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Hi All, Is there any report/table which can list down all the purchasing documents based on the requisitioner who created it and/or buyer. Just like we haveme2m classifies Pdocs based on materials,me2l per vendor etc. Moreover what is the t-code to l [More]
Hello, I've started a project an I would like to do the following. I have : -a datasource included in my project -a page customer_list.jsp with a list (and data binding a datasource table) -a page customer_search.jsp with a text field(where i write m [More]
can an imac osx 10.5.8 be compatible with an hpofficejet pro 8615 e printer?Hi @dennisbriggs  I understand you have 10.5 and are trying to use the HP Officejet 8615 . The only suggestion I can make will not likely be ideal, but you could email anythi [More]
How can I access the MetaData of a CDF from the Region Template? I have read that I can use DOC_INFO, but this does not seem to work. I tried: DOC_INFO.dDocAccount and got nothing. I tried: executeService("DOC_INFO") DOC_INFO.dDocAccount Thank y [More]
If my husband has his own apple ID for an iphone, can he use my macbook to get music onto his phone? My macbook has a seperate apple IDYes, but if you are asking if he can add your existing iTunes music to his existing Apple ID then the answer is no. [More]
Hello, I hope you can give me some help on this. When running ABST2, an item pertaining to the account "Expense account for ordinary depreciat." appears as a result. The amount appering in ABST2 is the amount of depreciation posted to this accou [More]
I just purchased a Photoshop cs5 upgrade (upgrading from cs2).  There were no instructions with the disk. I put the disk in my pc's DVD-ROM drive, and the computer started reading it, but nothing appeared on my monitor. The computer stopped reading t [More]
along with Firefox and Chrome always throwing up errors. Processor  3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory  8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics  AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB Software  OS X 10.8.4 (12E55) If I restart the machine things run lickity split for about 10 mi [More]
Why do i keep getting charged for stuff on itunes when i havent purchased any thing in a whileYou've checked the purchase history on your account, as per the page that you posted from, does anything show ? If you log into your account on your compute [More]
Hi all, can't find the solution for this, have already resetted the password via iforget. iCloud site accepts my password but then gives me an error while trying to access my email. In Apple Mail, after updating the password, it still tells me that i [More]