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I have a solution within Visual Studio that has two pages and two components "ascx", a component is updated and the other is for display only. I am not able to draw page 2, because the response.redirect does not work right on the Portal. Does an [More]
I have been running logic pro 7.0.0 on OSX 10.6.8 for ages with no problem. Now all of a sudden it has died on me. Immediatley crashes every time I try to open it. I have tried re-installing and still no joy. I have also tried to install verion 7.2.0 [More]
Hi, when I want to print a file, what is the fastest way to know how many pages I'm about to print ? 'preview' is one way, but isn't there a faster way to see in the printer window how many pages there are, and eventually also to select only a few of [More]
Hi, In my scenario target side in header level i am passing all the values are fixed values and line item vaues are getting from the source to write udf for this scenario.It should be graphical mapping. Please help to me please reply fast Th [More]
I am not able to register URL Sample Services JPDK 3.0.9 Portal jserv.log [23/10/2001 15:39:19:154 CEST] urlsample/Entering init [23/10/2001 15:39:19:154 CEST] urlsample/Debug Level is : 5 [23/10/2001 15:39:19:154 CEST] urlsample/Added debu [More]
Hi All, I am migrating my current Web Service to WCF. Everything seems to be ok with simple asmx service. But for some of my web methods I have SoapHeaders defined for authentication. In those webmethods I have at some places used custom classes too [More]
Hi guys, I have a question that a client ask to me and I didn't know how to properly answer to it... I showed him a demo version of a Folio through his Adobe Content Viewer App on iPad. Then I told him that when the Folio is finalize, we will need to [More]
Hello Guys. I'm accessing a new SAP enviroment. However I have a problem with SE80. please take a look here. So I can not create object by SE80. SAP version is 4.7. [More]
I finding that certain letter combination is Fireworks 8 text box causes return to appear in my text. For example "one wave is bigger" comes out as "o ne wave is bigger" or 'not on my time' becomes 'not o n my time' this is very annoyi [More]
After a couple months of working through many 10.5 OD problems (now 10.5.2 on Mac Pro) I've worked out most and only have the following error in LDAP Log Apr 23 18:31:29 crashdummy slapd[102]: <= bdbsubstringcandidates: (authAuthority) index_param fa [More]