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JMS_BEA_DeliveryFailureReason 2


JMS_BEA_DeliveryFailureReason   2

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Hi, We are seeing this error in some of our messages in our Error Queue. Key = JMS_BEA_DeliveryFailureReason Value = 2 We are running this on Oracle/ Weblogic 10.3.1 The architecture is we have an input Queue that receives messages. A consumer reads[More]

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Hello, I create a DMS document type TE1 link with table MARC. But i want to link also the DMS in my material (MM01) but at plant. Can you help me ?The table for DMS is DRAW. I suggest you enlist the services of an ABAP programmer. Modifying table dat [More]
Hi, I need to load on line a lot of invoices from Bpel to JD Edwards using the Adapter for JD Edwards OneWorld (iWay). Using Business Functions as Web Services it wasn't a not good idea because of this Adapter is poorly constructed and doesn't allow [More]
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Dear all, I am very confused on the following two OBYC transactions when come to Exchange rate different posting. Can you kindly give me an example of the following two transaction so that I can put our correct GL to the correct transaction in the OB [More]
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