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What is the difference between unit testing and integration testing in SAP? Is unit testing takes place in Dev client and integration testing takes place in QA system? Please clarify thanksHello Krishen, unit testing means veryfiingsmall / the smalle [More]
I have downloaded a slot machine app that has been "downloading" for days now.  The normal delete method doesn't work because it does not have the X in the corner.  Also I'm not able to download new apps because it just gives the waiting message [More]
Hello I want to use a variable in select command instead of actual username. e.g. select field_name into 'x' from demo.tablename here demo is a user and i want to change it through programatically i.e. using variable and assign different values to va [More]
Are they always sRGB, or always something else? do they need an icc-profile assigned for colors to be interpreted properly? is the correct profile available as metadata that could be read using exiftool or such?Profile/color space can be anything - t [More]
Hi Please can someone tell me which SAP tables in FI, MM and SD that SAP Cash Management  (CM) selctes data from when updating FSCM-CM. In other words, if I delete CM data and then recreate it using programs RFFDDL00  (delete) and RFFDKU00 / RFFUEB00 [More]
HI Following is my query SELECT * FROM xxrb_requisitions_in_stage where message_type = decode(:message_type,'NEWBUY','NEWBUY', 'REPAIR','REPAIR', 'NEWBUY,REPAIR','(SELECT MESSAGE_TYPE FROM xxrb_requisitions_in_stage WHERE MESSAGE_TYPE IN (NEWBUY,REPA [More]
Hi all,    I have a requirement to create LIV with reference of delivery note. Can you please guide me which BAPI function module that I can use and the detailed steps. regards, kumar Moderator message: please work yourself first on your requirement. [More]
Then I run the sess_sh on my server connection processed without any errors. But, then i use the same connection string on the client machine the following error has occupied: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Nothing bound for specified name [Root [More]
Hi I am having Charts with Drill Down tab and I am currently having to select a value for the Default Selection Combo Box while saving the chart. I want to be able to update this default selection depending upn data coming from the XML / Webservice. [More]
in Adobe Premier Pro CS4, the "multiply" blending feature is not  working properly. When there's no video underneath the "blending" layer,  it SHOULD not show anything, but instead the clip instead just shows  up.Well, the problem is t [More]