In the next step I tried to add a database connection but I have already worked on it for at least one day and I could not fix the problem with the database connection. I[More]

J2EE addin database create fails

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During Solution manager 4.0 j2ee database create, sapinst fails during java database load: Aug 8, 2006 1:17:02 PM logStackTrace SEVERE: CREATE TABLE ADS_LICENSED_FORMS failed 13:1[More]

How database connection pooling works in a application

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Hi Guys, I am new to Java and looking into best way of doing J2ee database conectivity. I am using Eclipse galileo3.5 J2EE with Mysql database and Tomcate 6.0. I am developing an email application where I need to implement MVC model for my webapplica[More]

How to discover the database vendor Name of the default connection

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Im getting a db connection via context.lookup() to the default schema (SAPDB) and I want to discover the J2EE database vendor Name. can anyone help me? Regards ArmandoHi Prakash: I tried that code and I get "SAP DB", but if I change the method u[More]

Error in load database content step

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Hi All, I am having a problem in step 22, the "Load Java database content" step, in the Netweaver Sneak Preview SP15 installation procedure. It seems that the program that is wanting to connect to the J2E database is failing. The details of the[More]

I have had to reformat my hard drive on my PC. I reloaded ITunes, and tried to sync my Ipad music, but because there was nothing in my ITunes library, I now have nothing on my Ipad! Luckilly I have an Iphone with the same music etc on it, but I would [More]
Hi all, During starting the server in the SAP MC perspective in NWDS, the System  prompts me to enter my Username and Password : "Please, enter the credentials of the SAP System Administrator (<SID>adm)" Which system administrations creden [More]
I know this has been answered probably thousands of times, ive been trying to get this thing to work for a while, ive tried everything, I followed steps from other sites, reinstalled adobe flash and tried messing around with the flash settings. My ca [More]
Yesterday I was lokking for a password in my Pages "passwords" document. Suddenly the document disappeared. I can't find it; it is completely lost. I don't have a back-up. Looking for information, it looks as if nobody ever had this problem.Welc [More]
Dear team, i am trying to implement newsletter to my client for htis i have open formbuilder when i created a project and trying to open DataSchema to create child nodes i have double clicked on + sign but it is not at all opening Data Model option i [More]
Hi to all, Please can anyone tell me, what INBOUND MAIL PROCESSING in SAP for Offline ADOBE FORM? What is concept and how to use it, is any program need to write for that or only need to configure it. I have searched the SDN, but only get topic how t [More]
When clicking on "Project Pipeline Workbook" from Project Super User Responsibility.. The Browser Page that open ..shows following message : The requested URL /discoverer/viewer was not found on this server. We are using R12.1.1. Pls suggest wha [More]
I am new to working with crystal reports. I would like to know way(s) to  write 14 similar detail reports.   I will be passing parameters from a windows application to a crystal report that will have 14 detail reports that are similar but the [More]
Dear All,   We are deriving segmental reporting through profit centers. I have created the profit and loss accounts as cost elements. Should I have to create the balance sheet items also as cost elements. In that case what should be the category for [More]
Hi, I try to set average function on column in crosstable. Data contains NULLs. I got error during displaing report in HTML format (in Interactive format it's ok) - "oracle.xdo.XDOException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException". Oracle s [More]