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Anybody please help quickly, Now, I have 2 tables from different queries. I have a print (HTML written) option in my WEB Template JAVA PROGRAM: function PrintReport(typePaper) { document.title ='Report'; if (typePaper == "0") {var CurrentReportN [More]
Hi guru's, i used customized abap program process type which was already created by somebody. i linked this process type to 2 process types based on the success and failure. on success of this process type it connects to another program process type [More]
Hello, SAPients. Here is a .NET developer that just begun working with SAP. I am facing a problem that I can't find the answer so far. I have a webpage that has 3 WebServices (all connecting to SAP). The first one captures the data using BAPI_BUPA_AD [More]
We are experiencing some strange problems with two of our application's forms. They are rather large and complex, the .fmb files are about 3,5 to 4.0 Mb. Both forms rely on objects from .plls and one other form containing common elements used in othe [More]
When trying to load music from ITunes to my ipod I receive the error "The software required for the ipod is not installed correctly.  Please reinstall itunes to install the required sotware" What should I do to correct the error? For general adv [More]
I have tried everything downloading iso5. What can I do? On my general selection, there is no software update. Can't figure it oit. HelpConnect the device you wish to upgeade to iOS 5 to your computer and upgrade using iTunes. AllanRead other 2 answe [More]
Hi sap sdn fans, How to find program name using smartform i tried tnapr and se37 (where used list) options but it is not showing any results in tnapr it is displaying error no table entries found i want alternative to find driver program name using  [More]
on my macbook a message pops up and says "itunes requires quicktime  7.5.5" is there a way to fix this issue?Yep, get it directly & install it... other 4 answers [More]
Hello I know that standby redologs are used in standby database, Does oracle also uses online redologs in standby database? I notice that the status of online redologs changed in standby database select group#, bytes, status from v$log; 1 10485760 UN [More]
According to this wikipedia article, the TRIM command has been implemented in Linux since kernel version 2.6.28.  I'm wondering if the vanilla Arch kernel (x86_64) has support for this compiled in and if so which module would one need to modprobe to [More]